A DC Golden Age Timeline

From 1946 to Thirteen Years Ago


**** Paul Kirk is nearly killed in Africa, placed in suspended animation by The Council of Genetics
-- Jason Terril born
?- Sandy transformed into silicon monster, Sandman retires, Starman begins emotional collapse, semi-retires //@ ADV# 102//
?- Justice Society defeats Nils Farrow, who made paintings come to life //AS# 28//
?- The Hawks discover the hidden land of Feithera //FL# 71//
?- Justice Society defeat Landor, criminal fugitive from the 25th Century //AS# 29//
?- Justice Society defeat The Brain Wave //AS# 30//
?- The Human Bomb retires, begins to work for US Government //@ POLICE# 38//
?- Justice Society defeat the globe-being called Zor //AS# 31//
?- Red, White and Blue retire? //@ AA# 71//
?- Justice Society defeat The Psycho-Pirate //AS# 32//


?- Justice Society defeat Solomon Grundy //AS# 33//; move into new HQ in Gotham City, using ASSq equiptment
2- Dinah Drake begins adventuring as The Black Canary ( 22 )
?- Mr. Terrific retires, begins teaching at Gateway University //@ SEN# 63//
?- Justice Society stop The Wizard ( William I. Zard ) //AS# 34//
-- Flash helps Keystone City Bobtails, a softball team, through September //FL# 90//
?- Liberty Belle retires //@ SSC# 68//
?- Per Degaton kills Professor Malachai Zee, Justice Society time-travel to 336 B.C. to defeat him //AS# 35//
?- The Black Canary meets Johnny Thunder //FL# 86//
?- Justice Society ( aided by Flying Fox and "Iron" Munro? ) save the Five Drowned Men //AS# 36//
?- Paula Brooks begins attacks on Wildcat and criminal career as The Huntress //SEN# 68//
?- The Guardian retires, several of the Newsboy Legion enter college //@ SSC# 63//
-- Molly Mayne meets with The Manhunters, who then equip her to battle Green Lantern as The Harlequin ( 18 ) //before AA# 89//
?- Justice Society defeats THE INJUSTICE SOCIETY OF THE WORLD ( The Gambler, Brain Wave, Vandal Savage, Per Degaton and The Thinker ) //AS# 37//
?- Green Lantern battles The Icicle ( Joar Markhet ) //AA# 90//
?- Sargon the Sorcerer battles The Blue Lama //SEN# 71//
?- Justice Society killed by infamous criminals from history, saved by Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Miss America //AS# 38//
?- Flash with Katar Hol and Sheyera Thal defeat time-travelling Fiddler ///HAWKWORLDANN# 1///


?- Justice Society closes entrance to Fairyland, slowing all magical energies in this dimension //AS# 39//
?- Johnny Thunder unable to summon his Thunderbolt, retires and is kidnapped by Bahdnesian shamans //@ FL# 91//
-- Grover Baines joins The Blackhawks
?- Justice Society break up Crimson Claw gang //AS# 40//
-- Green Lantern defeats The Sportsmaster ( Lawrence "Crusher" Crock ) //AA# 98//
?- Sylvester Pemberton,Jr. adopts Merry Creamer; learning SSK and Stripesy's secret identities, she begins adventuring as The Gimmick Girl ( 14 ) //SSC# 81//
?- Stripesy breaks leg, semi-retires; Gimmick Girl becomes SSK's partner //SSC# 82//
-- Justice Society defeat THE INJUSTICE GANG ( The Wizard, The Icicle, The Huntress, The Sportsmaster, The Fiddler and The Harlequin ); assisted by The Harlequin and The Black Canary. Black Canary joins JSA. //AS# 41//
-- Jay Garrick and Joan Williams marry
?- Air Wave retires, devoting more time to electronic research //@ TEC# 137//
-- Max Mercury bounces ahead in time ///IMP# 16///
?- Star-Spangled Kid retires? //@ SSC# 83//
?- Justice Society defeats the alchemical menace of Professor Zodiac //AS# 42//
?- The Atom develops super-strength, begins to wear a costume based on Cyclotron's //before FL# 98//
-- The Harlequin retires //@ GL# 34//
?- Justice Society defeat the invadeers from the "Golden Universe" //AS# 43//
?- Dr. Mid-Nite semi-retires //@ AA# 102//
?- Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys retire, most enter college //@ SEN# 83//
?- Justice Society defeat Evil Star ( Guy Pompton ) in Hollywood //AS# 44//


*** The Seven Soldiers of victory reunite to destroy The Nebula-Man, an agent of The Hand. They are thrown through time, Wing is killed.
*** Louis Sendak hides The Scaraebus, retires as Scarab ///SCARAB# 1///
?- Justice Society solve the mystery of the Cosmic Crimes //AS# 45//; JSA move their HQ from Gotham City to Civic City,PA.
?- The Atom semi-retires, begins doctoral studies; The Black Canary semi- retires; The Flash semi-retires, takes control of Keystone Labs; The Hawkman and Hawkgirl semi-retire, take acting directorship of Midway City Museum; The Ghost Patrol retire? ///@ FL# 104//
?- Sargon the Sorcerer retires, begins search for other Rubies of Life //@ GL# 37//
?- The Gimmick Girl retires, begins training for nursing school //@ SSC# 90//
?- Justice Society defeat the "Invisible Gang" //AS# 46//
?- Justice Society defeat the "reincarnation" of Billy the Kid //AS# 47//
?- Ted Grant leaves boxing undefeated, retires as Wildcat to open Grant's Gym in Gotham City //@ SEN# 90//
?- The Boy Commandoes retire //BC# 38//
?- Justice Society save the life of Edmond Blake //AS# 48//
?- Captain Triumph retires //@ CRACK# 42//
?- Bulletman and Bulletgirl retire //@ MASTER# 106//
?- Justice Society defeat Vandal Savage and Solomon Grundy and The Living Constellations ///JSA# 1-8///
-- Roy Raymond begins hosting Impossible...But True! on TV station WGBS //TEC# 153//
?- Midnight retires //@ SMASH# 85//
?- Justice Society defeat the Fire People //AS# 49//
?- Justice Society defeat Mr. Alpha ( Fred Kinkaid ) //AS# 50//


*** Jim Barr and Susan Kent marry, move to Fawcett City
*** Flash battles Atom-Smasher ( Manfred Mota )
?- Justice Society defeat the sub-surface Diamond Men //AS# 51//
4- The Blackhawks sever allties with the CIA and US government
?- Justice Society defeat the Four Kings' Secret conquest of Earth //AS# 52//
?- Justice Socety chase The Gun that Dropped Through Time //AS# 53//
?- Manhunter Dan Richards retires, marries //@ POLICE# 101//
?- Justice Society solve the riddle of the Circus of A Thousand Thrills //AS# 54//
?- Justice Society save Dr. Elwood Napier //AS# 55//
?- Justice Society save Earth from invasion by "chameleons" from the 31st Century //AS# 56//


*** Ted Knight suffers an emotional brakdown; Charles McNider, aided by Robotman and The Red Torpedo begins adventuring as Starman ///Starman(v2)# 77///
*** Johnny Thunder breaks free of the Bahdnesian shaman's control and converts the country to a democracy.
2- Theo Knight marries Adele Doris Drew, retires as Starman as Mystery Starman appears
?- The Justice Society defeats The Key //AS# 57//
21- The Justice Society is trapped by a Manhunter-controlled group of criminals; break free and are called before Congress to reveal the secret identities. Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Atom, Black Canary and Miss America retire, but some do covert work for various government agencies; Wonder Woman returns to her proper time period.
?- Zatara the Magician retires, marries Sindella of the Homo Magi, moves to their Secret City. //@ ACT# 141//
-- The Shade destroys The Spider ///SHADE# 3///
-- Jake Benetti ( 20 ) is injured severely in Korean Conflict, sent back to US, where his metahuman biochemistry heals and strengthens him
-- Jake "Bobo" Benetti begins his criminal career, encounters the "Mystery Starman" ///STAR 80PG# 1///
-- A time-travelling David Knight appears in Opal City, takes over the identity of Starman
-- A time-tossed Jack Knight appears in Opal City; aids Starman, Dr. Mid-Nite and Hourman against The Mist ///Starman(v2)# 77-79


2- Mystery Starman disappears, Ted Knight begins as Starman semi-actively
*** Starman and The Jester defeat The Gambler, The Icicle and the Fiddler ///STAR# 46///
*** Carter Hall marries Sherra Sanders
*** Joan Dale marries Derek Trevor
*** Dinah Drake marries Larry Lance, they open Lance & Lance Security Consultants in Gotham City.
*** President forms TASK FORCE X, under the control of Col. Jeb Stuart. Its two divisions consist of: ARGENT ( stateside crime-fighting and anti-spy network, staffed with some retired mystery-men such as Iron Munro and The Phantom Lady and others ), headed by Control and SQUADRON X ( worldwide crime-fighting and paranormal investigation ) headed by Capt. Richard M. Flag of the Suicide Squadron. ///SO# 14///
*** Sandra Knight and Arn Munro marry, Sandra Knight-Munro disappears after mission for Argent


?- Martha Roberts begins adventuring as Midge, The Doll Girl ( 35 ) //DOLLMAN# 27//
-- Crime-Smasher semi-retires, begins work for US govwernment as Spy-Smasher; Ibis retires,goes back into suspended animation as Shazam places Fawcett City under a field of "temporal relevant suspension" before becoming an amnesiac //@ WHIZ# 155//
?- Doll Man and Doll Girl retire //@ DOLLMAN# 37//
?- Robotman trapped in cave-in, goes into suspended animation //@ TEC# 202//


-- Jason Terril accidentily kills his mother, he is then placed in suspended animation by The Ray, who then retires
?- Johnny Quick semi-retires, begins working in television broadcasting //@ ADV# 202//


*** Judson Caspian begins his vigilante mission in Gotham City as The Reaper
*** Green Lantern, in seeking to stop The Reaper, is injured; several members of the JSA try and locate Caspian, but he retires to Europe
*** The Shade, The Fiddler and The Thinker trap Keystone City, KS in a timeless dimensional warp

38 Years Ago...

*** Max Mercury reappears

37 Years Ago...

*** Martian J'Onn J"Onzz is transported across time and space by Dr. Mark Erdel, goes undercover as Martian Manhunter, covertly stops an alien invasion aided by undercover JSA members.
*** Starman and Black Canary battle the Mist, then Sportsmanster and the Huntress

33 Years Ago...

*** David Knight born, Opal City

32 Years Ago...

*** Kent Nelson recovers the Helm of Nabu
*** Doctor Fate and Hourman defeat The Psycho-Pirate, Rex Tyler marries Wendi Harris //SHOW# 55//
*** Richard Tyler born
22- The time-travelling Hourman of the 853rd Century releases Rex Tyler from his time-travelling double life ///HOUR# 24///
*** C.C. Baston and Spy-Smasher battle Baron Blitzkrieg to recover The Scorpion Artifact ///POS# 24///
22- Andre Blanc-Dumant killed, Argent severs ties with US government, goes underground

30 Years Ago...

*** Jacob "Jack" Knight born, Opal City

29 Years Ago...

*** Dinah Laurel Lance born, Gotham City
*** Johnny Quick and Max Mercury battle Savitar, Max and Savitar bounce forward in time

27 Years Ago...

4- Olaf goes missing in Saigon, South Vietnam

27 Years Ago...

*** Newborn Zatanna Zatara and her father Zatara survive a murder attempt on them; believing Sindella dead, both return to Gotham City

26 Years Ago...

14- Hector Sanders Hall born, Egypt

25 Years Ago...

6- Albert Julian Rothstein born, Cape Kennedy, FL; Al and Mary Pratt are Godparents
31- Helena Kosmatos leaves newborn Hypolyta with Derek and Joan Trevor
-- Alan Scott marries Alyx ( Rose Canton ) Florin

24 Years Ago...

*** Jesse Chambers born, New York, NY
4- Hank Heywood III born, Detroit, MI
12- Jennifer-Lynn and Todd are born to Alyx Scott, both are adopted soon after birth, Alyx disappears

22 Years Ago...

*** Icicle and Mist "kill" Invisible Hood?
*** Larry Jordan marrries Helen, son Harold born, Brooklyn, NY; soon after Larry is killed by intruder
*** Adele Knight dies

20 Years Ago...

*** Will Everett III born, Detroit, MI
-- Mikaal Tomas escapes from invading alien race, defeats their agents, begins adventuring as Starman //FIS# 12//
8- Last recorded adventure of The Blackhawks
-- Mikaal Tomas kills the other surviving member of his race in ritual combat, then disappears. ///STAR# 28///

19 Years Ago...

-- Green Lantern, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite and Johnny Quick aid Starman in stopping Rag Doll from destroying Opal City///STAR# 11///
*** Ted Grant begins to train young Dinah Lance
*** Ray Terril is born; Happy's wife, Nadine, leaves, thinking Ray to be stillborn; Happy's brother, Thomas, takes on Happy's identity and raises Ray

18 Years Ago...

*** Lyta Trevor, Hec Hall, Al Rothstein and Rick Tyler meet as the "junior Justice Society" for the first time ( David and Jack Knight had the mumps, Black Canary was ill )

17 Years Ago...

*** The genetically altered child of Al and Mary Pratt is given to the Emerson family to raise after Mary is killed by agents of Vandal Savage. The child is named Grant Emerson.

16 Years Ago...

*** Robotman revived; Dr. Niles Chaulder ( codenamed The Chief ) transplants his brain into the preserved body of Chuck Greyson. The Chief then uses the design of the robot body for Cliff ( Robotman ) Steele.

15 Years Ago...

*** Kiku born, "last" Bahdasian

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