Monterey, CA
     Walking down to the wharf, I saw this amphibious bus/boat on the street loaded with visitors.
Down at the drove into the water and sailed away!!  Neat!
  Richard and me at Fisherman's Wharf.....where we all enjoyed a great seafood dinner that evening.
    What sights there are to see around the wharf...sea lion families floating on an innertube.  The old black and grey one is sunning himself.. .sunnyside up!
     And the seagulls are everywhere.
    Corona Time!!
Shopping at Cannery Row
Fisherman's Wharf
July 28, 2004
   We picked up Joe from the San Jose airport after his Cisco meeting and drove south to Monterey.  We stayed at a B&B that was several blocks from the Cannery Row and Fisherman's Wharf.