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PSI Tek Online

We're there for when you just can't depend on your computer anymore!

Why Choose Us?

Choose us because we will design the right computer for you with special features that mass manufacturers like Dell, Gateway, and Compaq HP will never dream of doing!

What is PSI Tek?

PSI Tek is a new business that specializes in custom computers and diagnosing problem computers.


What We Do:

  • Build costume computers especially for you!

  • Configure a computer for you online for FREE!

  • Can sell upgrades for your computer for less!

  • Diagnose computers within 5 days!

  • Web Page design at bargain rates!

  • Design and sell software!

  • We are here to help you!

What You Can Do:

  • Configure a computer for fun or for real

  • E-mail us about diagnosing a non-working computer

  • E-mail us about upgrading your computer

  • E-mail us about web page design

  • Take a look at our products

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