The Other Universes.
Multilple probabilities exist in nature, on the quantum level. These same probabilities may offer an open door to alternate futures.; Please tune in to this page for interesting web sites and literature on many related subjects. Physics, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, string theories, and hyperspacial theories will be investigated.
In 1957, John Wheeler, contemporary of Dr. Stephen Hawking, had a student assistant, Hugh Everett, working with him. Everett then developed the many-worlds interpretation. Uncommonly known as the "Everett-Wheeler theory. Dr. Wheeler now distances himself from it, as, in some ways, it mirrors existing theories of quantum mechanics.
The idea of a many-worlds theory of time is based on the assumption that every instant that the Universe is faced with a choice of any sort, quantum level or otherwise, it splits into as many imperfect duplicates as necessary to fulfill multiple options.In a basic quantum thought experiment where two choices are possible, both create a universe. The observer, seeing the experiment's resolution consciously moves into that interpretation. Under the many-worlds interpretation, both results are equally real. The observer of the experiment, by his presence collapses the wave function of the probability, and prevents a superposition of states.This allows the Universe to chortle along unimpeded. What of the other wave function?
This second (or multiple) wave function creates the parallelworld of alternate outcomes. Isolated from the first universe by the collapse of the primary wave function, it is isolated from the simultaneously created world (Universe). As diametrically opposed results in the crudest terms cancel each other out, no violation of the laws of conservation of matter or energy occurs.
This aligns well with hyperspace theories proposed by Dr. Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of the City University of New York. His theories elegantly combine Quamtum field theory with Superstring theory to propose a 10 to 12 dimentional universe, and possible paths to other Universes.

Beyond Einstein By  Jennifer Trainer and Michael Kaku, 
Quantum Field Theory: A Modern Introduction By Michael Kaku, 
The Anthropomorphic Cosmological Principle By J.D. Barrow and F.J. Tipler,
Disurbing the Universe By Freeman Dyson,
Infinite In All Directions By Freeman Dyson,
In Search of Schrodingers Cat By John Gribbin,
Superforce: The Search For a Grand Unified Theory of Nature By  P. Davies
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