Yes, I am the MAD RABBIT. I go by the name of Echo, but most people call me Grumpy. The exceedingly annoying nickname of Ferbus has been used on recent occasions. If those two-leggers know what's good for them, they'll be showing me the respect I so deserve!

I'll be as friendly as a used car salesman if I hear you rattling a treat bag, but once I get my raisin or preferably a pretzel I'm growling and hopping away with a disdainful flip of my back paws.

Most of the time I hang out in Cree's bedroom and leave little presents on the floor for her. If she pissed me off or forgot my raisin-cinnamon-toast that morning I leave some presents in her bed. Just to let her know I care...about getting my breakfast that is.

Meet my girlfriend.