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My name is Michael Smith and im a 16 year programmer learning C. Im exprerenced in BASIC
But what got me interested in programming was A.I. Wars. In this game you programmed a robot  ai program to fight against others using a BASIC like language. this is my web site and i hope you like it. Please give me feed back on my games by leaving a message on th   message board because i rarely check my email (TOO much Spam in it gonna make a new  account).


I have no idea if the date on my computer is right =) but, anyway i have uploaded Xpaint and a Very nice tile engine that a made. do what you please with them but if you make a game or whatever with them plz mention me =), also if you know of any good tutorials on arrays and structures on game plz tell me where they are. The books that i have really don't teach them that well.


I have a new Email address so ell free to email but i'd rather you still leave a message on the board.
I am currently Working and a Project that i call Dx Fighters. I hope to make an above average fighting game with special moves, combos, and all that good stuff but to also keep it simple and balanced. Wish me luck!


I'm getting close to no feed back on my games plz leave a message and on the board and tell me how good or bad the games are. How am i supposed to know?. also if you d/l tile.zip ive fixed it
now includeds the source sorry for any incovenice. remember Email me or something!

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My New Email is MK_Terran@Alloymail.com
Feel Free to Email me Now =)

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My Programs, Games, And Demos

Chibi Pong

First game made by me in allegro, Fun!!!, 2 players or computers.
Tile engine , fast, easy code to uderstand, dead project. 16X16 tiles.
A VERY SIMPLE Paint program.

Tile Engine