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Wolverine: Issue # 91

Artist: Ducan Rouleau Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Joe Rubinstein
Published: July 1995 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Path of Stones, Word of Thorns Story: 1 / 1

Age of Apolcalyse is finished and Weapon X is now back to the regular series Wolverine. In the woods outside of the X-Mansion, Wolverine ponders what he did to Sabretooth. He regrets losing it. Meanwhile, down the street of Graymalkin Lane lives an abusive husband who beats his wife. The wife finally had enough and trys to escape from the house. The husband catches up to her and before he tries to beat her some more. Wolverine can longer tolerate this and looses and tries to kill the abusive man. The Beast (Hank McCoy) was able to grab Wolverine and separate Wolverine from the man.

Instead of being thankful, the woman runs back to her husband and threatens to call the local authorities on the muties. Wolverine has had enough and decides to stay in the woods, than hurt anyone of the X-men by his berserker rage.

Professor Xavier confirms with James Hudson that Logan's orginal mutation was an ongoing state and that the adamantium that was bonded to his skeleton precipitated a checmical change within his body and put the mutantation into remission.

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Wolverine: Issue # 92

Artist: Adam Kubert Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: August 1995 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: A Northern Exposure Story : 1 / 1

Heather and James Hudson (Vindicator and Guardian) visits Professor Xavier and performs tests on both Wolverine and Sabretooth. They show a holo-scan of Sabretooth's head and can see where Wolverine's middle claw had penetrated Sabretooth's Head. Professor Xavier believes that the damage has cured Sabretooth of his tramatic behavioral and perceptual changes. Everyone except Wolverine.

Later on, Wolverine is in the danger room ith the Virtual reality gear strapped on. The gear somehow triggers a deep seated memory reponseof Weapon X project. He finally snaps out of it and runs out of the Mansion to get some fresh air. He ends up encountering a drunk driver (who happens to be the abusive husband on Graylakin lane). The drunk driver purposely runs Wolverine over with the car and then crashes into the side of the road. Since Wolverine ran out and is still has the monitoring gear on, both Professor Xavier and the Hudson's are monitoring Wolverine's life signs. They can see the trauma on Wolverine's body when the car smashes into him and then see's the amazing recovery by his mutant healing factor. Professor Xavier fearing the berserker rage will consume Wolverine and kill the drunken man, Wolverine pops his clawsn and free's the man from the burning vehicle.

Unknownst to Wolverine, two beings (Zoe and Noah) are watching Wolverine carefully. Both these two are undectable with an Aura-cloaking infrared shields and PSI-Suppressors.

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Wolverine: Issue #93

Artist: Adam Kubert Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: September 1995 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Tavern in the Town! Story: 1 of 1

Back in the dungeon of Edinbrugh Castle in Scotland. Cyber is being watched by two guards, when suddenly Hard Drive teleports the Dark Riders (Spyne, Lifeforce and Hurricane) who were sent by Genesis. They cut Cyber loose from the containment field and then teleports out of the Castle dungeon.

Meanwhile Wolverine and Cannonball go out for a excursion to a local bar. Inside the X-Mansion Juggernaut (Cain Marko) awakens from his slumber and bust loose. Juggernaut head into town and ends up in the same bar where Wolverine and Cannonball were drinking. Cannonball intoxicated and seeing Juggernaut busting in and demanding something to drink attacks Juggernaut. Juggernaut simply has Cannonball deflected off him while he was blasting (Juggernaut is protected by Magic and is virtually unstoppable). Wolverine steps in and threatens Juggernaut to take off to risk fighting him. Juggernaut is not in the mood since coming out of his slumber when Onslaught knocked him out, tells wolverine that he has seen his future and it doesn't look good for him. Juggernaut decides to simply get up and walk away. As Juggernaut steps out of the bar, Zoe uses his Sidereal time Transporter to teleport him into another dimension.

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Wolverine: Issue #94

Artist: Chris Alexander Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Mike Sellers
Published: October 1995 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: The Lurker in the Malane Story: 1 / 1

As the Dark Rider's aircraft lands in a placed called ARKABA. The Dark Riders and Cyber are meet by a young guide named Jamil. Jamil leads the Dark Rider's and Cyber through a sandstorm.

Logan visits Generation X. Banshee (Sean Cassidy) asks Wolverine to give his students a lesson on fighting. Skin is the first to attack Wolverine and wolverine easily counters Skin's attack. Ther first rule is to never look at your opponent's hand or weapon but to maintain eye contact. Next the entire Generation X team goes on a hide and seek adventure against Wolverine. Generation X finds Wolverine ust standing in the trees, when Wolverine suddenly turns around and tells the entire team to get out of the foliage and get out of the training room. Wolverine tells the White Queen (Emma Frost) and Banshee to shut the Biosphere down and run a full scan.

During the night, Skin see's Wolverine heading back to the biosphere and wakes up Jubilee to follow Wolverine. Wolverine enters the Biosphere and is attacked by a forrest spirit named Token. Wolverine just stands there howling and goes into a berserker's rage and ends up chasing the forrest spirit away. Wolverine decides it's time to head back to the X-mansion. We find out later in the morning from Sean, that a token is a wraith of the dead and cannot abide its own kind. Is Wolverine at his end.

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Wolverine: Issue #95

Artist: Adam Kubert Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Matt Ryan
Published: November 1995 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Manhattan Rhapsody! Story: 1 of 1

This issue starts off with Cyber facing Wolverine. The fight is furious and Cyber ends up defeating Wolverine and ends up ripping off his head. Cyber starts to laugh as he points wolverine's robot head to the Dark Riders. The Dark Riders were testing Cyber's adamantium skin. The admantium in Cyber's skin is a high grade with no impurities.

Wolverine takes a hike to New York city and is being monitored by James and Heather Hudson (Vindicator and Guardian). Wolverine walks pass a heckler when he takes recognizes the scent. He takes another sniff and knows something doesn't appear right with the heckler. he ends up popping his claws and James comes swooping down and grabs Wolverine, thinking that Wolverine was in a blood lust again.

Wolverine realizes it's Dirt Nap (who has the ablilty to aborb people or better yet a body snatcher). Just when he hd the little boy down, Dirt Nap ends up transforming and ends up absorbing (acutally eats) Wolverine. Unfortunately for Dirt Nap he couldn't really absorb Wolverine because of Wolverine's vaunted healing factor. He ends up spitting Wolverine out and absorbs a rat and escapes into the sewers of New York city. James appoligizes to Wolverine for not trusting Wolverine's ability.

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Wolverine: Issue # 96

Artist: Adam Kubert Writer:Larrry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: December 1995 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Campfire Tales Story: 1/1

In the Canadian Rocky Mountain, Wolverine (Logan), Cannonball (Sam Guithrie), Storm (Ororo) and Caliban go on a mountain climbing expeditoin. As they go through campfire storeies a grizzly bear approaches the area of the camp. Unknowst to Wolverine, Zoe and Noah are monitoring them. Noah is caught offguard by the presence of the bear and ends up wounding the animal before transporting away. The raging Grizzly bear attacks the camp and Cannonball is the first to counter attack the bear. The Grizzly bear suprising knocks Cannonball away. Storm prepares to stike with a Lightning bolt when Wolverine entervines and simply stands there and calms the bear.

Somewhere in Egypt, Cyber finally figures out what the Dark Riders were after. They were after his admantium skin all along. Cyber ends up tossling with the Dark Riders and their leader, Genesis arrives and stops Cyber with a single blast from his gun. Hurricane picks up Cyber and throws him into a special chamber. Genesis releases Mutant Death Watch Beetles, who's sole purpose in life is to strip away all meat and cartilage with their mechanical insectile mandicles. The chamber is quickly filled with these mechanical beasts and all you hear of the scrapping and crunching of Cyber's flesh and bones. Genesis retrieves the adamantium from the bugs. This is the end of Cyber!!! What a way to go...

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Wolverine: Issue # 97

Artist: Adam KubertWriter:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: January 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Bump in the Night

Wolverine investigates Cyber's breakout, he finds out someone had spring Cyber out from the S.H.I.E.L.D. designed cell. Wolverine and Jean Gray visits the old remains of Landau, Luckman and Lake's office where Zoe Culloden had resided in. Wolverine recalls old man Chang using the warp doorway. Wolverine and Jean passes through and arrives into another Landau Luckma and Lake's office when they meet Emmet (office boy). Emmet leads Wolverine to a different teleporting door when it suddenly closes shut after Wolverine enters it..

Wolverine meets Chimera. Chimera has the pychic ability to generate energy into any shape she wishes. Chimera creates a snake lik creatures from her hands. The energy snake lifts Wolverine and administers pychic posions. Chimera gets cocky and get too close to Wolverine. Wolverine was able to pop his claws into her arm. Chimera retreats and disappears as Jean and Emmet arrives by blasting the doorway. Suddenly the Expediter (Zoe Culloden) appears and gives a package to Wolverine before she teleports Wolverine and Jean.

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Wolverine: Issue # 98

Artist: Ramon Bernado Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Al Milgrom
Published: February 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Fade to Black
Wolverine wakes up in the Princess Bar in Madripoor and finds his friends (Archie O'Donnell) have been clawed to death. Wolverine recalls beisng sent back to Rockefellar center with Jean Grayand nothiing else. Wolverine is confused and thinks that he may have possibly kille d his friends. Wolverine opens up the package that the Expediter (Zoe) had given him. Wolverine finds a key but can't remember the writing on the paper. Wolverine leaves the bar and is arrested by local authorities and Police chief Tai.

In the cell Dirt nap visits Wolverine and then takes off. Tyger Tiger drops by and drops his old custom and a saw. The Prince sends in two thugs who have 3 claws in each hand and attacks Wolverine. Wolverine takes care of the fakes and then take on an entire gang. Tyger gives Wolverine a hnad and hands him the key and the piece of paper that was in the package. The paper contained the address of 23 Hotel way, Lowtown, madripoor, which happens to be the regional office of landau, Luckman and lake. he finds the warp chamber and finds Zoe was already waiting for him.

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Wolverine: Issue # 99

Artist: Val Semeiks Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published:March 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Mystic Metal Forged!

Wolverine and Expediter visits the village of Akkaba in Egypt. Expediter finds residue of Chimear and heads out to confront her. Wolverine meanwhile heads to the citadel with the unwilling help of an Acolyte, Jamil.

Wolverine decides to take the back door but stumbles into a mine field and laser enfilade. Wolverine finally manages to sneak into the citadel when a plane arrives and unloads the prisoners. Wolverine meets up with Dirt Nap and chases him down until Wolverine meets up with Genesis. Genesis easily dispatches Wolverine into unconsiousness. Genesis, is acutally Cable's son, Tyler, the future heir to Apocalyse and the Lord of the Citadel. Genesis unveals his plans to Wolverine, he wants Wolverine to be the captain of the Dark Riders. Genesis intends to wipe Wolverine's mind and install appropriate implants and to rebond the admantium onto Wolverine's bones (the adamantium was what's leftover from Cyber).

Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) arrives in Madripoor and is greeted by a bunch of local thugs. Tiger Tyger appears and scares off the local thugs. Sam was sent by Professor Xavier to keep Wolverine out of trouble. Sam meets up with Zoe Culloden and gets teleported to Egypt and zooms off to follow Wolverine's tracks in the sand.

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Wolverine: Issue #100

Artist: Adam Kubert Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: April 1996 Cover Cost:$3.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Furnace of his Brain of his Heart Story 4 / 4 Holographic Cover

The bonding process begins and the adamantium destroying living tissues as fast as Wolverine's mutant healing factor is replacing it. As Wolverine starts to stabilize the adamantium bonding process and is not being rejected by his system. Suddenly a backflow occurs and Geneiss tries to triple the power to the bonding unit. The adamantium starts to flow out from Wolverine's skin and his body rejects the metal again.

Meanwhile, Cannonball (Sam) and Zoe finally get into the Citadel and are spying just above Wolverine's tube. Seeing Wolverine in trauma, blasts down into the room and strikes the bonding apparatus. The Blackflow errupts and the adamantium shoots out everywhere. The adamantium catches Hurricane, who was standing right next to Wolverine's tube, and instantly kills him. Lifeforce was also killed by the blackflow blast. Cannonball grabs Wolverine and blasts outside the Citadel. To escape the enslavement Wolverine had to jettison his last shred of humanity and has taxed his mutant healing factor thus has mutated.

A mutated Wolverine takes care of Spyne (the lizard like creature) and ends up using his tail to lure Deadbolt. Wolverine then uses Deadbolt's head to catch Gauntlet unaware. Death Nip realizes what is happening and takes off. Wolverine catches up with Genesis and quickly takes care of him. Wolverine whispers to Cannonball to tell Cable he is sorry about killing his son.

Cannonball opens up the tomb of Apocalyse but finds it was empty.

Meanwhile accross the continent in North America, the Master, Stick and Electra can feel the loss of a warrior. Electra goes out to see if she can lead him back to humanity and become a warrior again.

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