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Come and see my pages devoted to Patriotism and being American
I have patriotic lyrics and midi downloads, Quotes of Liberty and Historical facts. Enjoy!
Patriotic Pages

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It wasn't my lips you kissed, it was my soul...
It wasn't my ear you whispered in, it was my heart

These are my kids, check out their Web Sites. I helped ;-]
Then you can see My Kids kids!
My pages are full of graphiks, links, fonts, downloads, java scripts and Lots of MaJiK. So have a look around and remember I am always in a state of CoNsTrUcTiOn. I made the web set used here, and I have more. Which you can get to by clicking on the credits link for Cj Web Desings. If you must know more about Me, theres a link at the bottom. Gosh, don't cha just hate talking about yourself to paper? But Chet say's I must.
!?! EnJoY !?!

I adore Pegasus and The MythiKacL FeMaLe Centaur. I have stories I'm writing about her and her many mythikal friends. So Make sure you BooKMarK Me or DoN't tOuCh that MoUsE !?! Stay tuned. I never cease to amaze myself muchless my friends. I have so many things happening. AstroLove Web Groups is the newest. It's so much FuN. If you have time check it out and maybe JoiN Us. You can always Go on over to the next page and see what all I do have and take whatever graphiks I make just link back here so others can check me out too. As you've noticed I'mma Chatter Box ChaTTer BoX. So have FuN

Anneka, Jeannie, Dena, and mA SugarBugar. Thanks for the encouragement and your passion. In your encompassing life you guys have shown me, a path to see I can. Hand in hand we will journey, stopping always to see the essence and smell the textures of life. You guys have never failed to guide me or be there for me, even when I'm at my worst. Which can be my best....*giggle* There is a Thank You page for these guys and others in detail on my Credits page.

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