Twin Peaks Memorial
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To the left is a picture of Apogee drawn by the very talented Terrie Smith! Apogee is an Elfquest-world elf, from the now-defunct Twin Peaks Glimmering Falls Holt!
Below is an unpublished scene from the Twin Peaks newsletter for a story which I wrote, but never used. The gathering includes Talon, Catcry, Raven and others.

Apogee was born and originally named Tantumble to shepherds in the Twin Peaks Glimmering Falls Holt. She yearned to fly with the birds, to feel the rush of speed. She spent most of her early years learning to hunt and fish, her favorite activity being fishing in the clear cold waters of the holt's mountainside. On one particular day, she had been walking with her spear along a high ridge, which then began to crumble below her feet! She fell and held on to the edge of a stone, for dear life, for almost an hour before she realized she couldn't possibly climb back up. With her spear still clutched in her other hand, she looked down. The water of the nearby lake that provided her with so much entertainment and food was now clearly going to kill her once she fell into it from such a height.
She let go of her spear, but then with a heave, the whole rock and dirt cluster she'd been hanging onto gave way, and she fell, under it.
But while she fell, she resolved not to die, but to experience this with a full heart. She extended her arms, aimed her head down, and shot into the water with barely a splash! The huge rock formation behind her nearly killed her with its impact, but she survived, and learned to love diving from that very spot, into the water below.
After nearly braining herself with a bubble caught in her volume of hair (her namesake, after all, was the tumbling fall of floor-length tan hair), she begged one of the shepherds to "shear" her hair, giving her her first haircut ever.
Her hair turned up into a cowlick, and has been short ever since. Shortly after then, she renamed herself Apogee, after finding out what it meant. ((GO look it up if you don't!))

Her life has been a mix of wonderment and disappointment, anger and love. She bonded to a great hawk, which she originally named Silly One, for his habit of chasing after ridiculously small prey, but then renamed him after an encounter with the local bond-cats, as Two-Claw.

Apogee had left the Holt for a scouting/sabbatical, when she met an elf named Tallow. He was a candle-maker from a foreign tribe, he and she got along famously as they built their lives together in the wilderness in the long distant shadow of the Peaks. They became lovers, fast rfiends, and eventually decided to go back to the Holt to announce their Lifemating.
While they were on the way, however, a Longtooth cat attacked Tallow, injuring him badly and infecting him with a terrible fever. It appeared that Tallow would be all right, but just before they reached the healers and friends at the Peaks, Tallow succombed to his injuries.
Just before he died, he uttered Apogee's soul name, and she felt his echoing in her mind. Theirs was a brief love, and an even briefer Recognition, for they never were able to consummate the event. Tallow died and Apogee returned to the Peaks, alone as she had left them.