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About as basic as it can get. For now...
Thank you for visiting my little site here. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, so that is one reason the layout is so blah. The main reason though is that I thought it would be easier to create something a bit flashier, but the pagebuilder program sucks. Plus, I was getting frustrated at my own ineptitude. :p Anyway, I hope I can make the site interesting with its content since I can't seem to do it with it's presentation....yet.;)
Please sign my guestbook. I would love to hear comments from those I know who are nice enough to drop by. I plan on updating this regualrly with Pics and other STUFF! during my trip and as long as I keep this up. Click on the grey Headings to get where ya want to go.
Have fun, enjoy my strange sense of humor, and thanks again for coming.
Jeff- Site Administrator...Yeah, I like that...
- This will be the most updated part of the check back often!(You will be waiting with baited breath..just watch.:)) The pic quality will hopefully improve as i learn what the hell I am doing with my camera. This whole thing is a learning process. Trip picks are up now!
- Only songs approved by me. There is a goofy rap I made too but it is probably my favorite thing on here. I wrote a rap with some friends called Blind To The Facts. Yep, a dorky white dude from the suburbs writes raps. More about that inside. Also(if I have time) there is a list of some of my choice albums. I really recomend checkiing all of it out. Bwahahah!
LINKS - Very important stuff here. No really, I am serious! Ok, well they are just the sites I frequent the most. No biggie, but ya never know what ya can learn.....Only 3 now, but will grow.
- This will be dead untill i get bored in Emporia, VA.or whenever. Plan to put favorite lists, dirty limmericks, whatever else I can think of in here.