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  Site info:
Welcome to Alpha Corperation, a World of Warcraft guild...
  Planned Updates:
Finish up on the site. If you have any suggestions E-mail us.


10-9-03 Update - ShadowWulf
Got some of the site updated. Got some new information at blizzards site on Classes. Thats all for now.

9-24-03 Update - ShadowWulf
I edited the Race, Class and Ranks pages. They are not complete but there is a picture and link that doesnt work yet but will tomorrow. I am very tired and ive been up very late trying to do all sorts of things.

9-18-03 Update - ShadowWulf
I got a High Council page up. Also there is more F.A.Q on WoW. WOOOHOOO! And one more thing. There is a page about the major cities of WoW. Awesome information here guys.

9-14-03 Update - ShadowWulf
Got new Screenshots and got a Join page up. I will have a better ranks page up soon hopefully and get the class page done when Runion gives me some info to put in there. The Roster page will also be up with a more detailed information center on the members. Any comments? E-Mail us.

9-7-03 Update - ShadowWulf
Well got the Ranks page up and finished up on the Screenshots and Wallpaper page. All the thumbnails now go to a full size image of the picture now. The "Ranks" page is just a rough idea on what ranks we will have, it is still in the works.

9-5-03 Update - ShadowWulf
Ok I have accomplished a bit more adding. The "Screenshots" and the "Wallpaper" pages are now up and working. I have to do a bit of minor alteration on those pages but thats it. If you have any information you would like to tell me...E-Mail us.

8-30-03 Update - Cruiser
The new frontpage is set up. Other pages are soon to follow.