Hi, I am Dhananjay Vishwanath Patil. I have done my post graduation in Biomedical Engineering from IIT Bombay. Thanks for visiting my webpage.

Little bit about the website . . . .

This is an attempt to express myself on this world wide net. People are under the false impression that, unless you are a celebrity, no one is going to read your page. But that's certainly not true. People love going through other peoples personal pages. At least I love that. So I assume there are thousands or maybe millions like me all over the world.

I love designing flashy web pages using scripts and interactive components. But considering the fact that, many people don't have hi speed connection, I have tried to keep my page simple. My past experience tells me that, people lack patience when it comes to surfing. No matter how good your design is, if it takes ages to load, you won't be fetching many hits.

Trust me, its not easy to design a page that is less bulky yet visually pleasing. There are numerous tutorials available on the net that will teach you how to design a page. My personal favourite is Vincent Flanders' Web Pages that suck. It has a funny but very effective method of teaching good Web design by looking at bad design.

So, do comment on the design. I welcome all your suggestions.



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