The Land of the Green Kingdoms
       Welcome to the Land of the Green Kingdoms page.  This is an informational site for a roleplaying game I'm refereeing on Friday nights.  We're currently using the Dungeons & Dragons Basic and Expert sets, published back in the late 70's and early 80's by TSR Inc., now Wizards of the Coast.  We chose these older rules in lieu of the newer Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition to cut down on ruleslawerling and emphasize roleplaying and fun. 
The What and Wherewithal of the Green Kingdoms
Our Intrepid Adventurers:  The souls upon which the future of the lands rests.

Notable Locations:  Sites in the Kingdoms that we've visited so far...

Creatures:  Special inhabitants of the Green Lands both sacred and profane.

Books of Lore:  Bits of background history in the Green Kingdoms.

Contact Outer Plane :  Ask the DM your questions or give your comments.