Remain Flaw'd
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For the time being, this will be my personal webpage until I have a chance to do something a little bit flashier. It's not all that impressive, I know, but you work with what you got and time isn't something I have a lot of.

My friends call me KT. I live just outside of Detroit, MI. I'm 24 years old and soon to be a father of two boys. I have a beautiful and wonderful fiancee by the name of Danielle.

What else?

I'm into drawing, writing, tattoos, music, women (heh!), sex, roleplaying, and video games. I know some of those things look like they don't go together, so to hell with ya. Then again, some of them do. Roleplaying during sex, or roleplaying and sex. Hm. A couple of different possibilities there. Anyways.

Eventually, I plan to have bios for my characters in each roleplay I'm involved in. For now, however, you'll have to settle for a list:

San Diablo Drag'nz: 2028:

Cyrus Bishop
Seth Mercer
Korbin Rouge
Trent Misjak
Andromeda Ramonov &
Ramonov's Roughriders

Future Meridian High School:

Chester Barlow-Day
Remy MacNamara

That's all I got for now. More to come later, maybe. We'll see. Until next time...

The Games of the Mind:
San Diablo Drag'nz: 2028
San Diablo Drag'nz: 2028 MB
The Real Me
The Place It All Started
No info for you!
Name: KT
Email: *sticks out tongue*
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