Heinlein Future History

This is a final version - but I am always upgrading it. It was based on _The Number of the Beast_, _The Cat Who Walks Through Walls_ (CWWTW), those timelines mentioned in those books and The Heinlein Timeline, that precedes every book of the Future History. Some dates and events were taken from _Time Enough For Love_, _Methuselah's Children_, and the short stories in the collections _The Green Hills of Earth_ and _Revolt in 2100_. _Life-Line_ mentions the date April 2, 1939, so I used April, 1939 for this short story.

I have put some arrows to help the reader follow some characters that jump in time, or out of this timeline.

Lots of dates from _To Sail Beyond the Sunset_ contradict other dates from other stories, I still don't know how I will deal with the inconsistencies. I will probably just record them here, and mark them with a "+TSBTS error", and, in a later phase, I will create a "rah2m" timeline, showing Mamma Maureen's dates as standard, and those here as deviations.

Some of the dates are shown in intervals, for example 3050 ± 12. This means that I've run a Monte-Carlo simulation with the data - mainly from _Time Enough for Love_ - and this is the 95% confidence interval. In other words: just my guess :-)

There are too many chronological data in those books, and I'm sure I haven't got all of them. I would be very happy to know about any data that hasn't been added to this timeline. Please notify me of such.

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This file contains spoiler information. It's recomended those who haven't read the books should not read this page

This timeline is very similar to the real history until about 1939, but it includes the Howard Families. It is related to _The Number of the Beast_ timeline by a rotation t' = Tau (TNOTB, page 392).

The American Presidents are: Woodrow Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, (1984) ..., Neemiah Scudder Interregnum, Second American Revolution (TNOTB, pages 495 and 496). This contradicts with _To Sail Beyond the Sunset_. Star-faring civilization due to Libby/Sheffield device. Howards colonize Secundus (c. 2250) and Tertius (c. 4300). (CWWTW) Time line 2. Leslie LeCroix is the first man on the Moon. World War Three, during Neemiah Scudder Interregnum, destroyed Europe, but probably England escaped (_If This Goes On_, Chapter 6, mentions The London Times and elsewhere it mentions _Great Britain_ as one of the foreign nations).

  • Death of Old Tom Parr, at the age of 152 years (TEFL page xiii)


  • Birth of George Edward Johnson (died in 1897) (TSBTS page 71)


  • Birth of Terence McFee (died in 1900)


  • Birth of Amanda Lou Fredericks Johnson (died in 1899)

  • Birth of Rose Wilhelmina Brandt McFee (died in 1899)


  • Birth of Ole Larsen (died in 1907) (TSBTS, page 71)


  • Birth of Robert Pfeiffer (died in 1909) (TSBTS, page 71)


  • Birth of Anna Kristina Hansen Larsen (died in 1912) (TSBTS, page 71)

  • Birth of Heidi Schmidt Pfeiffer (died in 1912) (TSBTS, page 71)


  • Birth of Asa Edward Johnson (died in 1918), son of George Edward Johnson and Amanda Lou Fredericks Johnson


  • Birth of Rose Althelda McFee Johnson (died in 1918), daughter of Terence McFee and Rose Wilhelmina Brandt McFee


  • Birth of Ira Howard (TSBTS, index)


  • Birth of Richard Pfeiffer (died in 1932), son of Robert Pfeiffer and Heidi Schmidt Pfeiffer (TSBTS, page 72)


  • Birth of Samantha Jane Johnson (died in 1915), daughter of Asa Edward Johnson and Rose Athelda McFee (TSBTS, page 72)


  • Birth of James Ewing Johnson (died in 1884), son of Asa Edward Johnson and Rose Athelda McFee (TSBTS, page 72)


  • Birth of Kristina Larsen Pfeiffer (died in 1940), daughter of Ole Larsen and Anna Kristina Hansen Larsen (TSBTS, page 72)


  • Birth of Walter Raleigh Johnson (died in 1862), son of Asa Edward Johnson and Rose Athelda McFee (TSBTS, page 72)


  • Birth of Alice Irene Johnson (died in ???), daughter of Asa Edward Johnson and Rose Athelda McFee (TSBTS, page 72)


  • Birth of Edward McFee Johnson (died in 1884), son of Asa Edward Johnson and Rose Athelda McFee (TSBTS, page 72)


  • Birth of Aurora Johnson (died after 1930), daughter of Asa Edward Johnson and Rose Athelda McFee (TSBTS, page 72)

    August 2nd, 1852

  • Birth of Ira Johnson, son of Asa Edward Johnson and Rose Althelda McFee Johnson (TSBTS, page 72)


  • Death of Ira Howard (48), of old age (TSBTS, page 16)

  • The Howard Foundation is created

    March 17, 1874

  • Ira Johnson learns about the Howard Foundation, and begins seeking a suitable wife (MC, Chapter 1, page 6)


  • The First Howard is born (MC, page 7)


  • Birth of Edward, Maureen Johnson's brother (TSBTS, page 18)


  • Birth of Awdrey, Maureen Johnson's sister (TSBTS, page 18)


  • Birth of Brian Smith, Lazarus Long's father (died in 1998, age 119) (TSBTS, page 258)


  • Birth of Agnes, Maureen Johnson's sister (TSBTS, page 18)

    July 4, 1882

  • Birth of Maureen Johnson Smith (TSBTS, page 256)

  • Earth Population: 1,500 million


  • Birth of Frank, Maureen Johnson's brother (TSBTS, page 18)


  • Birth of Beth, Maureen Johnson's sister (TSBTS, page 18)


  • Birth of Lucille, Maureen Johnson's sister (TSBTS, page 18)


  • Birth of George, Maureen Johnson's sister (TSBTS, page 18)

    April 24, 1898

  • Spain declares war on the United States (real)

    December 1st, 1899

  • Birth of Nancy Irene Smith Weatheral, daughter of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 98 and 256)

    January 1st, 1902

  • Birth of Carol (Santa Carolita), daughter of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 98)

    March 12, 1905

  • Birth of Brian Jr, son of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 98)

    February 14, 1907

  • Birth of George Edward, son of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 98)

    April 5, 1909

  • Birth of Marie Agnes, daughter of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 98)

    April 21, 1910

  • Death of Mark Twain (real) (TSBTS, page 156)

    November 11, 1912

  • Birth of Woodrow (Lazarus Long), son of Maureen and Brian (TEFL)


  • Birth of Richard, son of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 113)

    August 2nd, 1916

  • Lazarus Long comes from the Future, and assumes the name of Ted Bronson (TEFL, page 450 shows a newspaper of the previous day, see letter to clones some pages later)


  • Birth of Ethel, daughter of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 113)


  • Theodore Bronson (Lazarus Long) meets Maureen

    June 26, 1918

  • Carol's day. This date was celebrated, later, as Santa Carolita's Day in many planets (TSBTS, Ch.26, p.393)


  • Theodore Bronson is wounded, reported Missing in Action, in World War I

  • World War I is Lazarus Long's 15th war (TEFL page 561)

    November 11, 1918

  • End of First World War (real)

    December 25, 1918

  • Birth of Roberta Weatheral (Barstow), daughter of Nancy Irene Smith Weatheral and Jonathan Sperling Weatheral (TSBTS, page 256 and TEFL page 579)


  • Birth of Theodore Ira, son of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 229)


  • Birth of Margareth, daughter of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 229)


  • Birth of Arthur Roy, son of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 229)


  • Birth of Alice Virginia, daughter of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 229)


  • Birth of Alice Virginia, daughter of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 229)

    October 29, 1929

  • Black Tuesday (real)


  • Birth of Doris Jean, daughter of Maureen and Brian (TSBTS, page 229)

    July 7, 1932

  • Birth of Patrick Henry Smith, son of Maureen and Justin Weatheral (TSBTS, page 383)

    November 2nd, 1935

  • Birth of Anne Barstow (Hardy), daughter of Roberta Weatheral (Barstow) (TSBTS, page 256)

    1937 to 1938

  • Maureen, from the future, is sent to Japan (TSBTS, page 271)

    April, 1939

  • _Life-Line_
    TSBTS date is 1951 (Ch.20)

    September 1st, 1939

  • Second World War (real)

    October, 1940

  • Franklin Roosevelt dies from a stroke while playing tennis (TSBTS page 224)

    April 8, 1941

  • Nazi aerial attack against Coventry, England

  • Cust Event to a Timeline where Germany won the Battle of England (TSBTS, page 411)

  • Ira Jonhson is rescued to the Future

    December 7, 1941

  • Japanese attack San Francisco (TSBTS, page 244)

  • After the attack, more than sixty thousand Japanese-Americans were murdered in two days (TSBTS, page 244)

    March, 1944

  • Allies land in Marseille (TSBTS, page 245)

    July 7, 1945

  • Emperor Hirohito is killed in an air strike. He is succeeded by his son Akihito, not yet twelve years old (TSBTS, page 246)


  • Atomic Bombings over Tokyo and Kobe (?) (TSBTS, page 244)

  • Patton drives the Soviets from Czechoslovakia (TSBTS, page 245)

    November, 1948

  • Patton is elected American President, successor of Barkley (TSBTS, page 268)

    December, 1948

  • Osaka Incident (???) - a crisis of American-Japanese relations (TSBTS, page 268)

    c. 1949

  • _Let There Be Light_

    June 22, 1952

  • Birth of Nancy Jane Hardy, daughter of Anne Barstow (Hardy), (TSBTS, page 256)


  • Birth of Mary Sperling

    c. 1962

  • Birth of Evelyn Foote, 4th wife of Lazarus Long , and ancestor of Ira Weatheral (TEFL, page 81. Also says that 3rd wife was Meg Hardy)


  • Strike of '66


  • The Crazy Years. The Masquerade of the Howard Families begin (MC, Chapter 1, page 10)

    c. 1970

  • _Blowups Happen_

    c. 1976

  • _The Roads Must Roll_

  • There is a reference to roads strike in 1966 (MC page 90), and The Heinlein Timeline makes reference to the Strike of '76; Kevin Beauchamp solved this apparent contradiction by noticing that in The Roads Must Roll there are references to a previous Strike of '66, so there were two strikes. Probably this second date is a typographical error

    c. 1976

  • _The Man Who Sold the Moon_ (begin)


  • Leslie LeCroix becomes the First Man on the Moon (TSBTS page 355)

  • Notice how the date in TSBTS (1965) contradict the dates given in the books that precede it: it seems that the previous books were based on a date of 1978 for the landing on the books

    1971 + TSBTS error

  • George Strong dies. Pikes Peak Space Catapult operational. Luna City with over six hundred inhabitants (TSBTS page 363)

    Sunday, June 20, 1982

  • Maureen Johnson Smith is hit by a truck. She is rescued by the THQ (TSBTS page 223)

    c. 1983

  • _Delilah and the Space Rigger_

    c. 1984

  • _Space Jockey_

    c. 1986

  • _Requiem_

    June 6, 1999

  • _The Long Watch_

    c. 1998

  • _Gentlemen, Be Beated_

    c. 1998

  • _The Black Pits of Luna_

    December 31, 2000

  • Birth of Justin Foote, son of Nancy Jane Hardy and Charlie Foote. He is the ancestor of Justin Foote the 45th (TSBTS, page 256)

    c. 2001

  • _It's Great to be Back_


  • _We Also Walk Dogs_
    This story hardly fits this timeline, because there are too many intelligent alien races


  • _Searchlight_

    c. 2003

  • _Ordeal in Space_ (end)

    c. 2004

  • _The Green Hills of Earth_ (end: death of Rhysling)

    Some time from 2000 to 2012

  • _I Will Fear No Evil_

    c. 2006

  • _Logic of Empire_


  • _The Menace from Earth_


  • Nehemiah Scudder is elected American President, and implants a religious dictatoship (TSBTS page 228)

  • Howard Families Meeting (TEFL page 21)

  • Lazarus Long moves to Mars (TEFL page 108)

  • Cusp event to a Timeline where Nehemiah Scudder's birth was prevented


  • Venus becomes independent (MC page 79)

    ??? , during Nehemiah Scudder's interregnum

  • World War III: Europe (but not England) is destroyed by China


  • _If This Goes On_

  • Second American Revolution

  • Cust event to Time Line 11 (where Second American Revolution never ocurred)

  • The Covenant is established in the USA (Methuselah's Children, page 11)

    2080 ± 9

  • Birth of Andy Libby
    This contradicts TNOTB, Part Three, Chapter XL, page 400:
    "(...) I was a missing Howard in those days - after the Interregnum - and it was years after I entered the Navy that the Families found me. I married then, into the Families. Most XXY people are infertile - I was not. In the next seventy years I had twenty-one children and enjoyed living with my wives, enjoyed sex with them, loved our children.
    "Which brings us to the escape from Earth led by Lazarus. I was a bachelor, both my wives having remarried. (...)"
    but it's necessary to fit _Misfit_ into the right historical background.


  • Birth of Edmund Hardy (died in 2259), descendant of Lazarus Long and ancestor of Roger Sperling (TEFL page 205)

    2100 ± 9

  • _Coventry_

  • _Misfit_


  • _Universe_ (prologue only)


  • Howard Families Meeting, proposes the end of the Masquerade (MC page 12)

    Late September or Early October, 2136

  • _Methuselah's Children_

  • Howard Families Meeting. Attended by Mary Sperling (183 years old, MC page 5) and Lazarus Long (claims 213 years old, MC page 13), among others

  • The Howards (c. 100,000 men, women and child) steal starship _New Frontiers_ and escape Earth (TEFL page xi)


  • _Methuselah's Children_ (end)

  • _New Frontiers_ returns to Earth (TEFL page xiv)
    Relative to the travelling characters, the trip took about 17 years

  • Earth scientists had discovered rejuvenation

  • Year One of Standard Galactic Calendar (TEFL page xiv)

  • Probably, Year One of Diaspora


  • _Universe_


  • _Commonsense_

    2225 ± 11

  • Tellus Secundus is settled by Howards from Earth

    24th and 25th Century

  • Forced Emigrations from Earth (TEFL page xv)

    26th Century

  • War, using bayonets. Lazarus Long took part in it (TEFL page 519)

    2874 ± 27

  • Birth of Zaccur son of Phyllis Briggs-Sperling and Lazarus Long. Phyllis was the first woman to have 100 children (TEFL page 264)


  • The last Howard from _New Frontiers_, except Lazarus Long, dies (TEFL page xi)

  • This Howard is, probably, Andy Libby , since he died around this time (2982 ± 21)

    3022 ± 9

  • Lazarus Long and Zaccur, his son, settle New Beginnings

  • There are 20 million people (mostly Howards) on Secundus, plus 10 million Howards elsewhere (TEFL page 281). This is exactly (0.5% error) the number expected if they doubled their number every century


  • Birth of Buck, the Mule (TEFL page 325)

    3038 ± 11

  • Birth of Dora Brandon, in New Beginnings

    3041 ± 9

  • The parents of Dora die when their house burns

    3050 ± 13

  • A Law is passed, on Earth, making all 75-year-olders legally dead (TEFL page 274)

    3058 ± 9

  • Crossing of the Hopeless Pass. Death of Buck The Mule

  • Zack, the son of Dora and Lazarus Long, is born in Happy Valley

    3064 ± 9

  • Incident in New Beginnings: the Montgomeries try to kill Lazarus Long and rape Dora, but are slain (TEFL page 325)

    3112 ± 14

  • Death of Dora

  • Lazarus Long doesn't marry for almost 100 years

    3210 ± 38

  • Lazarus Long marries Laura Foote-Hedrick's grandmother, in Landfall

    3277 ± 41

  • Llita and José, the twins that weren't relatives, are made in Blessed

    3296 ± 40

  • Birth of Joseph Aaron Long son of Llita and José, during the trip from Valhalla to Landfall

    3298 ± 40

  • Birth of Pattycake daughter of Laura Foote-Hedrick and Lazarus Long


  • The Genealogies are revised to use matrilineal names (TEFL page 205)

    3815 ± 203

  • Birth of Justin Foote 45th, descendant of Justin Foote


  • Birth of Ira Weatheral (TEFL page 2)

    3914 ± 50

  • Birth of Tamara

    4072 ± 51

  • Lazarus Long is rejuvenated in Supreme

    4111 ± 7

  • Birth of Galahad son of Rebecca Sperling-Jones


  • Birth of Ishtar Hardy, daughter of Tamara (TEFL page 51)

    4186 ± 12

  • Ira Weatheral(285) becomes Chairman Pro Tem of the Families


  • Birth of Hamadryad daughter of Ira Weatheral(293)


  • Year 2053 of the Galactic Standard Calendar (probably the same as the Diaspora Calendar , except that this places Year 1 of the Diaspora in 2220 Gregorian, instead of 2210 Gregorian - unless a Standard Galactic Year is different from a Gregorian Year).

  • Lazarus Long comes incognito from Out-Far, to die of old age in Secundus.

  • Lazarus Long is rejuventated in Secundus. His memories are recorded

  • Human Population is c. 500,000 million, inhabiting 2,000 planets (TEFL page x)

  • Secundus Population is c. 1,000 million (TEFL page 48)


  • Lapis Lazuli and Lorelei Lee, clones of Lazarus Long [except that Lazarus's Y chromossome is replaced by a copy of the X] are born. Host mothers are, respectively, Hamadryad and Ishtar

    4278 ± 6

  • Tellus Tertius is settled by 7,000 Howards from Secundus (TEFL page 283)

  • Tellus Tertius is 7,000 light-years away from Earth (CWWTW page 304)

  • Arabelle succeeds Ira Weatheral as Chairman Pro Tem of the Families

    4283 ± 1

  • Minerva, the Computer that controlled Secundus, becomes a woman

    4286 ± 1

  • Justin Foote 45th arrives on Tertius (TEFL page 359)

    4288 ± 3

  • Arabelle is murdered. Suzan Barstow succeeds her as Chairman Pro Tem of the Families (TEFL page 435)


  • Year 2070 of the Diaspora


  • Year 2072 of the Diaspora (by what calendar?)

  • Lazarus Long travels to the past (TEFL, page 459)

  • Lazarus Long is rescued from World War I

  • Lazarus thinks Tamara is 250 years old (TEFL, page 557)

    4300 ± 8

  • Andy Libby's mind is recovered. His body is rebuild as a woman

  • Around this time, Lazarus Long fights his 16th War (probably as a time-traveller)

    4314 ± 1

  • The crew of Dora meet the crew of Gay Deceiver

  • Maureen is rescued from the past

  • Tamara is 400 years old. Ishtar is said to be 250 years old (TSBTS page 380), but she is actually only 190 years old

    4316 Gregorian or 4324 Galactic

  • Maureen, 101 years old, marries Lazarus Long family (TSBTS, page 256 (Gregorian) and page 388 (Galactic))

    4316 ± 1

  • Birth of Jane Libby Burroughs Long, daughter of Elizabeth Libby and Jake Burroughs

    4335 ± 3

  • Writers Convention held at Tellus Tertius

    4354 ± 2

  • Castor and Pollux, grandsons of Hazel Stone, lose a card game to Lorelei Lee and Lapis Lazuli, and begin a 60-year identure to them

    Some Time between 4316 and 4400

  • Lazarus Long fights in his 17th War (CWWTW, p.378)

  • Lazarus Long goes to Time Line 3 and becomes the father of Colin Campbell

  • Birth of Pythagoras, Archimedes, Maxwell and Wyoming, sons and daughter of the Long family

    4400 Gregorian or 8160 Jewish

  • Colin Campbell aka Richard Ames et al are rescued from Time Line 3 . They are brought to Tertius

  • Adam Selene, from Time Line 3 is rescued

    4403 ± 2

  • Maureen enters the Time Corps

    4410 ± 2

  • Maureen is marooned to an alternate time line (number 11)

    4412 ± 2

  • Ira Johnson is rescued from the Battle of Coventry
    The date in TSBTS is 4376

  • Athena and Mycroft Holmes change from computer to flesh and blood persons (except that the date for Athena contradicts CWWTW page 261)

  • Ira Johnson, Athena and Mycroft Holmes marry into Long family

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