Geothermal Case Study:
Panorama Elementary

The Story...

Making the Decision
The System
Maintenance Issues
Energy and Operation Costs
Geo-Assistance Program

Quick Facts:
Building Size: 55,500 ft2
Enrollment:   318 students
Heating/ Cooling System: 
     58 Heat Pumps 
     161 Ton Capacity
Ground Loop Heat Exchanger
     180 vertical well loops
     190 ft. average well depth
     35,000 ft. of plastic pipe Annual Building Energy Use:
     432,000 kWh ('99-'00)
     (Gas use-negligible)
Annual Bldg Electricity Costs:
     $26,323   ('99-'00)   

The new Panorama Elementary School building located in Panora, Iowa.   The building was completed in the spring of 1999 with a geothermal heating and cooling system.  (Click picture for larger view)

Iowa Heat Pump Association