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This page was created on 07-JUL-1997.

This is the "index" to the icons I use in my timelines. The Animated GIFs were created with Stephan Kulow (Coolo)'s FREE GIF Animator

The icon before or after a name represents the previous or next action by that character in that timeline. It is used only for "long" intervals of time.

The icon before a name represents a "Jumping into Timeline" (either from Time Travel or from Dimension Travel)

The icon after a name represents a "Jumping out of Timeline" (either by Time Travel or by Dimension Travel)

The icon before an event means that there is an alternate version, in a parallel timeline that "precedes" the current timeline. The meaning of precedence for timelines should be clear in the context.

The icon after an event means that there is an alternate version, in a parallel timeline that does not "precede" the current timeline.



  • Terminator 1 comes from the Future

  • Kyle Reese comes from the Future

  • Terminator 1 kills Kyle Reese

  • Sarah Connor destroys Terminator 1, but part of it is preserved


  • Birth of John Connor son of Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese

    1996 ?

  • Miles Dyson, Cyberdyne's employee, researches Terminator 1's chip

  • Great advances in Robotics enable Cyberdyne to build Skynet

    August 29, 1997

  • Skynet causes World War III

    2000 ?

  • Humanity is almost destroyed by the Robots


  • John Connor leads the humans

  • Skynet sends Terminator 1 to the Past

  • John Connor sends Kyle Reese the Past, to protect his mother


  • Skynet sends Terminator 1000 to the Past

  • John Connor sends Terminator 2 to the Past, to protect himself

  • Probably around this time, John Connor and the rest of Humanity destroy Skynet and the Robots

    Alternate Future:

    1996 ?

  • Terminator 1000 comes from the Future

  • Terminator 2 comes from the Future

  • Sarah Connor tries to kill Miles Dyson

  • Miles Dyson dies, but destroys Cyberdyne

  • Terminator 2 destroys Terminator 1's chips, Terminator 1000, and self


  • World War III is prevented

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