DC Golden Age Timeline ...Part Four

Ten Years Ago to Today

Ten Years Ago...

***John and Libby Chambers divorce
18- Hal Jordan ( 31 ) becomes a member of the Green Lantern Corps
--Barry Allen begins adventuring as The Flash ( 24 )
--Dinah Lance's mutant "sonic scream" manifests, begins adventuring as The Black Canary ( 19 )
-- Orin, known as "Arthur Curry, Jr.", assists Flash2 in fighting The Trickster; begins adventuring as Aquaman ( 20 ) ///A:T&T# 1-4///
*** Ray Palmer begins experimenting with a "white dwarf star" fragment, begins adventuring as The Atom ( 21 ) //SHOW# 34//
4- Fighting off an alien invasion, Flash2, Green Lantern2, Black Canary2, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter form THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA ///SO# 32///

Nine Years Ago...

*** The Justice League, along with many other heroes, repel another Appalaxian invasion force ///JLA:YO# 11-12/// *** Former Newsboy Legionaires regroup to form administrative core for Project Cadmus; Jim Harper retires from Metropolis PD to head security, he is murdered and then is cloned into The Golden Guardian ( 27* )
*** Metropolis forms first Special Crimes Unit to deal with metahuman criminals, headed by Maggie Sawyer and Dan "Brooklyn" Turpin
*** Green Arrow joins JLofA; Oliver Queen meets Dinah Lance //JLofA# 4//
-- Wally West makes contact with The Speed Force, begins adventuring as Kid Flash ( 14 ) //FL# 110//
-- Both "old" and "new" Flashes rescue Keystone City, Jay Garrick becomes semi- active ///SO# 50///
*** Zatara is kidnapped, Zatanna Zatara begins searching for him and touring as Zatanna, Maid of Magic ( 16 ) ///SO# 27///
*** Vandal Savage captures JSA ( Flash1, Green Lantern1, Johnny Thunder, Dr.Mid- Nite, Atom1 and Miss America ), rescued by Flash2; JSA begin to set up unofficiial meetings, all but Miss America begins to adventure semi-actively //FL# 137//
***Justice Society ( Doctor Fate, Hourman, Black Canary1, Green Lantern1, Hawkman ) come out of retirement to aid Justice League with THE CRIME CHAMPIONS ( Felix Faust, Chronos, Dr. Alchemy, Fiddler, Icicle and Wizard ). //JLofA# 21-22//; JSA re-activate Gotham City HQ.

Eight Years Ago...

*** Justice League and Justice Society defeat the Champions of Quard; Starman goes full-time //JLofA# 29-30//
*** Hawkman joins Justice League as "Senior Advisor" //JLofA# 31//
*** Mr. Terrific becomes re-active
*** Spectre frees himself from Jim Corrigan's body //SHOW# 60//
*** Justice Society and JLA defeat "Anti-Matter Man", Sandman becomes semi-active; Ted Grant closes Grant's Gym, adventures as Wildcat full-time //JLofA# 46-47//
*** Zatanna enlists the aid of the Justice League, Elongated Man and John Constantine in finding her father and defeating the Warlord of Ys //JLofA# 51//

Seven Years Ago...

*** The Tornado Champion enjoins with an android body, becomes The Red Tornado, joins Justice Society //JLofA# 64-65//
*** Justice League moves their headquarters to a geosynchronos sattalite above the United States //JLofA#78//
*** Atoms defeat The Thinker //ATOM# 29 //
*** Green Lanterns battle Krona //GLv2# 40//
*** Sargon possessed by Rubies of Life, battles Flash2 //FLv1# 186//
*** Zatanna aids Justice League in defeating Angorian Avengers/ Justifiers //JLofA# 87//
*** Sargon freed from possession, aids Justice League and Superman against Starbreaker //JLofA# 96-98//
*** Justice League and Justice Society free Seven Soldiers of Victory from their various time-traps, Wing is revealed to have died //JLofA# 100-102//
-- Elongated Man joins Justice League //JLofA# 105//
-- Red Tornado joins the Justice League //JLofA# 106//

Six Years Ago...

*** Justice League and Justice Society assist Sandman in partially curing Sandy //JLofA# 113//
*** Power Girl appears, "adopted" by Justice Society, assists JSA and Star-Spangled Kid against Brain Wave and Per Degaton //AS# 58-59//
*** Justice Society and Justice League aid Crime Crusuaders in saving Earth //JLofA# 135-137//
*** Hawkgirl joins Justice League //JLofA# 140-141//
*** Justice Society battles Vulcan ( Col. Christopher Pike ), Injustice Society; several JSA members battle, some under the influence of Psycho-Pirate; Gotham Broadcasting, headed by Alan Scott, goes bankrupt //AS# 60-69//; then JSA and JLA meet the Legion of Super-Heroes as they battle Mordu //JLofA# 147-148//
*** Crimson Avenger dies saving New York from an exploding barge //DCCP# 38//
*** Harold L. Jordan begins adventuring as Air Wave ( 15 ) //GL/GA# 100//
-- Flashes, Kid Flash and Johnny Quick battle Gorilla Grodd, Kid Flash retires, graduates from high school //FLASHSPEC //
*** Justice Society and JLA battle The Lord of Time //JLofA# 160-161//
*** Zatanna joins Justice League //JLofA# 161//
*** Justice Society battle The Darklord of Fear
*** Secret Society of Super-Villains attack Justice Society //SSOSV# 15//
*** Mr. Terrific killed by The Spirit King, an agent of Asmodaeus //JLofA# 171-172//
*** Justice Society and JLA defeat Secret Society of Super-Villains //JLofA# 195-197//
*** Justice League teams with 1960's Justice Society and 1942's All-Star Squadron against Per Degaton //JLofA# 207-209, ASSq# 14-15//
-- Star-Spangled Kid learns of Crimson Avenger's death, final meeting of SSoV //II# 13//
-- Jenny-Lynn Hayden's Power Pulse manifests, learns of twin brother Todd,guesses that their abilities are related to GL1
25-31- INFINITY INCORPERATED begins. Founding Members include: Silver Scarab ( Hector Hall, 20 ), Fury ( Lyta Trevor, 20 ), Nuklon ( Al Rothstein, 19 ), Jade ( Jenny-Lynn Hayden, 18 ), Obsidian ( Todd Rice, 18 ), and the Feitherian half-breed known as Northwind, Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl, later joined by Brainwave ( Hank King, Jr., 20 ). They defeat hypnotised JSA members and Ultra-Humanite. Some of the members time-travel to early February, 1942. The villain Brain Wave is killed assisting Infinity Inc., but infects his son, Brainwave with his evil thoughts. //II# 1-12//

Five Years Ago...

-- Infintiy Inc holds thir first news conference; Silver Scarab and Fury announce their engagement and reveal the secret ID's of Hawkman and Hawkgirl //II# 13//
-- Infinity Inc battle Chroma, an alien musician //II# 14-15//
-- Barry Allen transported to 30th Century to live with his wife
*** Justice League is disbanded and reformed by Aquaman


-- Dr. Beth Chapel injured, begins adventuring as Dr. Midnight ( 28 ), Rick Tyler begins adventuring as Hourman2 ( 20 ), Yolanda Montoya begins adventuring as Wildcat2 ( 23 ); Barry Allen dies, Wally West becomes The Flash; Hawkman gravely injured
-- Rose Canton reveals parentage of Jade and Obsidian, Thorn split-personality causes her suicide
20- Alan Scott marries Molly Mayne
-- Justice Society ( Hawkman, Sandman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Flash, Wildcat, Starman and Hourman ) with Hawkgirl and Sandy are trapped in "Asgard" pocket dimension
*** Fel Ander,a Thanagarian spy, begins adventuring as Hawkman, taking Sharon, an American, as his wife and partner as Hawkwoman ( 24 )
*** Justice League reformend under UN control

Four Years Ago...

*** Infinity Inc. and Global Guardians battle INJUSTICE, UNLIMITED ( Wizard, Fiddler, Shade, Hazard, Artemis, Icicle2 )
*** Silver Scarab "possessed" by the reincarnation of Dr. Hastor, then killed
*** Thinker injured on Suicide Squad mission, retires
*** Air Wave develops powers, begins tutorage under IMHS advisors, changes identity to Maser ( 18 )
*** The spirit of Hector Hall is transferred to the body of Sandford "Sandman" Garrett, retrieves his fiance', the pregnant ( approximately six months ) Lyta Trevor, marries her and the both make their home in the Dreamrealm
*** Delilah "Dee" Tyler graduates from Our Lady of The Shadows University, begins adventuring as Phantom Lady ( 22 ) ///ACT# 636///
*** Injustice Unlimited ( Artemis, Hazard, Icicle2, The Dummy, Harlequin ) battle Infinity Inc, but before they are defeated Skyman is killed. Infinity Incorperated disbands.///II# 51-53///
14- The Endless Aspect known as Dream ( or Morpheus ) is freed from his inprisonment; meets JLA members abd John Constantine, battles Dr. Destiny ///SAND# 1-7///
*** Dinah Drake Lance dies of cancer ///SO# 50///
*** Will Payton is struck by cosmic ray satallite, infusing him with the soul of Prince Gayvin, begins adventuring as Starman ( 26 ) ///STARMAN# 1///
*** Dream destroys Hec Hall/Sandman, sends Lyta Trevor-Hall back to Earth ///SAND# ///
--INVASION... Meta-human gene bombs increase powers, kill or change many meta-humans, normal people
*** Katar Hol and Shayera Thal come to Earth, begin adventuring as Hawkman and Hawkwoman

Three Years Ago...

*** Armageddon +10... Justice Society freed from "Asgard Dimension"
*** Jesse Chambers begins adventuring as Jesse Quick ( 22 ), aids Wally West and Justice Society against the Ultra-Humanite ///JSofA# 1-3///
*** Kiku takes control of Thunderbolt, becomes ward of Johnny Thunder ///JSofA# 4-6///

Two Years Ago...

*** Grant Emerson begins adventuring asDamage ( 16 )
*** Alan Scott rejuvinated by The Starheart, changes name to Sentinel
*** Lyta Trevor-Hall gives birth to Daniel Hall
*** Thomas Terril dies, Ray Terril begins adventuring as The Ray ( 18 )
*** Black Condor appears
*** Kyle Raynor begins adventuring as Green Lantern3 ( 24 )
*** Bart Allen is sent to the present from the 30th Century, begins adventuring as Impulse ( 14* )
*** ZERO HOUR... Atom1, Dr. Mid-Nite and Hourman are killed by Extant, a pawn of Green Lantern2, now known as Parallax; all dimensional counterparts of the Hawk Avatar ( including Carter and Shiera Hall ) merge into Katar Hol; Doctor Fate and Inza Nelson are divested of their youth and artifacts, all JSA members reach near their normal ages ///ZH# 4-0///
*** Johnny Thunder placed in rest home full time
*** Jared Stevens aquires Nabu's powers and artifacts, becomes Fate ( 31 )

One Year Ago...
*** David Knight begins adventuring as Starman, but is killed after a week; his brother Jack begins adventuring as Starman ( 29 ) ///STAR# 0///

22- The Endless Aspect of Dream is passed onto Daniel Hall as Morpheus ends his existience ///SAND# 75///
*** Flash1 and Flash3, Impulse, Johnny and Jesse Quick and Max Mercury battle Kobra, then Savitar. Both Savitar and Johnny Quick join with the Speed Force.
*** Flash1, Fate, Sentinel and The Spectre put the souls of Kent and Inza Nelson to rest ///FATE# 23///
-- FINAL NIGHT... The Sun Eater envelops Earth's sun and nearly causes it to go nova. It is destroyed by Parallax, who sacrifices his life to stop it. ///FN# 1-4///

*** The Spectre aids Michael Holt, who begins adventuring as Mr. Terrific ( 28 )
*** The Spectre releases Jim Corrigan's spirt, which moves on to Heaven, Spectre retires? ///SSPEC# 62///
*** Sentinel, Green Lantern3 and Jade destroy The Starheart; Jade's powers burnt out, Sentinel begins to slowly move towards normal age

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