Before the Fourth Age

  • The Age of the Valar

  • The Age of the Trees

  • The First Age - in construction (until Year 300)

  • The Second Age

  • The Third Age

    The Fourth Age

    This is a very sketchy Timeline. I don't claim to be exact, I never know how to convert from Calendars [the Year Zero bug :-)].

    The Standard References should be:

    The Day March 13 of the Years Shire Reckoning 1421, Third Age 3021, and Fourth Age 1 are the same

    The Day March 1st of the Years Shire Reckoning 1541, and Fourth Age 120 are the same

    Year 1, March 13

  • Beginning of the Fourth Age

    From 0 to 9 ???

  • Birth of Eldarion, son of Arwen and Aragorn

    Year 6

  • The Shire is made a Free Land, under protection of the Northern Sceptre, and along with the Dúadan Forests, are off-limits to Men

    Year 10

  • Birth of Faramir I Took son of Diamond of Long Cleeve and Peregrin I Took (40)

    Year ???

  • Birth of Findegil

    From 1 to 25

  • Birth of Elboron, son of Eowyn and Faramir

    Year 16

  • Death of Gloin Gimli's father (253)

    From 21 to 101

  • Birth of Barahir II, grandson of Faramir

    Year 61, September 22

  • Samwise Gamgee rides out from Bag End. Then, he goes to the Grey Havens, and passes over Sea.

    Year 63

  • Death of Eomer (93), King of Rohan for 65 years, succeeded by his son Elfwine

    Sometime from Year 63 to Year 120

  • Cirdan passes over Sea with the last ship - so that when Aragorn dies, Arwen says that there's no ship left for her

    From 90 to 142

  • Birth of the Great-Grandson of Peregrin

    Year 120, March 1

  • Death of Aragorn (209), King of Gondor and Arnor for 121 Years, succeeded by his son Eldarion

    Year 120:

  • Gimli (262) and Legolas depart over the Sea

    Year 172

  • Findegil makes Gondor's copy of the Red Book

    c. Year 220

  • _The New Shadow_ fragment, at the end of the reign of Eldarion

    I've found a Fourth Age TimeLine based on ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing Game

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