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Written by Cheryl Cohen and Annie Reed



All these stories were written by Cheryl Cohen and some were co-written by Annie Reed.
Starred(**) stories feature Dr.Jay and all stories are MSR (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

Taking Liberties-49K
While the X-Files are shut down, Mulder drags Scully to California to celebrate her birthday, but the case he's assigned to keeps getting in the way...

Bokor Holiday-44K
Mulder takes it upon himself to save Scully from a voodoo curse, but ends up needing saving himself.

Code of Silence-44K
Scully tricks Mulder into agreeing to participate in hypnotherapy to help him with his insomnia and some recurring nightmares.

Child's Play-45K
Mulder and Scully are given a young girl to baby-sit. What they weren't told is that she 'witnessed' a murder without actually being there.

Mulder and the Stinking, Rotten, Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day-25K
Mulder experiences a definite low.

**Forgotten Souls-80K
Our heroes may have gotten in over their heads and need a little 'outside' intervention when some old enemies return.First appearance of Dr.Jay.

When Pigs Fly-61K
Mulder baby-sits some small relatives, much to his dismay, and everything that could go wrong, does go wrong...

Double Vision-61K
Mulder sees and hears strange things after a near death experience from trying vainly to save a woman's life.

Oh,What A Night-89K co-written by Annie Reed
On Halloween, Mulder is drafted to baby-sit some small relatives and his well-meaning efforts to take them trick or treating cause nothing but trouble.

On The Edge-17K
Mulder finds comfort from his loss with someone who shares it.


**Devil's Advocate I (1/4)-80K Co-written by Annie Reed
Devil's Advocate I (2/4)-101K
Devil's Advocate I (3/4)-77K
Devil's Advocate I (4/4)-85K
Mulder and Scully investigate deaths aboard a cruise line as Mulder seeks to survive 'the cruise from hell'.

**Devil's Advocate II - Sanctuary (1/4)-99K Co-written by Annie Reed
Devil's Advocate II - Sanctuary (2/4)-95K
Devil's Advocate II - Sanctuary (3/4)-87K
Devil's Advocate II - Sanctuary (1/4)-96K
Mulder recuperates from 'the cruise from hell' at the Scully home. Meanwhile, three escaped mental patients decide that would be the perfect place to weather a blizzard.

You Better Sit Down Now-33K
Mulder plans to ask Scully to marry him on Valentine's Day, but her surprise tops his by a long shot...


I'm Not Irish, So Why'd You Pick On Me?-16K

The Fox and the Hare-188K
This story is a follow up to Neon and I'm Not Irish. Mulder breaks the news prematurely. To appease Scully's ire, he is talked into a very unusual favor that leads to a series of embarrassing situations. The Macleod children return -- to Mulder's dismay and Mulder's Easter vacation becomes an exercise in domestic survival.

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