Introduction to The DC Universe Timeline

A curious mechanic asked me what I was writing.

"It's a, hopefully, comprehensive chronology of a fictional universe." Now what exactly is that? he added with a grunt as a stubborn bolt fought him. "Well," I replied," it's a history of the DC Comics know, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman..."

"Well, what's so hard about that?" He shifted to get a better angle on the bolt. "Okay, imagine you're building a car, and this car's parts are from FOUR different car companies over the last sixty years." He shifted again. Another grunt. "Seems hard, but not impossible...but still...why?"

"Ummm..." I searched my brain, rummiging for another good analogy. Why indeed. "Maybe so other writers reading it might get better story ideas and make fewer mistakes in the future. And for the same reason the chicken crossed the road?"

"Why's that?" as the top of his head popped out from behind a tire.

"To prove to the possum that it COULD be done!"

And with a peal of laughter from under the car, and a loud yeilding squeek, the bolt turned.


//comic abbreviation# and issue number//
...original appearance or story reference ( usually pre-Crisis )
///comic abbreviation# and issue number///
...updated reference to a pre-Crisis event or new information ( the major exception to this rule is All-Star Squadron, while nearly the entire series was published before the Crisis, it is mostly a retcon anyway )
Villains Name or GROUP NAME
Hero's Name or GROUP NAME
*** or ****
happens during a given year, but no additional information is available for more precice placement
latest possible date an event can occur, usually a publication date
happens sometime during that month
happens after issue listed, usually denotes last recorded story
XX Years Ago...
used originally in the Zero Hour timeline, this allows for Time compression while keeping an accurate placement in the general timeline/chronology.

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