Dale Earnhardt
April 29, 1951 -- February 18, 2001

Written February 19, 2001
~I woke up on that Monday morning, wanting to believe it was all a bad dream. I knew it wasn't but I just had to check to make sure. I rushed to the computer, and checked, it was true. My hero had passed away. I didn't think hero's were supposed to die? I always thought that Dale Earnhardt would be here forever, here for us to laugh at his jokes and admire his sneaky grin. Here for us to look up too, even long after he had finished on the race track. He would still be here for everyone. I can't even begin to describe the great loss we have suffered, especially Earnhardt's family themselves. I mourn for them. Although we have all lost the greatest driver to ever step behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car, we must carry on fans. We must continue to support the sport he made us love so dearly. Dale would have it no other way.~
Justin Adkins
Morgantown, West Virginia

Written March 11, 2001
The race at Atlanta this year--boy it sure was strange. Kevin Harvick, the driver whom replaced Dale Earnhardt, won the race. He won the race on his 3rd start. Additionally, he won the race in almost exactly the same fashion as Dale Earnhardt did last year against Bobby Labonte. Toward the last lap, while the finish with Harvick and Gordon was developing, I was already thinking of how similar it was to last year. Coming around the last turn I was thinking "wow, this is just like last year." Finally when Harvick barely beat Gordon across the line, I couldn't believe it. It was so special. So perfect. It was like Dale had designed it himself. Exactly like he had beaten Bobby Labonte. After the win, all of the members from each crew lined up and congratulated Harvick on his spectacular win. Just like they did after Dale Earnhardt had won the Daytona 500. After Harvick's win Darryl Waltrip said, "I've got a little lump in my throat." I think that summed it up pretty good.
Justin Adkins
Morgantown, West Virginia

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