Alright, this is my page...I have NO CLUE what I am doing with it...and not overly concerned about it....
Any suggestions? Ideas? Somehow, I didn't figure any of you would...You probably have enough of a problem with your own webpages, huh?
So, this is why they're extinct.......hmmmm
What??? You want to know about me? No you don' tricked you into thinking that, I bet.  Besides...there wouldn't be much to tell.  I'm pretty much your average, everyday, warped individual.
Wanna see what really happened on Peanuts? really want to know? Prove it. 
Alright, fine...Let me tell you a little bit about me...I just *love* holidays..Any holiday! Birthdays, National Hat Day, New Years, Easter, Xmas..They are all such good excuses to get presents! Just kidding...well...kinda...I always do something special/unique for holidays.  Just for all you wonderful people I have placed a picture of me at Easter on this page!
Easter at my house.....
By the way, not only am I a warped individual but much of my humor is decidedly adult.  It would be best if you were of a mature age or at least 18 years old.  If not, the blame is all on your dog. Any questions? Comments from the peanut gallery?
Now, I have 3 wonderful ummm...well...obnoxious little pipsqueak cats...Sneaky is 2 years old, male, and never shuts up! Regardless of what I throw at him- shoes, papers, paper clips..
Next, we have Piper..9 month old female kitten..scared of anything that moves, breathes, or makes noise.  Period.  And last, but not least, adventurous little angel girl..Also 9 months old (Yes, you intelligent person you, same litter as Piper) She hasn't met a stranger yet!  They all love having fun-I have included a picture of what they consider to be a good time....
Kitty Cat fun....yeah buddy... if you are warped enough to want to learn more about me...Let's head on over to the next page.....alright?
Here it is!  I have updated my page 2/06/01
Newest update! 4-30-01...Includes pictures!
Update 2
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New Page 5-01-01..ICQ/IRC Communications thingy.