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This is a draft version. It was based only on _The Number of the Beast_, _The Cat Who Walks Through Walls_ (CWWTW), _To Sail Beyond the Sunset_ (TSBTS), and those timelines mentioned in those books. Page references, by default, are to _The Number of the Beast_, or to _The Cat Who Walks Through Walls_ (if they are after "CWWTW")

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This file contains spoiler information. It's recomended those who haven't read the books should not read this page

References to "U0" mean the Historical Universe

RAH.FH - Future History (time line 2)

RAH.MHM - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (time line 3)

RAH.666.U0 - RAH's Number of the Beast's "Universe Zero". Infested with intelligent 'wogs', who try to kill Jacob Burroughs three times (probably on 1980-06-17, 1980-06-29 and 1980-07-01; p.123, Ch XIII). Identical(?) to U0 up to about 1939. USA Presidents: Harriman and Patton in the place of Eisenhower (p.376). Jacob Burroughs et al erased (p.478). (CWWTW) Time Line 4. Ballox O'Malley is the first man on the Moon, in 1952 (p.323). Intervention by THQ (p.285).

RAH.666.(Tau +1) - RAH.666.U0 without letter 'J'; Iacob Burroughs did not study "The Number of the Beast" (p.56)

RAH.666.(Tau +10) - (p.118 a 303): Mars with breathable athmosphere, 'wogs', colonized by England (penal colony) and Russia (siberia-like). On Earth, no U.S.A., Australia colonized by the dutch, Russia still a monarchy. Space Tech looks like 19th century sci-fi. Martian natives - 'wogs' - have high animal intelligence, being able to speak a hundred words and understand many commands.

RAH.666.(Tau axis) - Thousands of Mars-Analogs at Tau-axis: all dead (p.386)

RAH.666.(Rot 1.1) - First Rotation of First Group - Totally empty universe (p.307). Rotation around x: t' = y; (y',z') = (Teh,z); x' = x (p.309).

RAH.666.(Rot 1.2) - Second Rotation of First Group - Almost totally empty universe with the vision of a distant/faint galaxy (p.313 and 314). Rotation around y: (Teh',Tau') = (z,t) (p.312).

RAH.666.(Rot 1.3) - Third Rotation of First Group - Blinding light (p.315). Rotation around z: (Teh',Tau') = (x,y); t' = Teh (p.313). Dr Asimov's 'Nightfall' (p.346).

RAH.666.(Rot 1.4) - Fourth Rotation of First Group - Starry void (p.315).

RAH.666.(Rot 1.5) - Fifth Rotation of First Group - Pellicidar-like inside-out planet (p.316). Low Tech (Middle Ages ?) (p.317).

RAH.666.(Rot 2.1) - First Rotation of Second Group - Land of Oz (p.322 to 340).

RAH.666.(Rot 2.2) - Second Rotation of Second Group - void (p.340)

RAH.666.(Rot 2.3) - Third Rotation of Second Group - Lilliput (p.340 to 347)

RAH.666.(Rot 2.4) - Fourth Rotation of Second Group - Lewis Carrol's Wonderland (p.347 to 352)

RAH.666.(Rot 3.1) - First Rotation of Third Group - starry void (p.353)

RAH.666.(Rot 3.2) - Second Rotation of Third Group - Few L.Y.s from Sun's normal position in Milky-Way (p.353 and 354). Possibilities: Darkover Universe, Niven's Known Space, Dr Williamson's Legion of Space, Star Trek Universe, Anderson's world of the Polesotechnic League (p.354).

RAH.666.(Rot 3.3) - Third Rotation of Third Group - King Arthur's Knights (p.354 and 355)

RAH.666.(Rot 4.1) - First Rotation of Fourth Group - Green Fire (p.358) 'The Legion of Space': the deadly green nebula that took Aladoree on the trip to the Runaway star (p.359).

RAH.666.(Rot 4.2) - Second Rotation of Fourth Group - Formless Red Fog (p.358). The Mote in God's Eye: inside a red giant (p.359) .

RAH.666.(Rot 5.1) - First Rotation of Fifth Group - About 30 A.U.s from Sun's position (p.358 and 359). Dr E. E. Smith's 'Galactic Patrol' (p.359 to 362).

RAH.666.(Teh -1 to -100) - All Glaciations (p.365 to 367).

RAH.666.(Teh +1) - Miami Beaches empty in a sunny day, crowded streets. Shooted missil to Gay Deceiver (p.364).

RAH.666.(Teh +2 to +4) - 2 with major war, 1 very radioactive (p.366).

RAH.666.(Teh +(small)) - No cities, uninhabited atol used as base (p.368).

RAH.666.(Teh +26) - Good Analog, checked for 2 days 3 hours and rejected (p.369 and 370)

RAH.666.(Teh +1 to +97) - All rejected (p.369 and 370)

RAH.666.(Teh +98 to +800) - All but 6 rejected (p.372 and 373). The six not rejected were warm, free of body taboos, high tech, low in population, free of major war or preparation to it, some version of English as the major language in North America.

RAH.666.(Carter U0) - One of the six not immediately rejected of previous list, seems to be identical to U0 up to Jimmy Carter (p.373 and 374). Probably corresponds to U0...

RAH.666.Beulahland - USA Population under 100 M (p.377), Warmer interval between glaciations (p.377), nakedness is a symbol of innocence (p.377), most sects are Christian, using the same bible of RAH.666.U0 (and probably U0) (p.377), brutal system of law (one eye for one eye, etc) (p.377 and 378), very low crime (p.378). 'The Years of Rising Waters' (1600 to 1620) changed the geography and history (p.378). Mass-murder of all lawyers in 1965 (p.378). Strange tax system (p.379). (CWWTW) Time Head Quarters at New Harbor (time line 5). DuQuesne is the first man on Moon. Lensman Ted Smith commands a military task force (TSBTS, p.406)

RAH.666.(Teh +800 to +5000) - All Glaciations (p.372).

RAH.SSL - Stranger in a Strange Land - Identical to U0 until at least 1962. American Presidents identical to RAH.FH (and to U0, I think) until 1962, but without Howard Families (666 pag 496). Sometime after that, world government (666 pag 496).

RAH.GR - Glory Road - Identical to U0 at Earth up to about 1964, with twenty "inner parallels" that include Milky-Way analogs with many planets and sentient races and "places". These Universes include some empires, even in Milky Way (p.211). The planets are linked by Gates (p.212). 7000 years ago, an "emperor" was installed, with cyber hardware to access all history previous to him. As long as "emperors" succeeded each other, their experiences were taped in a device, named "the Egg of the Phoenix". Now, the emperess is Her Wisdom CCIV (p.212). Each "Wisdom" is implanted with the memories (specially mistakes) of all previous "wisdoms" (p.213). There are hundreds of thousands of millions human-like beings (p.127). There are worlds where males kill females as soon as eggs are laid (p.127) and others in which females eat males even as they are copulating (p.127). Some universes do not include planets (p.129). (CWWTW) Composite Time Line.

RAH.GR.(Earth) - Gates to many different planets and places. The unique world with prostitution (p.128).

RAH.GR.(Nevia) - Only gates to Karth-Hokesh in friendly planets (p.215). Gate to Earth. Feudal-like houses: Doral, Lerdki (p.151 and 152). Monsters: Hogs (p.154), Giant Rats (p.155), Dragons (p.159 to 169) in the forest; Blindworms poisonous to touch (p.170) in the caves; Eight-legged omnivorous semi-intelligent horse-like creatures (p.129); There is no War, but there is some killing (p.128).

RAH.GR.(Karth-Hokesh) - Gates only to Nevia and to a planet controlled by the "baddies" (p.215). "Place" with a weird sky (p.182). Food and drink poisonous, air breathable for only 12 hours (p.183). Gravitational changes (p.183).

RAH.GR.(Baddies) - Only gates to Karth-Hokesh, destroyed after recovery of the Egg. They are isolated until they develop star travel (p.216).

RAH.GR.(Center) - Earth-like planet without Earth's faults. Size of Mars, with oceans and gravity similar to Earth (its Universe has a different constant of gravity) (p.219). Convergence of cultures from twenty different Universes makes it a "Heinlein Paradise": anarchy, sexual freedom, not crowded, free of body taboos, etc. Travel based on artifical Gates (p.222).

RAH.GR.(VIIth Universe) - Intergalactic trade (p.215).

RAH.CWWTW.(line 1) - E.R.Burroughs's Barsoom. Robert Taft is elected American President in 1940 (TSBTS page 224)

RAH.CWWTH.(line 6) - Identical to RAH.MHM (time line 3) until about 2076 (Lunar Revolution) . Climax at fight of hero John Sterling vs. the Galactic Overlord.

RAH.CWWTH.(line 7) - "Fairacre" first man on Moon. "Hero" Sky Marshall Samuel Beaux becomes a traitor. Criminals are soon conscribed into the Army. Famine (p.373). Japan and Germany won World War II and split USA along the Mississipi River (TSBTS, page 270). Joel Ylvisaker suggested that this timeline might be Philip K. Dick's The Man In The High Castle. Clyde W. Johnson, however, arguments in favour of C. M. Kornbluth's Two Dooms.

RAH.CWWTW.(line 11) - Identical to RAH.FH until Neemiah Scudder (wasn't born). World War Three started a little sooner than in Future History , and spread to all the world. After 100 years, no life bigger than cockroaches.

RAH.(Time Lords) - Enemy of THQ (p.375), wanted to kidnap Adam Selene.

RAH.(Scene Changers) - Enemy of THQ (p.375), wanted to destroy Adam Selene.

RAH.(The Revisionists) - Enemy of THQ, with subtle methods (p.377). Fought against the rescue of Adam Selene. Marooned Maureen to Time Line 11 (TSBTS p.406)

RAH.TSBTS.(line 11) - Identical to Time Line 2 until the Second American Revolution , that never happened here. Mamma Maureen enters it in Kansas City, June 26, 2184 (TSBTS p.406)

Mentioned in TSBTS page 411 - Identical to Time Line 2 until April 8, 1941 . Germany won the Battle of Britain. The end of World War II in Europe was by atomic bombings against Germany, that landed from North Africa.
The list of characters from Chapter L'Envoi in The Number of the Beast can be found in http://www.hearsay.demon.co.uk/lenvoi.txt .

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