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Welcome to my poetry web page. This page is dedicated to my poetry and the poetry of my friends and family. We hope you enjoy reading it. I am always looking for new contributions. If you would like to post your poem here, you can e-mail me and I would be happy to post your poetry. Or you can e-mail me with your thoughts and comments about the poetry or the web page.

To view my poetry, you can click onMy Poetry. To view the poetry of my friends and family, click on Other's Poetry. The graphics and music for each page were selected by myself and the poets to match both the poem and the author. All of the graphics and midis are available on the web. Or you can e-mail me about obtaining a copy of them. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy. Visit often as I am always adding new poetry. Peace, Kimber


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I would like to thank all of the authors for their contributions. I would also like to thank all of the people who helped make this page possible.
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Words are a writer's most powerful tool
We use them to show feeling, set a mood, bring
people into a world or point of view that they
may not have seen before. It is the power of words
But what of your name? What does your name say about you?
Here is a very interesting site I found. It will give you
insight into what your name means. It isn't just some
site that gives the meaning of your name. It gives the
personality traits.I tried it and found it to be very
accurate. You might want to try it and see what it says
about you and your life.

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