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Welcome to the Collectables section.

My first Customized Card Game was Magic: The Gathering.
I decided to buy a starter kit back in 3rd Edition a couple of years ago. I instantly got hook and
decided to purchase a couple of boxes of revised. Since then I have continued to purchase boxes
(Fallen Empire, 4th Edition, Chronicles, Homelands, Ice Age, Alliances and Mirage). With the
introductionof all the new sets and different tournament rules, I've decided to stop collecting
any more Magic cards. I have tons of OOPS and most of my decks (15+), my favorites are a
land destruction, pestilence, white weenie decks, card denial and fast green decks.

Check out the offiial Web Site Wizards of the Coast's Homepage for Magic:The Gathering

As Magic started to get overwhelmed with new releases, I also decided to check out Overpower.
Being such a fan of Marvel comics, I just had to buy a couple of boxes. Can't say I found too
many players playing With Overpower. So I did not buy any of the subsets, the DC Overpower
has caught my eye but decided to just collect the Marvel 1st edition set. Only 14 Rare cards to go.
Check out a great place for more info on Marvel 's Overpower Customizable Card Game

Also being a Star Trek fan, Decipher released a Star Trek Next Generations Customizable Card
Game. I again was interested and was luckily to get a couple of Limited Edition boxes. I have
almost completed an entire set of the Limited 1st Edtion set. I have some key Federation personnel
to trade or sell. Again, I decided not to continue with the other subsets.
Check out the official Web Site for Decipher's Homepage for Star Trek Customizable Card Game

My friend is a huge Star Wars Fan and when Decipher released the CCG game, he got me involved.
Ater purchasing a box, I decided to play just the dark side and was willing to trade for any key cards
After trying to play with Star Wars, I decided it was too difficult to play, I am now willing to trade
Star Wars card for Magic or for Star Trek cards. I have some very good cards for sale or trade.
Just click on the Star Wars Logo.
Check out the official Web Site for Decipher's Homepage for Star Wars Customizable Card Game

Last but not least I breifly got involved with Hockey's One on One Challenge. I had bought only
a couple of packs and two starters. Unfortunately I did not get any ultra-rare cards. The game is
easy to play but finding an opponent was diffucult. I disliked the concept of team dice.

Well that's it for my CCG , put check out the Buy / Sell / Trade Section.
Check out my Buy/Sell and Trade Collectables section

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