A DC Golden Age Timeline...Part TWO

January, 1942 through December 1945


-- The Vigilante becomes guardian for Daniel Leong, who begins adventuring with him as Stuff the Chinatown Kid ( 15 ), Billy Gunn retires //ACT# 45//
7- ASSq battle Dr. Hastor ///ASSq# 10-12///
11- SSoV battle Dr. Wilfred Doome //LC# 3//
13- First organizational meeting of the All-Star Squadron; Liberty Belle elected chairwoman ///ASSq# 13///
15- Flash, Green Lantern, Wildcat and The Atom battle Joe Morgan and The Starheart; Jim Harper assists, begins adventuring as The Guardian ( 22 )///ASSqAnn# 1///; Harper then becomes legal "guardian" for members of The Newsboy Legion ( Thomas "Tommy" Thomkins, Anthony "Big Words" Rodriguez, Johnny "Gabby" Gabrielli and Patrick "Scrapper" MacGuire ) //SSC# 7//
16- ASSq battle Nuclear ( Percy Playboy ) ///ASSq# 14///
17- ASSq join with 1960's Justice Society and modern-day Justice League to stop Per Degaton ///ASSq# 15-16, JLofA# 209-211///
23- Robotman goes on trial, granted human rights //SSC# 16//
-- PT-47 sunk in Pacific Theatre, Captain William Storm injured
8-13- ASSq battle Thor, The Brain Wave ( Henry King, 30 ), time-travelling Ultra-Humanite, Infinity Inc and Secret Society of Super-Villains; Justice Society meeting rooms destroyed; Will Everett transformed, begins adventuring as Amazing-Man ( 24 ); Tarantula receives new costume; Justice Society and Sargon the Sorcerer battle Kulak, they then reform as "The Justice Battalion" "for the duration" //AS# 11//, ///ASSq# 19-28, ASSqAnn# 1///
-- Bulletman, Starman and Green Lantern defeat an armoured assault weapon from Venus, GL Corps member Abin Sur deletes this memory from them.
16-17- Justice Society battle the Black Dragon Society //AS# 12//
23- The first official meeting of The All-Star Squadron, held in the Perisphere in New York, NY. Members present include:
The Sandman & Sandy the Golden Boy, The Red Bee, Wildcat, The Black Condor, Air Wave, TNT & Dyna-Mite, The Jester, The Whip, The Hawkman & Hawkgirl, Mr. America, Sargon the Sorcerer, Mr. Terrific, The Human Bomb, The Crimson Avenger & Wing, The Star-Spangled Kid & Stripesy, The Spectre, Starman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Tarantula, Johnny Quick, The Guardian, The Atom, Doctor Fate, The Phantom Lady, Commander Steel, Johnny Thunder, Manhunter, The Ray, Firebrand2 The Flash, Zatara the Magician, The Manhunter,

Liberty Belle-Chairwoman Robotman-Recording Secretary

Uncle Sam, Midnight and Doll Man warn of impending attack of Japanese Navy at Santa Barbera, CA; ASSq rescue captured Hour-Man, battle Tsunami ( , 20 ), Red Bee killed by Baron Blitzkrieg; Uncle Sam forms second group of Freedom Fighters ( Uncle Sam, The Ray and The Black Condor ), meet Neptune Perkins ( 20 ) ///ASSq# 31-35///
27-28- ASSq battle Real American and Phantom Empire, Amazing Man joins ASSq ///ASSq# 38-40///
-- Pedro, Slim and Fred are murdered in North Africa, become The Ghost Patrol //FL# 29//
4-5- ASSq battle Prince Daka and the Samauri Squad ( Kung, Tsunami, Sumo ), Tsunami leaves Japanese Army ///ASSq# 41-43///
7-8- ASSq battle Night and Fog, Ed Reilly killed; Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick battle Zyklon, Thomas Revere is killed, Liberty Belle gains "sonic powers" ///ASSq# 44-46///
15-17- Doctor Fate reveals origins to Johnathan Law, then joins ASSq and Blackhawk in England to battle Wotan and free Doctor Occult ///ASSq# 47-49///
-- Hunter's Hellcats, a Detatched Service Unit, is formed
1- Johnny Chambers and Libby Lawrence marry
1-15- ASSq battle THE SOCIETY OF EVIL ( Mr.X, Oom, Nyola, Mr. Who, Ramulus the Plantmaster, The Dummy ); Justice Society is rocketed into other dimensions //AS# 13//


///ASSq# 50-58///, ///CRISIS# 1-12///
2- SSoV battle The Sense-Master //LC# 4//
28- TNT and Dyna-Mite investigate terrorist activities in Colorado, TNT is killed by AXIS AMERIKA ( Gurda, Ubermench, Usil, Sea Wolf, Kamakazi, Grossen Eule & Fleidermaus ); Young All-Stars formed. Founding members include: Fury ( Helena Kosmatos, 16 ), Flying Fox ( 20 ), Arnold Raymond "Iron" Munro ( 17 ); Tsunami defects and joins YAS along with Neptune Perkins and Sandy the Golden Boy, Dyna-Mite joins YAS; Fleidermaus killed ///YAS# 1-6///
8- Under control by the Guardians of the Universe, Green Lantern protects some of the New Guardians' ancestors; Pauls Brooks begins adventuring as The Tigress, joins YAS ///YAS# 8-9///
21-22- YAS battle The Ultra-Humanite and Deathbolt; Miss America freed from coma ///YAS# 10-14///
23- ASSq battle Mechanique and Per Degaton, Miss America joins Justice Society as Recording Secretary ///YASANN# 1///
31- YAS battle the hidden race called The Dyzan and the Nazi Black Cross ///YAS# 16-19///
?- The Boy Commandos ( Capt. "Rip" Carter, Ben "Brooklyn" Turpin, Andre Chavard, Jan Hansen, Alfie Twidgett ) begin adventuring in Europe //TEC# 64//
-- Mr. America finishes training, becomes The Americommando, goes undercover in Berlin //ACT# 53//
-- Manhunter captures two U-Boats //ADV# 79//
-- SSoV battle The Golden Skull //LC# 5//
-- Allied High Command forms Detatched Service Unit codenamed The Losers ( Capt. William Storm, Lt. Johnny Cloud, "Gunner", "Sarge" and Pooch )
10-14- Battle of Midway Island; Japanese begin attacks on Alutian Islands; YOUNG ALLIES formed. Founding members include: The Squire ( Percy Sheldrake, 20 ), Fireball, ( Sonya Chuikov, 20 ), Phantasmo ( Jean-Marc Devillars, 16 ) and Kuei. YAS battle Baron Blitzkrieg and Axis America for US atomic scientists; Tigress fatally wounded, returned to life by Gurda and becomes villainess ///YAS# 21-25///
15- Justice Society takes food to starving freedom fighters in Europe //AS# 14//
18-20- ASSq defeat Hugo Danner and The Sons of the Dawn ///YAS# 26-31///
22-29- Time-travelling Queen Hypolytta and Jay Garrick assists JSA against The Dark Angel ( Baroness Paula Von Gunther ), remains in the past and begins adventuring as Wonder Woman ///WWv2# 131-4///
?- Mickey Malone begins adventuring in Europe as The Eagle ( 17 )
?- Chase Yale begins adventuring asCommando Yank
-- Justice Society battle The Brain Wave //AS# 15//
?- Michael Gallant killed, his ghost joins with his twin brother Lance to begin adventuring as Captain Triumph ( 23 ) //CRACK# 27//
?- The Firebrand retires //@ POLICE# 13//
?- The Flash battles The Rag Doll ( Pete Merkel ) //FL# 36//
?- The Shade battles The Flash //FL# 35//
-- Starman battles The Prairie Witch ///STARANN# 1///
?- An orphan named Kit is killed, his spirit is duped by an Agent of Chaos into becoming Kid Eternity //HIT# 25//
-- Albert Holland killed, becomes "Swampthing"


?- The Black Condor retires? //@ CRACK# 31//
?- Hour-Man retires //@ ADV# 83//
?- Tarantula semi-retires //@ SSC# 19//
?- Justice Society fights racism //AS# 16//
-- Time-lost Superman begins working at Hill Circus as "Sampson"
?- Spy-Smasher, The Bullets and Minute-Man form THE CRIME CRUSUADERS CLUB
?- Justice Society battle Brain Wave, drop the name "Justice Battalion" //AS# 17//; Justice Society move their HQ from Smithsonian Museum to the Perisphere in NYC
3- Superman saves FDR, nearly meets the Justice Society and is sent by The Spectre to Warsaw, Poland to destroy one of two atomic bombs and the facilities for making others
?- Dyna-Mite retires? //@ SSC# 23//
?- Justice Society battle The King Bee //AS# 18//
?- Wonder Woman and Justice Society defeat Osira//WW(v1)# 231-232
-- Blackhawks stop atomic attack on New York City; Stanislaus killed, Natalie Reed joins as "Lady Blackhawk"
*** Wonder Woman and Dr. Mid-Nite stop Armegeddon, a Nazi spy //WW(v1)# 235-236
*** Hubert Mason kills The Clock ///STAR# 17///
31- Phantom Lady battles Prairie Witch ///STAR# 44///
10- Starman assists Phantom Lady in defeating The Prairie Witch ///STAR# 44///
-- Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite and Wildcat stop The Gambler ///AS 80Pg# 1///
*** Justice Society battles The Mad Maestro ( Hector Bauer ) //AS# 19//
*** Green Lantern exposes and battles Vandal Savage //GL# 10//


*** Justice Society defeats The Monster //AS# 20//
*** The Immortal Man and Vandal Savage clash during the Battle of The Bulge
?- Minute-Man semi-retires
-- Green Lantern battles The Gambler ( Steven Sharpe ) //GL# 12//
?- "Pep" Pepper begins adventuring for Detatched Service Unit as Radar ( 20 )
?- The Jester retires? //@ SMASH# 46//
?- Sandman and Starman battle The Gambler
?- "King" Standish retires? //@ FL# 41//
*** Justice Society time-travel //AS# 21//; Doctor Fate and Sandman leave JSA, both semi-retire
?- Doctor Fate retires, begins training to become physician, then archaeologist //@ MF# 98//
?- Americommando retires? //@ ACT# 74//
-- Manhunter/Paul Kirk gives up costumed identity to work behind enemy lines for OSS //@ ADV# 92//
?- The Crimson Avenger and Wing semi-retire //@ TEC# 89//
?- The Whip retires //@ FL# 55//
-- Elinore Sendak is drawn into The Door ///SCARAB# 1///
*** Justice Society meets with the personification of Conscience //AS# 23//
*** The Newsboy Legion and The Boy Commandoes team to stop Agent Axis from importing Apokolysian technology ///Guardians(LS)# 3///
-- Gangsters kill Stuff
-- Starman and The Demon defeat Nazi Agent Z ///STAR# 42///
*** Justice Society defeat The Psycho-Priate ( Charley Halstead );
*** Daniel's brother Victor Leong takes over his brother's role as Stuff, The Chinatown Kid ( 15 )


?- The Grim Ghost retires? //@ SEN# 38//
1-22 Nazi sorcerers try and raise Koth to aid them, accidentily unleashing Stalker, several mystical heroes try to stop him, Tor and Merlin are killed; Justice Society and other heroes stop him ///AS(v2)#1-2 (and others)///
-- James Reed born
*** Justice Society meet with Conscience //AS# 24//
*** Five Nazi officers are hanged by Russian troops for their war crimes. Their souls are combined into a single demon, Mawzir.
*** Seven Soldiers/Law's Legionaires disband
*** Starman helps The Spectre temper his anger towards humanity ///AS 80Pg# 1///
*** Sandman, Hawkman and Wonder Woman stop The Dreamweaver, a Nazi agent ///AS 80Pg# 1///
12- FDR dies
15- Justice Society acts as Honor Guard at FDR's funeral; last full meetting of JSA for many years
-- The Spectre is trapped in the body of Jim Corrigan, retires //@ MF# 101//
30- Adolf Hitler commits suicide?
1- Traveling back through time, The Swamp Thing distroys Anton Arcane's operations; Unknown Soldier assists OSS in collecting Germany's occult weapons and artifacts, then goes "underground".
8- V-E Day
31- Creature Commandoes and JAKE-2 are sent into space in an experimental V-2 rocket, Project M closed, placed under Control's jurisdiction.
*** Justice Society solve The Forgotten Crime, Flash and Green Lantern rejoin active ranks //AS# 25//
?- Uncle Sam retires? //@ NATIONAL# 45//
-- Crime Crusuaders battle Captain Nazi and "Hitler", both go into suspended animation
?- Neptune Perkins teams with The Hawks //FL# 66//
14- Japan unconditionally surrenders, V-J Day; All-Star Squadron probably disbanded.
*** Justice Society defeat "metal-eating monsters" //AS# 26//
-- Green Lantern battles Solomon Grundy //AA# 61//
*** Justice Society aid handicapped veterans with help from Wildcat //AS# 27//
*** The US government disallows Rip Jagger's request to bring Tiger to America; he then remains with the boy in Asia

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