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    Wolverine Comic Regular Issue Review

    Welcome to the Comic Review. I have setup a brief rundown of all Wolverine: Regular Series Comic books. Included in the briefs are the artist, writer and inker. Also check the current Comic Prices Online ( updated quarterly).

    To get started all you have to do is position your mouse over the Issues image below and click your mouse button.

    Cutting Loose

    One of many figures who have emerged in the history of the Marvel universe, only a few has proved
    themselves to be as complex or as intriguing as the man who calls himself Logan. He is best known
    under the costumed identity, Wolverine. Wolverine has traveled throughout the globe battling the
    most formidable villians. He has become a legend for his ferocity in combat (beserkers rage). In his
    very first mission, he was toe to toe with the rampaging Hulk and the cursed Wendigo.

    Wolverine is a mutant with the mutations of an incredible healing factor of unbelievable speed and
    effiency. Wolverine can sustain incredible amount of damage to his body and heal itself in a matter
    of seconds. It is this healing factor that made possible the operations that gave him his greatest and
    most deadliest of weapons, a layer of adamantium, a indestructible form of metal, grafted to his
    skeleton and a retractable adamantium CLAWS.

    Normally, the claws remain hidden within his forearms, but at his mental command they shoot forth,
    ermerging from the back of his hands. Also, his mutant healing ability retards the aging prcess in his
    body. He may look relatively young, but some have speculated that is old eonough to have been a
    soldier during World War II. His other mutant abilities are enhanced senses. He can see like a hawk,
    identify the scent of odor on people, animals and objects, he has extraordinary hearing.

    Wolverine first became a costumed hero in Canada (Weapon X) but has come to prominence as a
    member of the Uncanny X-Men. The X-men are a group of indiviuals that have mutant powers, led
    by Professor Xavier. Check out the Uncanny X-Men home page for further details.

    Codenames: Weapon X, Logan, Wolverine and Patch

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    Legal Status:No known criminal record
    Place of Birth:Unrevealed
    Marital Status:Single
    Known RelativesAkiko (adopted daughter)
    Extent of Education:Unrevealed
    Height::5 foot 3 inches
    Weight:195 pounds

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    Here is Wolverine's Top 10 Villian List.
    Next to the Villian is the number of ballots from my voters pool.
    (updated at the end of each month) Rating: 10 points for 1st, 9 pts for 2nd and so on..

        #1 Villian
        Votes = 386
        #2 Villian
        Votes = 368
        #3 Villian
        Lady Deathstrike
        Votes = 262
        #4 Villian
        Omega Red
        Votes = 228
        #5 Villian
        Votes = 227
        #6 Villian
        Votes = 193
        #7 Villian
        Votes = 184
        #8 Villian
        Votes = 73
        #9 Villian
        Dark Phoenix
        Votes = 66
        #10 Villian
        Votes = 60

      Last updated on April 19, 1998
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      Legal Notes
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