Heinlein's Time Line 3 - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

This is a draft version. It was based only on The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (CWWTW), To Sail Beyond the Sunset, and (as a working hypothesis) on Friday. It's my guess that Friday is set in this timeline, and I have some evidence for that; however, since I can't be 100% sure about it, I will precede the events that are based on Friday by a F.

The Rolling Stones is canonically placed in this timeline, however there are so much contradictions between The Rolling Stones and the other books of this timeline that I will only select what can be saved. These data are marked by a RS.

Some of the dates are shown in intervals, for example 2100 ± 12. This means that I've run a Monte-Carlo simulation with the data and this is the 95% confidence interval. In other words: just my guess :-)

I have put some arrows to help the reader follow some characters that jump in time, or out of this timeline

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This file contains spoiler information. It's recomended that those who haven't read the books should not read this page

This timeline is very similar to the real history until about 1966 (and possible even further)


  • Birth of Jubal Harshaw (TSBTS, p.428) (This contradicts CWWTW, p.164 and p.322, where his birthdate is given in 1904 and 1906)

    July 20, 1969

  • Neil Armstrong becomes the First Man in the Moon (real)


  • The Moon becomes a Penal Colony

    1996 and 2021

  • Riots in the Moon, put down by shutting lights


  • Destruction of Paris


  • F Something important happens (Friday, page 210: the password uses dates 1066, 1492, 4004 BC, 1776, and 2012).

    July 14, 2040

  • Birth of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly

    25 December, 2063

  • Birth of Hazel Meade Stone, daughter of Roger something (CWWTW page 204)


  • Mort the Wart becomes Warden of Lunar Administration (TMIAHM page 16)


  • Birth of Uncle Jock


  • Mycroft Holmes aka Mike aka Adam Selene becomes sentient

    May 13, 2075 21:00

  • Meeting in the Styliagi Hall begins

    May 14, 2075

  • Adam Selene, Bernardo de la Paz, Manuel Garcia O'Kelly-Davis and Wyoming Knott start the movement for the Independence of the Moon

  • The Moon population is 3 million, Earth population is 11,000 million (TMIAHM pages 22 and 23)

    May 3rd, 2076

  • Every Loonie called Simon is arrested, in search for Simon Jester (TMIAHM Chapter 12)

    July 4th, 2076

  • The Moon declares Independence

    October 12, 2076 19:00

  • Earth invades the Moon (tMiaHM Chapter 23)

    October 16, 2076 09:00

  • The bombing of Earth by rocks thrown from the Moon begins (tMiaHM Chapter 25)

    October 18, 2076

  • China accepts the armistice, followed by other nations.

  • The War between Earth and Moon ends (tMiaHM Chapter 28).

    September 22, 2078

  • Birth of Roger Stone, son of Hazel Stone (14) and Slim Lemke (Fall Equinox)


  • Birth of Ingrid Stone, daughter of Hazel Stone and Slim Lemke (named Ingrid for Slim's mother)


  • Epidemic on the Moon (RS Ch IX p.129)


  • The Moon and Mars sign a treaty (RS Ch XI p.146)

    2122 - 2130

  • Roger Stone becomes major of Luna City

    2130 or 2131

  • Birth of Meade Stone, daughter of Edith Stone and Roger_Stone (RS)


  • Big Quake of '31 on the Moon (RS Ch V p.64)


  • Birth of Colin Campbell aka Richard Ames, bastard son of Lazarus Long (CWWTW page 226) and Wendy Campbell.

  • Around this year (± 1 Year) are born Castor and Pollux Stone, twin sons of Dr Edith Stone and Roger Stone


  • Birth of Lowell Stone, son of Edith Stone and Roger Stone (66) (RS)

    2146 or 2147

  • Roger Stone begins writing The Scourge of the Spaceways (RS p.23)

    2148 or 2149

  • The Rolling Stones begins


  • Colin Campbell enters the Army (Navy?) and leaves Uncle Jock's house (CWWTW page 342)


  • Time Head Quarters move to Uncle Jock's house in Iowa

    September 2175

  • Birth of Gretchen Henderson, great great granddaughter of Hazel Stone (CWWTW page 142)

    July 1st, 2177

  • Lots of time travelers go to the Time Head Quarters at Uncle Jock's house in Iowa (CWWTW page 339)


  • Battle somewhere, General Evans was defeated, Colin Campbell loses a leg, he and his friends eat General Evans's body

    May Day, 2188

  • West Coast Secedes from USA

    June 30, 2188

  • Gwen Novak kills "Enrico Schultz", who would kill Richard Ames

    Tuesday, July 1st, 2188

  • Gwen Novak marries Richard Ames (CWWTW page 337)

    July 5th, 2188

  • Gwen Novak, Richard Ames et al are rescued to Time Line 2

  • The Moon Computer, that holds Adam Selene's "soul" is rescued

  • Time Head Quarters leave Uncle Jock's house in Iowa, and go to New Harbor

    September 9, 2199

  • Birth of Georges Perreault (F p.144)

    2249 ± 20

  • F Action of _Friday_ [except that _Friday_ follows _Gulf_, and _Gulf_ doesn't fit this timeline :-(]

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