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New Web-Site by EWOK_FuzyNuts (7-17-02)
We've moved to www.ewok-clan.com
Grim Out Look by EWOK_FuzyNuts (5-29-21)
It is the year 2021 and with the advancement of technology, all is not well. On this day 5/29/21 Microshaft is now widely accepted in all computer even those Linux thumpers, the company is so influential that Windope XXXPP is incorperated into automatic flushing toliets constantly asking you "Where do you want to flush today?" As a rebellion towards Microshaft a super virus was created to wreak havoc on WIN 3X2P, code name: W00t-Virus. The products of the virus is a peculiar system lock up and blue screen or total system shut down, though athorities are unsure whether the crashes are the result of the Virus or the programers at Windope....
Wow! by EWOK_FuzyNuts (5-29-01)
Hey what do ya' know BSC finally got up the next SC WoW, which is on May 21 - June 8 in the channel: clan bscwow. So go out there, fry some ass and don't come until your opponents are on their knees barking like jawas.

Ugg by EWOK_FuzyNuts (5-17-01)
Arg school, final exams, brain hurt, relapse into comma, drool upon floor. But you still can keep up-to-date with all the furryness by check out our Cave Writings page where I like to post most reserved comments. What you say!?! You have no idea where Cave Writings is?!?
<--- *smacks you and points towards the left*
And if you haven't guessed or are still formulating a means to and end, I'm still working on the new site!!

Flash Problems by EWOK_FuzyNuts (4-30-01)
Due to some problems with Geocities, some of the Macromedia Flash movies which I have uploaded are not working. But don't fret hopefully the problem will be fixed if at all. In the mean time if you're interested in posting some news in here just e-mail me: ewok_fuzzynuts@hotmail.com for your news and I'll put it up. Also a congrats to all members who participated in this month's XvT, XwA, JK and SC WoWs. As a notice there will be no more new pictures/media/gaming reviews in Paw Prints until the launch of the new site.

Read Me by EWOK_FuzyNuts (4-9-01)
Check out the Paw Print of the Week for an insane man or fisherman to be exact. Also if you look to your right, and for those of you who can't distinguish left from right, look at the black and green bar to the side of the screen. There you'll see a list of War and Battle dates; XvT, XwA, and JK WoWs will all be held in the appropriate MSN Zone Gaming rooms. As for the SC WoW, it will be held in the "clan bscwow" channel. Also as required from the Universal Clan Physical Health Insititue (UCPHI) all EWOK Clan´┐Ż members will attend mandatory physical training April 21, we expect everyone to show up, we'll be mostly doing booty tightening exercises so you can have a "Six Pac" on your ass, just like me *bends over and shows off flexed ass muscles*. On a lighter note Inside the Web is now dead, we must take this sacrafic as a blessing to our Potato King *bows and pets a potato*.

Endor Calander
Week of War: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter
May. 18-25
Week of War: X-Wing Alliance
June 22-29
Week of War: StarCraft/BroodWar
June 20-July 14

Jedi Knights II WoW:
July 6-13

Promotional Event:
June 26-July 3

EWOKEWOK Meeting:none
EWOKGMT: 4:00pm
EWOKEastern, USA 12:00 pm
EWOKWestern, USA 9:00 am
EWOKEdmonton, CAN. 10:00 am
EWOKParis, France 6:00 pm
EWOKU.K., London 5:00 pm
EWOKMelbourne, AUSTL. 2:00 am
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