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Located in the Provence region of southeastern France and onverlooking the Rhône Valley, Arles boasts of some magnificent Roman ruins, dating back to its days as a part of the Empire.  Much later on, Van Gogh would come to call this same place home.

St. Trophime St. Trophime, named for a third-century bishop of Arles, has a classic Romanesque facade St. Trophime cloisture The Cloisture of Saint Trophime.  Here we see Romanesque columns, from the 12th century.
Les Alyscamps Les Alyscamps, an ancient Roman and early Christian burial ground (4th through 12th centuries) espace Van Gogh The courtyard of the hospital where Van Gogh was looked after
L'Ampitheatre The Ampitheatre, built in 80 AD, could hold 20,000 spectators view from the Ampitheatre The Rhône meanders lazily in the background, in this view from an Ampitheatre tower.



Just an easy, twenty-minute train ride north of Arles sits this walled city, featuring the stunning Palace of the Popes.

Palace of the Popes The Palace of The Popes, home of The Pope in the 14th century alley One of the many narrow alleys in this charming town
Rhone Valley The Rhône Valley, looking out over the defensive wall that used to surround the city wall This tower from the old wall still stands today



The "City of Lights" has beckoned travelers worldwide for hundreds of years. In a city known for, among other things, its museums, the centerpiece has to be The Louvre. Built in 1200 as a medieval fortress, later a royal palace, it is now home to the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and some 100,000 other objects d'art

Les Invalides Les Invalides Pompidou Centre The city, as seen from the Pompidou Centre. The Eiffel Tower can be seen upper left.
Louvre Louvre jardin Jardin des Tuilleries
Musee d'Orsay The Musée d'Orsay - originally a train station Seine The view along the Seine


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