Blah, blah, blah, lets just get right to the Warning, this site may contain harmful words and m/m lovers and ideas, don't worry.  No nude pictures of guys or talking about stuff like that, Ok, I lied.  But there isn't any nude pictures.  I'm talking about Shishi.  I'm not afraid to admit my site is a pit on the perverted side.

   Gary Oak/ Shigeru Ookido is a nasty person, Ash/ Satoshi is a dork, but we' love em. ~Sigh~

  This site contains three things.  ShiShi, Gary, and a whole lotta' crapola from me.  I try to watch my lanuage.  The only cuss words should be in the fanfics. Ok, I lied again.  I'm good at this.

  I try to update often and do things that no one has ever thought of before.  I'm a poet, writer, not very good one but...x_x a drawer.  Darn. I do have a hobby.

If you don't like Shishi/Palletshippers, m/m lovers, and Pokemon, Just LEAVE ok?  I don't want to put up with other peoples crap.

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