Iam Looking for LOST IN SPACE Cards!

Want to see my Collection of Auto cards?

StarTrek and Sci-Fi Want/Trade List...

StarTrek, I started watching back in 1966, Voyager, The series Is now over. I don't
Understand the seven year run, They could have went another I think??
Anyway This fall NO new Star Trek
EnterPrise, With only 4 season's, I won't say I told you so.
I have been collecting Startrek cards for about 10 years now hard
Core! Before I would buy a few packs here and there, When the TOS season one was released
with the One auto Per box, I was HOOKED!! I have finished The Tos sets, And all of the
Captians series sets, and more! You can see my completed Autograph card collection at the
Link above, Back last july of 2000 I had about 100 extra autograph cards, I started selling
Them on ebay, mostly commons. I reached a point with TNG profiles That put me in a stall so
I begain to sell, Or almost give away. I only have a couple cards that could bring an Auto
I only wish to trade .... However, Low end chase, MakeANoffer.. Read note at end for rules.
Mike Updated 05/20/08
Working to Update! 6:04 am

This Is what Iam Looking for !!

When you see this (*P) Its Pending.

High Priority!!

WANTED!! Skybox TOS Season 1, 2, 3
A2 Blue ink only, A32 Blue ink only, A74 Blue ink only
Sell Sheets for season 1,2,3
Voided Contest cards (I) (V) (C)

WANTED Skybox Voyager Profiles
Sell Sheet
Voided Contest card (Y)

A4 Blue ink only, A7 Blue ink only
Sell Sheet

WANTED !! The Complete Lost in space
Sketch of Space Pod hand-drawn by Cris Bolson
Sketch of Jupiter 2 hand-drawn by Cris Bolson
Sketch of Chariot by Eduardo Pansica (case card)
Sketch of Robot B9 by Eduardo Pansica (2 case)

Babylon 5 Ultra Basic cards 1, 41

Babylon 5 profiles SA7, A2


My Extra Cards On Ebay

I never wanted to sell my extra cards, However I have had some of these auto's and chase cards for to long! I have spent alot buy'n cases and boxs. I have started selling on ebay since about Aug 9th. Ebay helps alittle to get more card money!!

I have sold about 100 of my Extra auto cards on ebay, I now have very little to trade, but look anyway!
My Ebay Auction of cards


Trading For Items iam looking for Only ...

My Extra Autographs for trade!

I have had alot of people asking to purchase these Autograph cards, There for trade only, I sell on ebay only
These are Auto's from all sets, Non Trek and Trek
There are a few Highend non auto's
I will Scan auto card and send if you want

DS9 Profiles Odo
Cinema 2000 A2,A3,A4,A5,A7,A8,A9,A13,A16,A18,A22,A23,A24
Insurrection A7,A9,A10,A15,A16
TNG Profiles (A5*P),(A6*P),A16,A18
Enterprise A27
Women of Voyager A1,A5,A6,A7,A8,A9,A11,(A13*P),A14,SA3,SA4,SA5,SA7
Quotable's DQA2

Twilight Zone One And Two
Case card Premier set 804/999 still sealed

Outer Limits, sex,Cyborgs, SF,09/19/2003
Thread cards CC4,CC5,CC7,CC10

Six million Dollar man A9

Doctor Who Big Screen
A1,A2(2),A2Redemption,A2 Voided Redem,A6,A8


My Extra Cards for trade! All Below!



TOS 1/2/3 Behind the scenes


TOS 1/2/3 Profiles


TOS 1/2/3 Golds

Have the following TOS Golds
G55, TOS3 G59,G60,G61,G63,G64,G65,G66,G67,G68,G69,G70

TOS 1/2/3 complete sets

TOS season 1 Basic Sets have 1
TOS season 1 Contest letters 1 of each Have 1
TOS season 1 Char. log sets have 2
TOS season 2 Basic Sets have 22
TOS season 2 Contest letters 1 of each Have 7
TOS season 2 Char. log sets have 8
TOS season 2 Profile sets have 0
TOS season 2 Behind the scenes sets have 0
TOS seaon 2 BTS 2 sets short B103
TOS season 3 Basic sets have 2
TOS season 3 Contest letters 1 of each Have 5
TOS season 3 Char. log sets have 4
TOS season 3 Profile sets have 0
Tos season 3 Behind the scenes sets have 2



STTNG season 5 S25, Survey card
STTNG season 6 SM2
STTNG season 7 Basic sets 0
STTNG season 7 Klingon set 1
STTNG season 7 Char. set 0
STTNG season 7 H13,H14 Holo set 1
STTNG season 7 S38,S39,S41,S42
STTNG season 7 Promo card

TNG Profiles Basic sets 1
TNG Profiles First contacts sets 2
TNG Profiles Alter Ego sets 1
TNG Profiles Crossover Characters set 1



DS9 MFTF basic sets 1
DS9 MFTF Ballot 5
DS9 MFTF Greatest Aliens Races sets 2
DS9 MFTF Greatest Legends sets 1
DS9 MFTF L1,L3,L4,L5,L7,L8,L9
DS9 MFTF Greatest Space Battles set (*MISSING SB2*)



Voyager Profiles 98 Complete Makeup sets 2
Voyager Profiles 98 basic sets 10

Voyager Season 1 Series 1 SkyMotion card

Voyager CTH 99 Complete bascic set 1
Voyager CTH 99 Complete AT set 1
Voyager CTH 99 CP1,CP8,CP9
Star Trek Women Of Voyager Extra's
MorFex M3,M4,M5(2),M6(2),M7(2),M8(2)
ReflectFex R7
SpaceFex SF4
Printers Proof's 4,12,23,25,28,35,57,69



Generations F1

Insurrection complete Mini Master set
Insurrection W1,W2,W3,W4,W5 S1*2,S3,S4,S9
Insurrection OH1,OH3,OH7,OH8*2,OH9*2, R8
Insurrection mini master

Star Trek Cinema 2000 extras

Basic FOIL set 1 thur 82 Have One More!
Female Foil set F1-F9 Have 1
Dark Side Foil set DS1-DS9 Have 1
Movie Poster Sets 3
Singles P1*6,P2*6,P3*3,P4*7,P5,P6*13,P8*6
Alien Worlds Sets 3
Singles AW1*7,AW3*4,AW4*3,AW5*3,AW7*5,AW8*3
Saluting the Captians 1 sets
Saluting the Captians 1 set missing SC4
Singles SC1*3,SC2*3,SC3*2,SC5*3,SC6*3,SC7*3,SC9
Have sets through McCoy's and many singles of chase.
McCoy Tribute complete sets. (Missing M1)Have 1
McCoy Tribute Singles. Have M1rough,M3,M5,M6,M7,M8(2)
Foils Parallel F3(3),F7(3),F9(2) DS1



30th Phase 1 Basic sets 1
ST Phase 3 Survey card, B4,B7
Master Series Promo LT. Uhuru



Iam No Longer Doing TNG CCg's I have Black Premire
and White.. Email me your wants. There Going fast!
Unlimited Data (Mint)


Unopened Boxs for Trade.

1 Box 92 Impel STTNG Inaugural Edition
0 Box StarTrek CCG StarFleet Maneuvers
1 Boxs BaseBall Fleer Impact MLB 2000
3 Packs 1979 ST TMP



NON Trek Cards For Trade.


Babylon 5

Babylon 5 Season 5

Babylon season 5 basic sets 3
The river of souls sets 1
Thirdspace sets 0
One exit at a time sets 1
Sleeping in light 0

P> Babylon 5 Profiles 99

Promo card


Twilight Zone.

Twilight Zone extra's

Mini Master Twilight Zone one
Case cards set TZ one
Twilight Stars S1,S3,S4,S6,S8,S9
Checklists Z1 have 6
Basic sets have 2
Twilight Zone II Stars set 1



Star Wars Crome Archives Extra Basic set have 1

C1, D3,D5,D6




NOTE: First Time Traders Must send first On Auto's and large Trades. Iam sorry to

All you good traders. Sad day, And to you Bad Traders, You know Who you are!! Shame

I Reserve the right to say "No thank you".

This Does not apply to past traders.


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