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Welcome to the NEW SEU DIVSION web page. I have given the whole site a new face lift. Some things have stayed the same while other I felt needed to be changes. So, please take alook around. I hope that you will enjoy the site. 
I will be doing a major over hall of the pics and wallpaper pages. I have almost 100 pics that I want to add to the site and some new wallpapers. Also, I will be adding some new graphics to the download section. The training tips page will be a page of many links that will help you with your training at the SGA. If you have any link that you would like to add please let me know.
On behalf of the SEU Division I would like to send out congratulations to Buffy and LizHume. Both of these members have upcoming weddings. I am sure that we all send our best wishes to them both at this happy time..:) Congratulations from your SEU family!
Just to let you all know I have disabled the Downloads and Gallery links. Been causing some problems with the site. I will start on the refit of both these pages and should have them back up in a day or two.