Map of Tolkien's Ages

The Age of the Valar

This is a very sketchy Timeline. Suggestions are welcome. One Year of the Valar corresponds to 9.582 Years of the Sun

Year 1

  • The Valar come to Arda

  • War between Melkor and Manwë

    Year 1500

  • Tulkas the Strong comes to Arda

  • Melkor flees

    Year 1900

  • The Two Lamps Illuin and Ormal are set upon mighty pillars, in the North and South of Middle-earth


  • The Spring of Arda

  • The Valar make the Isle of Almaren

  • Melkor gathers evil spirits to his service

    Year 3400

  • Tulkas marries Nessa, Orome's sister

  • Melkor returns in secret to the North of Middle-earth

  • Building of Utumno begins

    Year 3450

  • Melkor attacks: Illuin and Ormal are destroyed

  • The Valar retreat to Aman

    Year 3500

  • Making of the Two Trees

  • The Age of the Trees begin

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