David Tower of Pisa



Archeological ruins, beautiful piazzas, and breathtaking churches; Rome is a delightful blend of history, architecture, and monuments in a modern city.  It was founded in 753 BC by (according to mythology) the twins Romulus and Remus.  The non-mythical city became a republic in 510 BC.

Flaminian Obelisk The Flaminian Obelisk, centerpiece of Piazza del Popolo colosseum The Colosseum, more correctly known as the Flavian Ampitheatre
Forum Ruins of the Forum; the center of Roman life some 2500 years ago Santa Maria Maggiore A night shot of the beautiful Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore
Piazza San Pietro Piazza San Pietro, and St. Peter's Basilica in the background St. Peter's St. Peter's, as elaborate on the inside as the outside



Italy's 'living museum'. The Duomo, Accademia (home of David, pictured above), Uffizi Gallery -- an art lover's dream come true. Firenze also features a bustling marketplace, Mercato Centrale, and some of the best gelati (Italian ice cream) you'll ever taste.

Duomo The beautiful Duomo.  The dome was designed by Brunelleschi, and was the first of its kind during the Renaissance. Uffizi Gallery Courtyard at the Uffizi Gallery
Duomo at night Full moon rising over the Duomo geleteria The gelati is heavenly as well
Ponte Vecchio A view along the River Arno, looking towards Ponte Vecchio Giotto's Tower The view from Giotto's Tower. Part of the Duomo can be seen at the left



The main thoroughfare here is the Canale Grande (Grand Canal). Public transportation is not by busses or trams, but by boats, called vaporetti.

St Mark's Basilica St. Mark's Basilica Canale Grande A side street of Canale Grande. The structure with yellow trim on the right is a vaparetto stop.
Festive San Martino Children celebrating Festive San Martino. Somewhat similar to American trick or treat, but without the ghosts and goblins. canal A "parking spot"
Piazza San Marco Piazza San Marco. The vendor in the background is selling bags of seed, with which tourists feed the pigeons. city street Raised wooden planks are put out for people to walk on during times of high water.



This Gothic, traffic-free hill town is just perfect for wandering through. On two different days in the summer, Siena's contrada (neighborhoods) compete for local bragging rights in the Palio di Siena, a horse race, which draws thousands of tourists every year.

hillside A hillside view of beautiful Siena Duomo The Duomo; as ornate on the inside as the outside
tower The City Tower (Torre del Mangia), overlooking Siena's central piazza, Il Campo street scene An arch overlooking a narrow alley in the streets of Siena.


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