A DC Golden Age Timeline... Part ONE

From 1900 to December, 1941


3- James Brendan Corrigan born
--the children later known as Richard Occult and Rose Psychic are born

31-the children later known as Richard Occult and Rose Psychic are rescued
from sacrifice to the demon Koth by Zator, a servant of The Seven and taken to be raised by the Homo Magi


***Jonah Hex killed in during a card game, his corpse is stuffed


***Alex Olsen dies, joins the template of the Earth Elemental known as the Swamp Thing //HOS# 92//


--Hugo Danner (17) leaves home for college, begins adventuring


*** Louis Sendak is born in Staten Island, NY
28-World War I begins


***Theodore Henry Knight is born in Opal City


10-Roderick Burgess entraps Dream of the Endless ///SAND(v2)# 1///


--Hans Von Hammer defeats Anton Arcane, assisted by
time travelling Swamp Thing
--Lt. Steven Savage begins career as Balloon Buster ( 20 )
7-Johnathan B. Thunder born, Civic City, PA


*** Jay Garrick born, Hibbardsville KS
*** Danette Reilly born
*** Johnathan Law born, Jackson, MO
21-The Red Baron is killed
11-World War I ends


*** John Sargent born in Egypt, exposed to one of the Ruby of Life fragments
*** Steven Savage disappears flying over Turk County


***Al Pratt born, Calvin City, CT
***Terry Sloane born, Gateway City, CA


***Arnold Raymond Munro born, Silver Creek, CO
***Paula Brooks born
***Louis Sendak's father brings home The Door, begins bringing home various
artifacts including the Scarabaeus


-- Sylvester Pemberton III born, Civic City, PA


*** The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane opens near Gotham City


***Comet X passes close to Earth, activating the mutant abilities of newborn Adam Blake
***The Starheart fragment in the shape of a lantern is brought out of China and given to a mental patient, whom it then cures


--Franklin D. Roosevelt elected President of United States
--Henry Knight elected to Congress


***Keystone City, KS District Attorney Clifford DeVoe begins to form a secret
criminal organization as The Thinker ( 30 )
30-Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
4- FDR inaugerated


19-Hitler becomes sole ruler of Germany


--Dr. Occult and Rose Psychic set up paranormal investigation agency


--Jesse Owens and Will Everett win at Berlin Olympic Games
1- FDR re-elected
--Lee W. Travis becomes publisher of the New York Daily Globe-Leader
31- Louis Sendak meets his future wife Elinore at a New Year's Eve party in Times Square


--Brian O'Brien begins adventuring as The Clock ( 48 )?


--Wesley Dodds begins adventuring as The Sandman( 25 )
?- Giovanni Zatara begins stage career and crime-fighting as Zatara the Magician ( 22 ) //ACT# 1//
30- Lee Walter Travis begins adventuring as The Crimson Avenger ( 25 ) ///SO# 5///
7-9- The Crimson Avenger stops the German SS division known as The Black Cross, gets "gas gun" ///CA# 1-4///
31- Rex Tyler develops Miraclo, begins adventuring as The Hour-Man ( 25 ), meets The Sandman ///SMT# 25-8///


--Theo Knight meets Wes Dodds, The Mist begins villainous career
///SMT# 36-40///
?-"Red" Dugan, "Whitey" Smith and "Blooey" Blue begin adventuring as Red, White and Blue; "Hop" Harrigan begins adventuring ( 17 )//AA# 1//
13- Sandra Knight foils assassination attempt, begins adventuring as The Phantom Lady ( 21 ) ///ASSq# 41///
30- The New York World's Fair opens, Mayor LaGuardia is attacked by The Phantom of the Fair///SO# 7///
10- The Sandman and The Crimson Avenger save England's Royal Family from Elektro ///SO# 7///
-- The Sandman stops another killer also known as The Phantom of The Fair ///SMT# ..-..///
?- Kent Thurston begins adventuring as Invisible Justice //SMASH# 1//
--Wes Dodds and others assist Janos Prohaska ///SMT# 45-48///
--Darrell Dane begins adventuring as The Doll Man
( 23 )//FC# 27//12
--Johnny Thunder begins adventuring ( 22 ) //FL# 1//
--Jay Garrick has his first big adventure as The Flash ( 22 ) //FL# 1//
1- Germany attacks Poland; Janos Prohaska joins with others to become Blackhawk ( 27 ) and the Blackhawk Squadron //MILITARY# 1//
8- After subconscious help from the Thanagarian alien Paran Katar, Carter Hall begins adventuring as The Hawkman( 25 ), meets Shiera Sanders ( 24 ), and defeats Dr. Anton Hastor //FL# 1//
14-The Ultra-Humanite is defeated
--Al Pratt is mugged, he meets Joe Morgan and begins training
31-Detective Jim Corrigan ( 39 ) is murdered, joins with The Avenging Spirit to become The Spectre //MF# 52-53//
--Alan Ladd Scott finds the "magic lantern", begins adventuring as The Green Lantern ( 25 ) //AA# 16//
15-Hank Heywood begins adventuring as Steel( 23 ) ///STEEL# 1///
20-Theodore Henry Knight begins adventuring as The Starman ( 24 )
-- Rodrigo " Rod " Gaynor begins adventuring as The Whip //FL# 1//

?- District Attorney Brian Butler begins adventuring as Mr. Scarlet ( 33 ) //WOW# 1//
--Steel defeats The Mineral Master( Dr. Moag ), captures the mobster Emil "Sledgehammer" Sledgski and captures The Gadgeteer( Roger Romaine ) ///STEEL# 2-4///


--Richard Grey Jr. returns to America and begins adventuring as The Black Condor ( 28 ), taking on the identity of murdered US congressman Thomas Wright //CRACK# 1//
--Sven Nelson investigates a mysterious pyramid with his son Kent ( 12 ). Accidentily triggering a guardian device, Nabu kills Sven and adopts and transforms Kent into the composite entity known as Doctor Fate ( 27* )//MF# 55//; Doctor Fate battles the wizard Wotan and meets Inza Cramer ( 21 )///ASSq# 47///
-- Rexand Pooch are whelped; Pooch goes into K-9 training, Rex is given a Cortoxin/Steroid compound that causes increased stamina and super-intellegence
--Steel battles The Black Assassin, then is captured by Nazis
--Alan Armstrong begins adventuring as Spy-Smasher //WHIZ# 2//
--The wizard Shazam reawakens Prince Amenhotep, who begins adventuring as Ibis the Invincible
--During an escape attempt at a concentration camp, a Nazi Major is disfigured; he later undergoes metahuman augmentation to become Baron Blitzkrieg
--"King" Standish begins adventuring? //FL# 3//
--Alan Scott meets Irene Miller, has first big case as The Green Lantern, moves to Gotham City and begins work at WGBS //AA# 18-19//
--Dave Clark begins adventuring as Midnight ( 24 ) //SMASH# 18//
?-Jim Barr develops Nth Metal variant and Miraclo/Steroid compound, begins adventuring as Bulletman ( 25 ) //MASTER# 1//
?- Tom Halloway begins adventuring as The Spider, clandestinely begins criminal activities; Jim Lockhart begins adventuring as The Red Torpedo //CRACK# 1//
?-Tom Dalton begins adventuring as Magno
--Dr. Charles McNider is blinded by gangsters, undergoes experimental eye and brain surgery
10- Winston Spenser Churchill becomes Prime Minister of England
11- The Blackhawk Squadron's first mission under the direction of MI-5 takes place; members present include: Janos(Blackhawk)Prohaska, Stanislaus Drozowski and Zegota Januszatis of Poland, Boris Zinoviev of Russia, Ian Holcolmb-Baker of England, Andre Blanc-DuMont of France, Olaf Friedriksen of Sweeden, Ritter Henricksen of Denmark, Carlo "Chuck" Sirianni and Weng "Chop Chop" Chen of the United States //MILITARY# 1//; Zinoviev, Holcomb-Baker and "Zeg" are killed in action before 1942.
4- Libby Lawrence ( 20 ) swims to England as Dunkirk evacuations end
French Legionaire Tom Corbett finds the "Neonic Pool", begins adventuring as Neon the Unknown( 20 ); District Attorney Rich Raliegh begins adventuring as The Red Bee ( 28 ) //HIT# 1//
-- A elderly patriot named Sam collects the American Talisman and becomes Uncle Sam //NATIONAL# 1//
--The Flash and Green Lantern defeat Alien X, its' existience is covered up by the US government ///F/GL:FF# 1-2///
--John Sargent begins stage career and adventuring as Sargon the Sorcerer ( 21 ) //AA# 25//
--Libby Lawrence begins adventuring as Liberty Belle ///ASSq# 61///
--Dr. Charles McNider discovers his "night vision", begins adventuring as Dr. Mid-Nite ( 29 ) //AA# 25//
?- Assisted by his time-travelling son Ray, Happy Terril is merged with the "light creature", begins adventuring as The Ray //SMASH# 14//
?- Abigial "Ma" Hunkel, inspired by the costumed Green Lantern, begins adventuring as The Red Tornado ( 34 ) //AA# 20//39
?- The Crimson Avenger and Wing begin wearing "super-heroic" costumes //TEC# 44//
-- Al Pratt ends his training, begins adventuring as The Atom ( 18 ) //AA# 18//
?- Max Mercury appears, begins adventuring //NATIONAL# 5//
?- Hitler's Black Cross troops aquire the Spear of Destiny
9- Assisting MI-5, Gotham City Police Commissioner Davis contacts The Flash and the Green Lantern to attack a Nazi stronghold. Captured, they are rescued by Doctor Fate and The Hour-Man. Joined by The Atom, The Hawkman, The Sandman and The Spectre. Together, the eight demolish a German invasion fleet and stop an attack on Washington DC and FDR. They decide to join together as The JUSTICE SOCIETY of AMERICA . ///SO# 31///
22- First meeting of the Justice Society; Johnny Thunder and The Red Tornado sneak into the meeting. Johnny Thunder given honorary status. They begin on their first case, tracking down spies ( he is awarded "associate status" ). //AS# 3-4//
25- "Tex" Thompson ( 31 ) begins adventuring as Mr. America //ACT# 33//


?- Pvt. Jack Weston begins adventuring as Minute Man ( 21 )
?- Doctor Fate battles the demon Nyarl-Amen at Pearl Harbor //MF# 65//
?- Susan Kent begins adventuring with Bulletman as Bulletgirl ( 20 ) //MASTER# //
?- Chuck Lane begins adventuring as The Jester ( 23 ) //SMASH# 22//
-- Rod Reilly begins adventuring as The Firebrand ( 26 ); after injesting the chemical explosive 27-QRX, Roy Lincoln begins adventuring as The Human Bomb ( 22 ) //POLICE# 1//
-- Justice Society tracks down more spies //AS# 5//
--Ted Grant clears name, after being inspired by Green Lantern, begins adventuring as Wildcat ( 21 ) //SEN# 1//
--After initiation "stunts", Johnny Thunder joins the Justice Society; Flash takes "honorary membership" //AS# 6//
--Sir Justin of Camelot revived, begins adventuring as The Shining Knight ( 22 ) //ADV# 66//
--Charles Collins killed by Nazi spies, his body is possessed by the spirit of Keith Everet, Earl of Strethmere, begins adventuring as The Grim Ghost ; Terry Sloane begins adventuring as Mr. Terrific ( 24 ); Tommy Rogers begins adventuring as Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys ( Herb "Toughy" Simms and Dick "Tubby" Mehlville ) //SEN# 1//
-- Joan Dale accidentily transformed by Project M
-- Johnny Chambers begins adventuring as Johnny Quick ( 22 ) //MF# 73//
27- Justice Society collects $ 1,000,000 for War Orphans //AS# 7//
28- Justice Society, along with non-members Starman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Joan Williams, Hawkgirl defeat Ian Karkull, who attempts to kill the next eight US Presidents. The heroes are exposed to mystical radiiation that retards their aging. Green Lantern takes honorary membership, Hour-Man takes a leave of absense. Hawkman is elected Chairman of the JSA. Doctor Fate quits using the Helment of Nabu to lessen its influence, begins wearing "half-helmet". ///ASSqAnn# 2///
29- Johnathan Law meets with Dian Belmont, begins recording origins of mystery-men, begins adventuring as Tarantula ( 25 ) ///ASSq# 63///
--Greg Sanders begins adventuring with Billy Gunn ( 71 ) as The Vigilante ( 20 ) //ACT# 42//
-- Richard Dare begins adventuring as Captain X of the RAF ( 28 ) //SSC# 1//
1- First public appearance of The Tarantula //SSC# 1//
4- Sylvester Pemberton III ( 14 ) and Pat Dugan ( 22 ) both foil sabotage plots as The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy //SSC# 1//
--Independently stopping the agents of the Iron Hand of Crime, seven heroes join together to become THE LAW'S LEGIONAIRES (more commonly referred to as THE SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY). Founding members include: The Crimson Avenger and Wing, The Spider, The Shining Knight, The Vigilante and Billy Gunn and The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy. ( The Shining Knight's winged horse, Victory, is an unofficial eigth member. ) //LC# 1//
--Starman and Dr. Mid-Nite aid the Justice Society in defeating Dr. Elba (Dr. Able ), both join the group. //AS# 8//
-- Hop Harrigan meets the Justice Society //AS# 8//
-- Helena Kosmatos ( 19 ) is given the power to exact revenge on Nazi troops by the aspect of the Furies known as Tisiphone ///SO# 12///
-- After posing for photographs with the Justice Society, Green Lantern defeats his fears and the Fear Creature ///GL:FI GN///
-- Starman battles The Mist ///STAR# 18///
-- Wes Dodds awarded guardianship of Sanderson "Sandy" Hawkins, who begins adventuring as Sandy, The Golden Boy ( 14 ) //ADV# 69//
-- Olsen "Swampthing" joins Parliment of Trees
-- Terri Kurtzberger born
-- Starman battles and defeats The Mist //ADV# 67//
-- Sandman and Sandy defeat Thor ( Dr. "Fairytales" Fenton ) //ADV# 75//
-- Richard Dare retires as Captain X, begins working for MI-5 as Aviator //@SSC# 6//
-- Tom "Tex" Thomas ( 28 ) and Dan Dunbar ( 13 ) accidentily discover a 27-QRX varient and begin adventuring as TNT and Dyna-Mite //SSC# 1//
-- Justice Society break up South and Central American spy rings //AS# 9//
6- Louis Sendack activates the Scarabaeus, becomes Scarab ///SCARAB# 1///72
10- Rod Reilly joins US Navy
10- Joan Dale ( 23 ) creates Miss America identity, breaks up Nazi sabotage plot //MILITARY# 3//
13- Starman battles Johnny Sorrow, saves Carol Lombard ///STAR# 9///
27-31- SSoV defeat The Black Star ( Mowse ) //LC# 2//
31- Dr. Robert Crane murdered, brain transplanted into cybernetic body, begins adventuring as Robotman( 37*) //SSC# 7//
-? Bob Daley begins adventuring with Mr. America as Fatman (33)
-- Larry Jordan begins adventuring as Air Wave ( 26 ) //TEC# 60//
-- Justice Society foils kidnap plots by spies on the Time Trust, then travel to 25th Century to retrieve "Bomb Defense Formula", which is later sabotaged by Dr. Malachai Zee's assistant Per Degaton, Time Trust is then abandoned, but many continue work on their own time-travel ideas.
-- Donald "Dan" Richards is summoned by The Manhunters, joins and begins adventuring as The Manhunter ( 23 ); receives Thor, a disguised robotic dog ///SO# 22///
?- Uncle Sam meets with The Ray, The Black Condor, Neon the Unknown, The Spider, The Red Bee and others //UNC# 2//
6- Justice Society is kidnapped by time-travelling Per Degaton and others from 1947 ///ASSq# 1-3///
6- Uncle Sam forms THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS; founding members include: Uncle Sam, Red Torpedo, Invisible Justice, Neon the Unknown, Magno, Miss America and Hour-Man
7- Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Freedom Fighters take brunt of attack, Magno, Red Torpedo and Neon are killed; Invisible Justice and Hour-Man are captured by the Japanese, and Uncle Sam and Miss America are retrieved by Project M
7- All-Star Squadron is formed to rescue the Justice Society. Founding members include: Liberty Belle, Robotman, Johnny Quick, Dr. Mid-Nite, The Atom, Hawkman and The Shining Knight ///ASSq# 1-3///
7- Hitler signs decrees beginning more metahuman research.
7- FDR forms Office of Strategic Services ( OSS ); Control is named as Head of Special Missions. Aviator joins as first Special Missions Agent.
8- Justice Society and All-Star Squadron try to attack Axis-controlled territories, but are rebuffed by "anti-magic spell" created by the Spear of Destiny and the Holy Grail ///ASSq# 4///
9- Paul Kirk meets The Manhunters, joins and begins adventuring as Manhunter ( 28 ) ///SO# 22///82
9- Justice Society disbands, all save The Spectre join US Armed Forces //AS# 11//
10- All-Stars foil Mexican spy-plots; Danette Reilly begins adventuring as Firebrand ( 23 )
22- All-Stars battle Baron Blitzkrieg ///ASSq# 7///
31- Steel battles Kung ( Thomas Morita ), joins All-Stars, changes name to Commander Steel ///ASSq# 8-9///

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