How many Characters are too Many?

*laughs*  As just about everyone knows, RP is my favorite hobby.  It's even gotten me my husband!  Now how many hobbies can you say that for? Rp is not evil or unpleasant.  I find it to be a creative pastime, but it has the unfortunateside effect of being extremely addictive.

If you have no idea what this site is or means, stick around, because I will be happy to show you. RP is a way of acting as a character in another place or world. It is totally fantasy and very creative. You make up a character, join an organization, then you write stories involving your character in myriad ways. You can live on a fantasy world!

God knows that I do, when Adia doesn't keep me busy.

Many fantasy series have RP's, but I tend to stick to those centered around Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

Deiree Delenn Karaeth

Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

Bonded to Serge Karaeth Sedai

The Jumping Board

Jolie Jurene al'Tammas

Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah

Wheel of Time RP

Kiah of the Fossil Valley Sept of the Nakai Aiel

Maiden of the Spear

The Jumping Board

Mairrah sa'Odin

Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah


Mara al'Daeys


Wheel of Time RP


Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

the Jumping Board

Akadias Julien din Starwind Bent Blade


Wheel of Time RP

Tahmelah Keiake

Soldier at the Black Tower

Wheel of Time RP

Inactive Characters:

Adrella Kish Molarin

Alysala Meirien D'jevik

Tahmelah Janora al'Dhenn

Irian Kish Tramadus

Annaudra Liselle Damodred Rhojedix

Mayria al'Merrian

Gloriana Riesling

Alysala Meirien D'jevik

Jericho Histrican D'jevik

Kealia of the Onyx Cliffs Sept of the Taardad Aiel

Gedryan Conell

Iolanthe Muraele do'Allorein

Please mail me or sign my guestbook. Be sure to indicate what Tower you come from. You can view my guestbook, too.

You can join my Wheel of Time NeoCircle if you enjoy playing NeoPets! If you don't know what a Neopet is, ask me, I'll be happy to bore you with tales of mine!

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