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UPDATED: 6.22.07
Fireman Frank, Chin Lan, Michael, Patrick. Leticia, Kathy, Tisha. Summer, Lance, Maliya, Kaloni and Krista
Grandparents Joy
Fireman Frank
Summer is born
Mike, Leticia and Family
Mike, Summer, Tish, Lance
Pat and Chin
Graduation day

Rockin Robin
I was  a Station Chief with the government fire department. Been a fireman for 32 years. I have been married for 35 years and have two boys. Mike 35 and Patrick 26. 
I love to volunteer my time with kids. My family comes first and I am always looking for stamps and coins from other countries. I like to travel to Taiwan where my wife was born and has family. They live on a mountain overlooking the country side. So peaceful there it makes going home hard to do.
Now here is the list of my family members.  Oh my gosh I hope I have enought room
Mike, Pat, Leticia, Krista, Summer, Lance, Maliya, Kaloni, Taylor, Kalib, Stone,  Now enough is enough..
Its been a good time talking to many friends from accross the world.  I speak to a lot of people from Taiwan due to the fact we have somethings in common like knowing some of Taiwan.  Most everyone I talk to are very nice and I enjoy talking to them.  
  Well the family keeps growing.  Now I have three granddaughers and one grandson.  Not to mention we were happy to bring into our family three others who are just sweethearts.  Its been a long trying period of time. Never seems like we get a day off to just relax.  I am working in a Casino as a Security Supervisor and trying to keep out of trouble.  That is not easy in that place.
My family is the greatest
Pat, Mike, Summer, Chin, Lance and Frank
  A NOTE FROM A FIREMAN: It has been 32 years since I first started firefighting for the Air Force in 1969.  I have seen most everything a person could see people doing to themself and others.  Its important we strive to keep ourself and others from injury or even death.  The "Fire Child" picture above tells it all when it comes to what a fireman feels about children of fire.  Each and everyday we pray to the Almighty that we are not called to save a child that is a part of a fire.  That is one wish that is repeated each and everyday.  Firemen are human and yes we cry and bleed just like everyone.  Some call us heroes but we are just like you, doing a job. A job that keeps us going and our hearts cold to the damage of people till at night we sit and begin to think.  We all stand by each other knowing what it is like to see a child's death from fire.  So please be careful.  Don't make our next call one that we remember forever.