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I'm a Claire fan!
I'm a Sherry fan!
the current mood of Angel with a Darkside {www.imood.com}
Dark Angel of weaponry
Crimson *my fave colour*
Kiwi *my fave fruity flavour!*
Guardian*^* Mirai Trunks
Eternal Princess~*~ Ambrosia of Chaos
.o0 purple heart 0o.
.o0 my aqua bubblebath potion! 0o.
.o0 my rainbow bubblebath potion! 0o.
.: my cutie snuggly white bunny! ain't he sweet? :.
Care Bears, one of the cute things from the 80's ^-^ I forgot this one's name...
.: yum! yum! Chinese! one of my faves! :.
.: my aqua-coloured glo-stik! :.
little devil.. hehehe
i'm feeling...
kiwi strawberry : yummy
i'm an angel
i love strawberry!
sometimes i'm devilish
don't fight the moonlight..
Android #17 gets my villain luv
i've been murdered, but i'm still alive
<< dr pepper flavored >>
<< strawberry kiwi flavored >>
my bam/bag cutie|:| Heat
Kero! what a cutie...
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..stand together..
mess with my Angels: Link, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Dante & Wes Borland and yer goin' DOWN!!
Tekken Tag // Hwoarang + Nina
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kawaii lil Harry Potter!
guardian Y Link
alphanumeric p 13
bishounen Dante
Horus' eye {i love ancient Egyptian stuffs! ^.^}
scented // pink cotton candy
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ooo numbers! *cha-ching-ching-ching!* Just like fire Heat
Weapon || Android 17's || Gun
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