1444:  Milo Rambaldi is born in Parma.  (<0> Site)
1456:  Rambaldi finishes his education with Vespertine monks at age 12. (<0> Site)
1460:  Rambaldi predicts the design of a modern transistor.  (<0> Site)
1462:  Rambaldi is introduced to Cardinal Alexander in Rome at age 18.  He becomes an architect, consultant, and prophet in secret for the Catholic Church.  (<0> Site)
1470:  Archdeacon Claudio Vespertini begins to censor Rambaldi's work from the public eye for referencing disturbing technology.  (<0> Site)
????: Rambaldi befriends clockmaker Giovanni Donato.  He creates a clock for Rambaldi in exchange for immortality.  (108 "Time Will Tell")
????:  Rambaldi hides the secret to immorality in a flower in an Egg that requires nuclear cores to open.  (209 "Passage Part Two")
????: Rambaldi hides the top page of his Manuscript in an Arhat statue in Afghanistan.  (216 "Firebomb")
1486: Rambaldi begins work on his final project using futuristic technology.  (104 "A Broken Heart")
1489: Rambaldi writes the binary code that leads to the golden sun disc.  (104 "A Broken Heart")
1492:  Cardinal Alexander, Rambaldi's patron, becomes Pope Alexander VI.  (<0> Site)
1496: Archdeacon Vespertini excommunicates Rambaldi when he declares science would allow us to know God.  His workshop in Rome is
            destroyed and he is sentenced to death by fire.  (<0> Site)  Rambaldi dies in the winter.  His work is scattered and forgotten.  (103
            "Parity")  A second secret workshop is discovered and destroyed in San Lazzaro.  Rambaldi's work is sold off at auction.  (<0> Site)
1503: Giovanni Donato fakes his own death.  (108 "Time Will Tell")  Pope Alexander VI dies.  (Site)
August 16th, 1523: Rambaldi's sun disc records the starchart at the Argentina site where he buries his Journal.  (108 "Time Will Tell")

1600s - Present:  Rambaldi's work turns up in Italy, France, Eastern Europe, and Russia.  (<0> Site)
September 7th, 1812:  Rambaldi prophecizes an apocalpyse; Napoleon's troops are slaughtered in Russia.  (220 "Countdown")
June 28th, 1914:  Rambaldi prophecizes an apocalpyse; Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated sparking World War One.  (220 "Countdown")
1921:  Rambaldi work turns up in a Waterbury Connecticut warehouse.  (<0> Site)
1940s:  Hitler searches for Rambaldi works, giving the name Rambaldi a fascist twist for the rest of the world.  (<0> Site)
August 6th, 1945:  Rambaldi prophecizes an apocalypse; the first atomic bomb is used on Hiroshima.  (220 "Countdown")

March 16th, 1950: Jack Bristow is born.  (ABC Site)
October 31st, 1950: Arvin Sloane is born.  (ABC Site)
March 22nd, 1951: Irina Derevko is born.  (ABC Site Y2)
August 14th, 1955: Marcus Dixon is born.  (ABC Site)

1964:  Olgi Krystovnich, K-Directorate historian and cryptologist, is born.  (<0> Site)
December 29th, 1964: Marshall Flinkman is born.  (ABC Site)
1967: Jack joins the CIA.  (ABC Site)
April 17th, 1968: Eric Weiss is born.  (ABC Site)
November 27th, 1968: Michael Vaughn is born in Normandy, France.  (ABC Site)
1969:  Sloane gives his first Far East briefing at the White House and senses a coming darkness.  (110 "Spirit")
            Derevko is recruited into the KGB at the age of 18.  (210 "The Abduction")
January 26th, 1969: Sloane is recruited into SD-6 (ABC Site) by Jean Briault while working with Allende in Chile.  ("116 The Prophecy")

1970: Irina is recruited by Khasinau of the KGB to seduce Jack for information on Project Christmas.  (119 "Snowman")
1971:  Sloane meets Jack and they become friends.  Sloane also meets Laura around this time.  (109 "Mea Culpa")
            Sloane is Jack's superior in the CIA at this time.  (210 "The Abduction")
@1972:  Sloane first encounters Rambaldi while in the Army Corps of Engineers and begins a quest to learn its secrets.  (215 "A Free Agent")
            Sloane meets Emily and begins their romance.   (218 "Truth Takes Time")
            Sloane meets Conrad, a member of the Maginific Order of Rambaldi, who sends him on his quest.  (220 "Countdown")
1972:  Irina graduates from the KGB Academy.  (204 "Dead Drop")
1973: Calder joins the KGB.  (119 "Snowman")  Kate Jones, future alias for Syd, dies.  (105 "Doppleganger")
March 8th, 1973: Will Tippin is born.  (ABC Site)
1974: Russia smuggles seven nuclear bombs into the US.  (102 "So It Begins")
January 3rd, 1975: Francie Calfo is born.  (ABC Site)
April 17th, 1975: Sydney Bristow born to Laura Bristow / Irina Derevko.  (ABC Site Y2)
1976: Following KGB orders, Laura Bristow assassinates over a dozen undercover CIA agents.  (111 "The Confession")
            Vaughn's Father is killed by Laura Bristow.  (106 "Reckoning")
1977:  Jack transfers to the CIA's L.A. field office, with Laura and little Syd in tow.  (114 "The Coup")
            The CIA catches Boyce and Lee spying for the KGB, sparking off a headhunt for KGB moles.  (107 "Color Blind")
1979:  Jack and Irina/Laura accidently start a house fire and live in a hotel for a week.  (209 "Passage Part Two")
1977-80: Jack is officially cleared of being a KGB mole.  (107 "Color Blind")

1980:  Laura Bristow takes 5 year old Syd skating for the last time.  (217 "A Dark Turn")
1981:  The CIA learns that Laura Bristow is a spy for the KGB.  (111 "The Confession")
            Laura Bristow and FBI Agent Calder fake their deaths in an auto accident.  (106 "Reckoning")
            Jack spends six months in prison under suspicion of conspiracy.  (118 "Masquerade")
            Jenny, Will's secretary and girlfriend, is born.  (107 "Color Blind")
October 1981: Dixon is recruited into SD-6.  (ABC Site)
1982:  Alain Christophe becomes head of Counter Intelligence for the CIA.  (114 "The Coup")
            Jack places Syd in Project Christmas, brainwashing her to be a spy.  (205 "The Indicator")
            Someone gives a Project Christmas test to American first graders then covers up all the evidence.  (207 "The Counteragent")
            Five million children are given the Christmas test; 40 get perfect scores.  (208 "Passage Part One")
January 1982: Jack quits the CIA and is recruited into SD-6 by Sloane, acting as a double agent for the CIA.  (ABC Site, 210 "The Abduction")
1983:  Irina spends some time with Cuvee in Kashmir, alledgedly as a prisoner suspected of treason.  (209 "Passage Part Two")
May 12th, 1983: Dixon marries Diane.  (ABC Site)
1987: Syd and Francie meet each other in Seventh Grade.  (105 "Doppleganger")
            Jack, while working with Nagayo in Kanagawa, meets Geiger at a dinner.  (213 "Phase One")
1988:  A Rambaldi sketch is discovered in Brazil predicting the celluar phone.  (<0> Site)
1989: Alain Christophe stops being the head of Counter Intelligence for the CIA.  (114 "The Coup")
            Dixon marries Diane. (101 "Truth Be Told")
            Master forger Driscoll moves to Semba Island off of Kenya.  (110 "Spirit")
December 1989: The US learns of the smuggled Russian nukes and confiscates all of them but one.  (102 "So It Begins")

1990:  Alain Christophe retires from the CIA.  (114 "The Coup")  Sloane becomes head of SD-6.  (121 "Rendezvous")
1991: The Alliance of Twelve is formed under the leadership of Alain Christophe.  (101 "Truth Be Told")
            ??  Emily Sloane begins work in the State Department.  (122 "Almost 30 Years")
        Jack recruits Dixon into SD-6.  (220 "Countdown")
1992:  Derevko creates The Man's organization.  (204 "Dead Drop")
1993:  Karpachev buys a Rambaldi manuscript on the human heart for Derevko.  (217 "A Dark Turn")
1994: Noah Hicks, SD-6 agent and freelance assassin "The Snowman", nearly kills Kishell his supplier.  (119 "Snowman")
December 1994: Syd is recruited into SD-6 out of college.  (ABC Site)  She is a secretary at Credit Dauphine for six months.  (117 "Q&A")
            Vaughn joins the CIA.  (ABC Site)
1995:  Lennox joins the CIA.  (214 "Double Agent")
June 1995: Syd enters SD-6 agent training.  (101 "Truth Be Told")
1996: McKenas Cole briefly meets Syd at Credit Dauphine.  (113 "The Box")
            Cole leads an SD-6 team to destroy a Chechnya pipeline, but he is captured and tourtured by the Russians.  (112 "The Box")
            David McNeill goes to jail for refusing to sell technology to SD-6.  (114 "The Coup")
            Hensel biotech engineer Schiller creates a formula for a bioweapon vaccine.  (105 "Doppleganger")
            The Triad's would be Next Generation children are born.  (205 "The Indicator")
            Russian SVR agent Elsa is recruited to seduce Neil Caplan to keep tabs on his work.  (219 "Endgame")
            Oransky is discharged and kicked off Russia's Project Medusa satellite killer.  (303 "Reunion")
March 1996: Syd completes SD-6 agent training.  Within the first year she begins missions.  (117 "Q&A")
1997: Syd meets Noah Hicks and they begin a romance.  Noah transfers to undercover, and the Snowman disappears.  (118 "Masquerade")
            NSA recruits Neil Caplan and lets him know he's about to be approached by a Russian spy, Elsa.  (219 "Endgame")
May 1997: Marshall is recruited into SD-6.  (ABC Site)
November 1997: Weiss joins the CIA.  (ABC Site)
1998: Syd steals technology from Paris and encounters Leonard Dreyfus, an SD-6 bankroller operating out of Geneva.  (102 "So It Begins")
            The CIA becomes capable of wiping out the L.A. office of SD-6, but doesn't.  (102 "So It Begins")
            Syd meets Will and they become friends.  (102 "So It Begins")
            Syd and Ana of K-Directorate begin their rivalry.  (104 "A Broken Heart")
            The British SIS begin efforts to identify The Man.  (113 "The Box")
            The Alliance sets their center Server 47 on an airplane flying between England and Spain.  (213 "Phase One")
   Bruker Biotech begins its study of the human genome and secret product to catalog the DNA of the German public.  (218 "Truth Takes Time")
1999: Syd and Danny begin dating. (101 "Truth Be Told")
            Syd's arm is broken by Sauri's bodyguard in Corsica.  (104 "A Broken Heart")  Syd helps destroy a Sudan weapons facility.  (ABC Site)
            Sloane's wife Emily is diagnosed with cancer.  (122 "Almost 30 Years")  She spent four months ignoring the pain.  (116 "The Prophecy")
            Syd first meets Hassan.  (111 "The Confession")

2000: Syd and Dixon encounter Navour.  (102 "So It Begins")  Ana assassinates a contact of Syd's in Yugoslavia.  (103 "Parity")
            David McNeil's lawyer files an appeal on the case.  (112 "The Box")
           A British SIS agent infiltrates Cole's intelligence network, hoping to learn the identity of The Man.  (113 "The Box")
            Haladki of the FBI/CIA begins working for The Man.  (122 "Almost 30 Years")
March 2000: A female Russian historian finds a Rambaldi drawing of a celluar phone, sparking the hunt for Rambaldi artifacts.  (103 "Parity")
2001:  Sloane sends a mission to steal Rambaldi artifacts from an Algiers museum.  It fails.  (120 "The Solution")
            The Pentagon contracts Fordson to develop the ground-penetrating T-Wave Camera.  (202 "Trust Me")
March 2001: Syd and Dixon have a bloody encounter with Hassan.  Navour attempts to buy nukes.  (102 "So It Begins")
     K-Directorate historian Olgi Krystovinch discovers a Rambaldi sketch of a transistor.  (<0> Site)

SEASON ONE (2001-2)

June 2001: Syd tells Danny she's a spy.  Syd's investigates FTL's Mueller Device in Taipei.  (101 "Truth Be Told")
June 8th 2001:  SD-6 learns that Danny knows of them and assassinates him (103 "Parity") using the assassin Shephard.  (107 "Color Blind")
June 9th, 2001:  Syd goes off duty.  (ABC Site-101 "Truth Be Told")
August 2001:  Hensel biotech engineer Schiller contacts SD-6 in the hopes of selling his bioweapon vaccine.  (105 "Doppleganger")
August 27th, 2001:  McCollough gives Syd a polygraph test over revealing information to Danny.  (ABC Site-101 "Truth Be Told")
September 2001: SD-6 tries to kill Syd.  She secretly travels to Taipei and steals the Mueller Device from FTL, delivering it to Sloane and returning to SD-6.  Syd joins the CIA to work as a double agent in SD-6 and is assigned to Vaughn as a case officer.  (101 "Truth Be Told")
            FTL evacuates three bases to dig up a Rambaldi artifact in Tunisia.  (106 "Reckoning")
            Briault visits Peru for a trist with Ariana Kane.  (212 "The Getaway")
October 1st, 2001:  Vaughn meets Syd.  (208 "Passage Part One")
October 5th, 2001:  Syd and Dixon steal the files leading to Navour's nuke in America.  (ABC Site-102 "So It Begins")
November 2001:  Syd investigates her mother's death and Jack's role in it.  Syd introduces the CIA computer virus into the SD-6 mainframe.  Syd meets Shephard.  Will meets Eloise Kurtz and she is subseqently murdered.  (105-7)
Briault visits Peru for a trist with Ariana Kane.  (212 "The Getaway")
November 29th, 2001: Thanksgiving.  SD-6 discovers the CIA's virus in its mainframe and searches for a mole.  (107 "Color Blind")
December 2001: Syd meets the immortal Donato before he dies and discovers the Rambaldi Journal in Argentina.  Dixon is shot.  (108)
December 24th, 2001: Syd is arrested by SD-6 on suspicion of being a mole.  (109 "Mea Culpa")
December 25th, 2001:  Syd is cleared by SD-6 when Jack frames Rusik, who is killed.  (110 "Spirit")
December 2001-January 2002: Syd and Jack capture Hassan for the CIA.  (110-1)
2002:  Dixon infiltrates Kabir's compound in Afghanistan and steals Soviet missiles.  (216 "Firebomb")
January-February 2002: Syd learns that her mother was a KGB agent who seduced Jack and killed CIA agents including Vaughn's father.  The Man sends Cole to steal the Rambaldi vial from the Credit Dauphine vault.  Cole and the vial are captured by the CIA.  At the same time, The Man destroys the FTL leadership and network, and assassinates the K-Directorate leader.  Will quits the SD-6 investigation.  (112-115)
February 2002:  Briault visits Peru for a trist with Ariana Kane.  (212 "The Getaway")
March 2002: SD-6 identifies The Man as Khasinau.  Poole tricks Sloane into assassinating his mentor Briault.  The CIA learns that Syd is the Prophecized One and arrests her.  Syd escapes and proves that it is actually her mother.  (116-117)
April 2002: Syd exposes and kills Noah Hicks "The Snowman", who sabotaged SD-6's pursuit of Khasinau.  (118-9)
September 2002: Syd uses the CIA's Rambaldi vial to draw out Sark, who is captured by SD-6.  Dixon learns Syd is working for another agency.  Will's Source is revealed to be Khasinau.  Will learns Syd is a spy and is then captured and tortured by Khasinau.  Sloane kills Emily to gain a full partnership in the Alliance.  Jack kills Haladki, The Man's mole in the CIA.  Syd destroys Khasinau's Circumference but is captured by The Man- Laura Bristow.  (120-2)  Fordson tells the Pentagon the T-Wave Camera project failed, then sells it to Derevko.  (202 "Trust Me")  Sloane buys a house for Emily in Italy.  (215 "A Free Agent")

SEASON TWO (2002-3)

October 2002: Syd escapes Derevko and rescues Vaughn.  Derevko turns herself into the CIA and offers cooperation, and begins to gain Syd's trust.  Sloane becomes a Full Member of the Alliance.  (201-2)  Vaughn begins to secretly investigate Derevko (217 "A Dark Turn").
November 2002: Sloane is haunted by Emily.  The CIA gains the Zero Point Energy formula from Rambaldi.  Jack frames Derevko but Syd clears both their names.  Syd learns Jack put her in Project Christmas, and Vaughn investigates KGB-Christmas using Will.  Vaughn grows ill from exposure to the Circumference but is cured.  Sark allies with Sloane to help solve the Rambaldi Puzzle.  (203-7)
December 2002: Syd, Jack, and Irina travel to Kashmir where Sark opens a Rambaldi Artifact revealing the secret to immortality.  Sloane tells the Alliance that he is blackmailed over Emily's life.  (208-9)
SD-5 IDs the Triad's gyroscope missile guidance system in Nice, France.  (212 "The Getaway")  Vaughn begins meeting with foreign operatives in his investigation of Derevko.  (217 "A Dark Turn")
January 3rd, 2003:  Francie's 27th Birthday.  Jack falls under Alliance suspicion.  Marshall is abducted by Suit and Glasses.  (210 "Abduction")
January 2003:  Jack is cleared when Ariana Kane is exposed as Sloane's Blackmailer.  Sloane visits Emily in secret.  (212 "The Getaway")
The CIA investigates Markovic's Helix technology.  (214 "Double Agent")  The CIA becomes aware of Vaughn's secret investigation of Derevko.  (217 "A Dark Turn")
February 2003:  Markovic captures Lennox and takes on his face.  (214 "Double Agent")  Irina's stolen Echelon codes are used by Sloane to steal the US's Rambaldi collection from an NSA facility in Nevada.  (222 "The Telling")
March 2003:  Sloane manipulates Syd and the CIA into destroying The Alliance of Twelve.  Phase One of Sloane's Master Plan.  Syd and Vaughn begin a relationship.  Sloane has Francie killed and replaces her with a doppleganger.  (213 "Phase One")  The Evil Francie duplication technology is destroyed. (214 "Double Agent")  Dixon and Marshall enter CIA service.  Sloane completes his Rambaldi quest; his first prize is a suitcase neutron bomb.  (215-6).  Syd and Vaughn spend some time in France.  (217 "A Dark Turn")
April 2003:  Sloane extracts Irina from CIA authority for a Rambaldi immortality manuscript.  The CIA investigates Vaughn's secret investigation of Irina.  (217 "A Dark Turn")  Dixon accidently kills Emily while pursuing Sloane and Irina.  (218 "Truth Takes Time")
May 2003:  Syd rescues Caplan.  Sloane kills Dixon's wife in revenge.  (219 "Endgame")  Sloane becomes the center of a Rambaldi prophecized Apocalypse.  (220 "Countdown")  Evil Francie murders Will, is revealed and killed by Syd.  (221-222)  Syd disappears, and a DNA-confirmed body is found in the ensuing fire.  Will survives.  The Telling alledgedly tells Sloane to turn to peace.  (301 "The Two")
Mid 2003:  Vaughn quits the CIA and becomes a drunk.  Sloane helps the CIA uncover over 25 terrorist cells and negotiates his pardon.  He becomes a CIA consultant and head of a World Health Organization.  (301 "The Two")
Late 2003:  Vaughn recovers from his alcoholic/maniac binge and becomes a teacher.  (302 "Succession")
Mid 2004:  Jack sees Syd murder Sark's father and teams up with Derevko to find the truth about her.  Jack is caught and thrown in solitary by Lindsey of the NSC.  (301 "The Two", 302 "Succession")  Sloane begins providing accurate intel to the CIA.  (302 "Succession")
Late 2004:  Dixon becomes Division Director.  (301 "The Two")
Mid 2005: Syd wakes up in Hong Kong with no memory of the past two years.  (222 "The Telling")

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