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Wolverine: Issue # 111

Artist: Anthony Winn Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: March 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Restoration Story: 1 / 1

Guest appearances: X-men (Beast, Bishop, Cannonball, Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey, Storm) and stick.
Logan returns back to the X-mansion. Upon returningn he see's bishop, Beast, jean and Cyclops setting up a farewell party for Bobby Drake (iceman). Later on, Cannonball, Iceman, Beast and Logan head out to a local bar. Instead Logan leaves the bar and heads to the Auger inn.

Jean drops a package from Landau, Luckman and Lake to Logan. Insude the package is a holgraphic recorder. The projection shows the Expediter and warns Logan of dark evil forces coming.

Logan decides to leave the X-men and give Sam Guithrie (cannonball) a new motorcycle. He tells Sam that he needs to leave the x-men fro a while.

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Wolverine: Issue # 112

Artist: Anthony Winn Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: April 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: The light at the end of the day Story : 1 / 1

This issue starts in the east village in the lower manhatan. A couple of trouble makers gives a Lady and her (Kirstin and Clive) handicapped friend some trouble. Logan intervene's and beats up the biggest guy by pulling out his tongue. The lady appreciates the help and informs Logan that the apartment next to theirs are vacant. Kirstin also helps Logan get a job in construction. Logan meeets up with Helen Bach and tells her, he will work for free. After the shift is over, Logan and Helen approached the same two thugs Logan meet earlier. They are pounding Logan's Harley, Helen gets involved and knocks the big guy down, when the little guy pulls a gun. Logan instinctly pops his claws but retracks them just before he clobbers the guy.

A mime is practicing his juggling when suddenly up from the grate, a chain grabs on of his clubs. Curious, he heads down and is shocked on who it is. Now possesed the Mime goes looking for Logan. This time instead of juggling bowling pins he is now juggling knifes and clevers. He enters Logan's apartment and patiently waits for him.

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Wolverine: Issue #113

Artist:Leinil Francis Yu Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Edar Tadeo
Published: may 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: The Wind from the East, Ma! Story: 1 of 1

Logan enters his apartment with the mine juggling the Box that Zoe colloden had given him to keep. Logan cannot recognize the voice from the mime but recognized the familiar syntax and phrasing of someone in the past. As the mime drops the box, Logan finally remembers where he has seen the Box.

Logan recalls back in shanghai where a priest is trying to keep the box away from the Japanese Imperial guard. The Sergeant shows no honor and attacks the priest and his apprentice. Logan stops him and before the Sergeant was able to shot his rifle, the Captain cames in and kills the Sergeant. The Sergeant was disgracing his uniform and flag.

The mime resumes his attack as Logan looking thru his past. Logan is able to disarm the mime by breaking his right arm. Showing no pain, the mime quickly transfers the knife to the other hand.

Ororo (Storm) and Jean Grey come visiting Logan. As they try to ring the broken doorbell, Helen see's and hears them talking about Logan. She quickly departs. Jean senses a battle and they quickly enter the fray. Jean uses her telekinetic energy to disarm the mime, while storm conjures up a whirlwind to knock him out. The wraith entity ejects the mime and transfers over to jean. Jean is suddenly sent flying by a gale force wind from Storm. Jean reacts by throwing the blade at storm, logan instinctively blocks the blade in his chest. As logan is pulling out the blade, Jean finally reacts and sends the entity out, unfortunately it takes over Helen.
Cameo appearance of Daimon Hellstorm, the son of hades and the curent king of the underworld.

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Wolverine: Issue #114

Artist: Leinil Francis Yu Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Edgar Tadeo
Published: June 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: For the Snark was a Roojum you see Story:2 / 2

Wolverine meets up with Daimon Hellstorm. Daimon asks if Logan still has the Box, when suddenly a shadow appears. Daimon cannot interfere with the current events so he simply leaves. The shadow attacks and Wolverine can see it's Lady Deathstrike. the battle is fierce and Lady Deathstrike tells Logan of the improvement that Pierce has upgraded her. She now has a self-repair and reconfiguration program as well as a cybernetic healing factor now. Somehow a truce is held between Yuriko and Logan. She wants to find out more of Zoe Culloden and the people she works for.

Jean and Storm are guarding the box. The lights go out of the building and the box starts to glow. Jean tells Storm to open the box.

The demon entity still in Helen, make her go back to her apartment and see's what her biggest secret is behing the counter. She grabs her old army fatigue and storms into Logan's apartment shooting. Jean is able to deflect all the bullets and storm takes her out by a force ten gale. Jean enters helen's mind and battles the evil entity. The evil entity escapes. Logan and yuriko arrive and helen tells her secret. She had belonged in the army blackhawk pilot in the Gulf war. She was one of the elite guard unit.

As Yuriko, Storm, Jean and Logan listen to Helen, the evil entity creeps back and enters Yuriko. Yuriko then takes off. Logan finally remembers is was Ogun (he's former teacher).

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Wolverine: Issue #115

Artist: Leimil Francis Yu Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Edgar Tadeo
Published: August 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: In the Face of it! Story: 1 of 1

This issue is a cross-over to Operation Zero Tolerance. Guest Starring the X-men.

Logan, jean and cannonball are captured by Bastion. Jubilee looks on and she's the unconscious x-men. The guards decide Wolverine is too damaged so they figure they might as well get rid of him. They place him inside a chamber. Wolverine wakes up and smells gas, he realizes that they were going to incenerate him. Wolverine escapes and quickly dispatches the guards.

Logan finds out were they kept the rest of the x-men and free's them. Bastion sends out prime sentinels to destroy the x-men. Storm keeps the sentinels off guard, while Cyclops blasts the main hangar doors but it's shielded. Jublilee see's this and hits the console to open the blast door. The X-men barely get out in time.

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Wolverine: Issue #116

Artist: Leinil Francis Yu Writer:Larrry Hama Inker:Edgar Tadeo
Published: September 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: What the blind man saw Story: 1/3

Guest Appearances: X-Men (Jean, Scott, Sam, Ororo) Operation Zero Tolerance

The x-men stagger into a blind man's Gypsy camp after escaping the former Hulkbuster base, now Bastion's top secret headquarters of Operation Zero Tolerance. Logan's senses something different from the blind man. The blind man explains he has steel and plastic all over his legs. He legs were crushed, he has a diaysis shunt and his kidney is going. Basically, the man is falling apart. His name is Mustang.

Logan discides to go and check out the clinic. Jean uses her ability to link up Mustang to look through Logan's eye. As logan approches the clinic he hops aboard a 18 wheeler. inside he can see a shipment of mechanical parts. Eyes, Legs, Skulls and arms. The X-men figures out where the Prime Sentinels are being created. As a aircraft approaches, Mustang hides the x-men in a pit. The fire on top hids they heat signatures from any scanning. The aircraft disappears without any incident. a bus full of people are heading to the clinic when unexpectingly, Mustange finks on the X-men.

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Wolverine: Issue #117

Artist: Leimil Francis YuWriter:Larry Hama Inker:Edgar Tadeo
Published: October 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S.Check Current Prices
Title: A Divine Image Story: 2 / 3

The X-men are surrounded by a busload of people who were heading to the Clinic. Mustang explains to the group of people that the clinic are turning them all into mindless cyborgs and to talk to X-men for explanation. Suddendly, Felipe, Arvell and Helmut changed into Prime Sentinels. Jean psi-scanned the sentinels to see if they are still human. Scott takes care of one of the Prime Sentinel. Storm takes care of the other. Cannonball and Wolverine attempt to subdue the third Prime Sentinel, uncharistically the last Prime Sentinel grabs a hostage and then shoots a human for interfering with a sanctioned termination. He then shoots the hostage for the same reason, as she was struggling to get away. Wolverine and Cyclops takes care of the last sentinel. Wolverine recognizes a scent and goes running into the dark desert night.

Jubilee also escapes Bastion's Headquarters and is encounters a Prime Sentinel. This one is already damaged but saw Jubliee's light show and came down to investigate. Jubliee was abe to disable the Prime Sentinel's Sensory input, communications suite and visual receptors. Wolverine rescues Jubliee and heads back to the clinic. The clinic is empty and Bastion activates the special Hunter / Killer with the 3rd Generation mutant tracking and enhanced weapon package. At the clinic Mustang transforms into a Prime Sentinel.

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Wolverine: Issue #118

Artist: Leimil Francis Yu Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Edgar Tadeo
Published: November 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Out of Darkness into Light Story: 3 / 3
As the Cycops, Cannonball and Wolverine are shocked to see their friend (Mustang) suddenly turn into a Prime Sentinel. Wolverine can sense that Mustang was fighting the change. Wolverine takes on Mustang as the rest of the x-men get the oher innocent bystanders out of the way. Just when Wolverine thought that he finally got through to Mustang, he ends up blasting wolverine right on the chest. Just before Mustang was going to shoot his laser blast again, Jubliee comes running and blasts Mustang right in the eyes. Mustang is shocked that he cannot see again and regains his consciousness. Wolverine and Mustang leave the clinic together and gives S.H.I.E.L.D. some data disks to see if they can reverse the Sentinel process or at least to disable the Prime Directive for the Sentinels.

Meanwhile, the x-men can see from the desert skys are filled with Prime Sentinels approaching them. They realize how hopeless it would be when they are totally outnumbered. As the prime Sentinels come closer they are overjoyed to see that the prime sentinel were not attacking but retreating. S.H.I.E.L.D. was on the attack and are terminating all the Prime Sentinels. One Prime sentinel sensed the X-men and attacks cyclops. Cyclops gets a direct hit on his chest before Storm takes it down. Shield medics arrive to help out Cycops, when they find out there is a nano device implanted in his chest. The x-men take off with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Cycops wakes up and realizes something is wrong, he can feel the nano device expanding and he belives it's a bomb.

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Wolverine: Issue #119

Artist:Leimel Francis Yu Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Edgar Tadeo
Published:December 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Not Dead Yet! Story: 1 / 4

This issue starts 10 years ago in Hong Kong. Logan is sitting at a table with Mcleish, a highly paid assassin. He has already killed over 450 people. He started his killing when he was only 13 and has averaged 12 kills a year. A cantonese people call him "Gweilo" the white Ghost. Normally the word "Gweilo" would mean white man but they recognize that Mcleish is different. As mcleish tells Logan of some of his assinations over the next couple of months. Logan starts to wonder why he's in Hong Kong.

Logan leaves the bar to take out Al-Chia out to their regular Thursday movie. Al-Chia is the daughter of a famous Hong Kong movie producer. They leave the movie early this time because the movie was in Mandarin (95 percent of Hong Kong people speak Cantonese). As they arrive back to Al-Chia 's house , they find her father was killed. Logan recognizes the scent and knew it was Mcleish who killed Al-chia's father.

Logan catches up with McLeish and McLeish temporarily escapes Logan. Logan finds McLeish on the docks being paid out. Logan uses his claws to punchure holes into his motorcycle's gas tank and heaves it over the dock. The motorcycle's lands on McLeish's back. The other man starts shooting at Logan when a spark detonates the gas. Logan didn't have to waste his cigar on McLeish.

Now back to the present. Logan walks back to his Manhattan apartment, when he realizes something is different. One of the homeless is always at the doorstep at this time. As Logan opens his door he see's the homeless guy killed on his bed. An old photograph of Al-Chia's father on top of the homeless person's head. Logan see's the knife on the table, pulls it out from the night table only to hear a click. Logan rips up the top to see a bomb. The bomb has adamantium spikes and Logan quickly jumps out the window before the bomb explodes.

Jumping back to the past. Mcleish and Logan have dinner and knows that Logan has unbreakable bones and a healing factor.

Logan realizes that McLeish had over 10 years to plan to kill Logan and probably knows who his friends are.

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Wolverine: Issue #120

Artist: Leimel Francis Yu Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Edgar Tadeo
Published: January 1998 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: White Hunter: Black Heart Story 2 / 4

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