Soltic's Lair
Welcome tralvers to my lair. I wish you peace on your travels. But be careful for this is my home.
Feel free to post messages and tell me what you think of my realm, and my story.
When dragon's and knight's romed the land I Soltic was in love with a fair dragon feril. So one day we flew high into the night sky and landed in a meadow of roses. As we lay there  in the calm of night my love was taken away from me. Ever since that night I have laied in my cave longing for her return. So feril this is for you my love.

Crimson fog roles in thick,
As the day nears end ,
So run away oh so fast,
Into my arm's outstreached,
For I will wait for the,
A day and enternity.

By soltic_99
But one day I wandered out in hope to find her. But hope seemed to leave quick for she was no where to be found but as I lowered my head in shame I heard a sweet voice flow through the air.

A land across the sea I shall wait for thee,
But hurry for time ends to quickly for me.

By soltic_99
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