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    Please let me know if any of the links are down. I'll have them replaced as soon as I'm able to get the the correct URL address.

    S P O R T L I N K S ...


    This is a listing of my personal favorite Sport links. I'm a S T A T I S T I C S nut when it comes to sports, so I have numerous links to various Sports Score Board. My favorite teams are the Vancouver Canucks (diehard fan for many many many years now), the Seattle Supersonics (back to the finals this year!!!), the Toronto Blue Jays (Canada's real baseball team), Seattle Seahawks (I just love the northwest).

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    Official Vancouver Canucks Official Vancouver Grizzlies Official NHL Site
    The Sports Network (TSN) FOX's Cyber Score Board ESPNET SportsZone
    NFL Chat Room (IRC) FOX's Football Newsroom NFL Team Info Page
    NHL Players Association MLB Team Info Page Official NBA Site
    ESPN Studios Sports IllustratedTo Be Announced
    To Be Announced To Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced
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    Television Shows Links...

    Other than watching Sports, my favorite TV shows are The X-Files (filmed in Vancouver, B.C). I also enjoy the Action Pack Adventures with Hercules: The lengendary Journey (Kevin Sorbo) and Xena:Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless). It always seems like these shows are on every day with all the super channels I have. I enjoy the Star Trek:Next Generations of all the Star Treks. I find the DS9 and Voyager mediocore and too predictable. I always get a good laugh at the Original Star Trek episodes.
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    TV Guide> The original TV Guide online!!
    Josh's X-Files WebPage
    Excellent X-Files Homepage!!
    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
    Xena: Warrior Princess
    Star Trek: Orginal
    Star Trek: Next Generations
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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    Book Authors Links...

    There is nothing, I mean NOTHING like sitting down and reading a good Novel on a rainy dreary days. It seems like after I finish reading the novels and within a year they become into Movies. Here is quick lisiting of some of my favorite authors and novels that I have read.

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    John Grisham: > The Rainmaker, The Chamber, The Client, Pelican Brief, The Firm & Time to Kill.
    Michael Crichton: > The Lost World, Disclosure, Jurassic Park, Congo and Rising Sun.
    Steven King :> Needful Things, The Gunslinger, IT, Pet Sematary, Cujo and Carrie.
    Ann Rice :> Vampire Lestat, Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned & Tales of a Body Thief
    Robert Heinlein :>The Puppet Masters and Grumbles from the Grave. Starship Troopers

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    Collectables: Comic Books...

    I've slowed down buying comics for the last couple of years. I started to gave up when Marvel had all the gimicks, multiple covers, Hologram covers, bagged , gold, silver etc.. I've always been a Marvel fan and the fustration point is when most of my favorite Marvel artists moved over to Image. Don't get me wrong, I still collected my favorite artists in Image but I rather stick with Marvel Comics. Here are some of the COOL links I've found.

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    Marvel Comics
    Detective Comics
    Dark Horse Comics
    Jonah Weiland's Comic Link
    Wolverine REALM
    Incredible Hulk
    JSE Page of Stuff - Good DC Site
    Marvel Webring

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    Collectables: Action Figures...

    This section is for collectors who collect Action figures. There are some sites that have an excellent preview of Action figures. I'm trying to find a good site that has the current price listings of Action Figures. You can find action figures of Star Trek , Star Wars POTF, X-Men, Generation X, X-Force, Spiderman, Spawn, Wildcats, Youngblood, Wetworks, Hercules, Superman, Batman, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, Marvel, DC, Hulk, Ironman, etc..

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    Action Figures, Action Figures
    The Star Trek Action Figure WWW Museum
    The Action Figure Web Page
    Playmates Toys, Playmates Interactive Entertainment

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    Collectables: Customizable Card Games

    I managed to get involved with Customized Card Games when my local Card store owner gave me a starter kit of Magic: The Gathering. Even since then, I've been hooked. At least I managed to get most of my packs when they were relatively cheap (back in the 3rd Revision), I've been buying Magic from 3rd Revision to today's Alliance and Mirage series. Since then, i've also gone through Decipher's Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel's Overpower and One on One Challenge..

    Here are my favorite links to CCG. I have left serveral questions and almost always got a quick answer.

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    Wizards of the Coast's Homepage for Magic:The Gathering
    Decipher's Homepage for Star Trek Customizable Card Game
    Decipher's Homepage for Star Wars Customizable Card Game
    Marvel 's Overpower Customizable Card Game

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