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Remember: this webpage it was posible through GOD'S INSPIRATION and is really so!


From the begining I must mention that all I'm doing here is from my heart, from God inspiration and because I love all my brothers around the world. I consider myself an universal entity and an infinite spirit with no limitations imposed by my mind and without apartenency of any nationality, country or group other than the group of high evoluated, spiritualized and enlightened entities from all the Universe who serves Good without interests of any kind, but from heart! Unknown secrets and aspects of mentioned things will be revealed here, so you better take a view from time to time on this page.
These here related informations, if applied consciently in your life, can and will improve your life forever!



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This page is dedicated to all who love & searching for mysteries, mysteries that surround us in every moment and are unknown to most of the people and even if some men know something they do not seem to realize that they must have a conscient role in the process of making these mysteries & secrets to be revelead to others and for changing of everybody lifes into something better. I'll truly tell you, the biggest mystery and secret is to change your unsatisfactory life you're living now in a extasy of every day second.
INDEX. At this WEB adress you will find informations about:

  • how to make your life really a life you want to live (through power of real religion - tantra), details for a happy life; click here for chapter (1)
  • natural alimentation - principles involved and how your body and mind works best with this kind of food;click here for chapter (2)
  • daily meditation - the only way to achieve progress on the way of spirituality, freedom and immortality; click here for chapter (3)
  • how human mind (it's laws) is concepted by God, how works and how manipulates you (if uncontrolled) - also how can you transcend it to be above limitations of any kind; click here for chapter (4)
  • reincarnation and karma - processes beyond any doubts - how affects your life - chapter (5);
  • how the universe is builded by God, it's real history and it's evolution in time - chapter (6);
  • the presence of aliens (good & evil) on Earth - history and present - chapter (7);
  • alternative and nonpolluting energies, Free Energy devices, incredible inventions, inventors and many others (see links down untill I build here: JL Naudin) - chapter (8);
  • informations about the occult masonic government who leads and manipulate the populations from Earth - mind control through powerfull principles; click here for chapter (9) - YOU ARE 24 HOURS MANIPULATED
  • links between evil aliens and mondial masonic government, the struggle of White Forces (spiritual beens, brotherhoods and groups and the High Spiritual Galactic Confederation of Aliens) to restore the laws of armony and peace on Earth - chapter (10);
  • who is above the masonic invisible government and really conducts the wire of events on this planet for many thousands of years: the evil extraterestrials - ILLUMINATI (there are many strange similarities with movie Stargate, ask yourself why);
  • what you can do to prolongue your life for how much you wish - chapter (11); yeah, why not, I'll tel you soon (watch closely) how to live hundreds of years, but you must deserve (put in practice what is written here about spiritual progress);
  • interesting mental aspects of rich men - click here if you are or if you wish to be rich in money-properties; chapter (12) - remember, money is not God, but contrary sometimes
  • secret informations and revelations about lost civilizations, like Atlantida, Lemuria and Mu; also the causes of their dissapereance;
  • and many, many other unknown until today secrets and/or mysteries in all areas of life will be here; be patient and ask God to help me to continue; will be done! I love you very much!

    The rest of chapters are in construction. Soon you will read them!
    Also the existing chapters are continuously improved!

    I love you brothers and my hope is that someday will live in peace and fraternity for ever on this planet! I will not live this planet until this goal is not achieved & you all must know that we are the endless avatars who start to coming on Earth! Don't try to fight against your divine nature (good or bad) human been, it's better to understand what's happening & to adjust yourself for a new life in freedom, peace and prosperity. Don't think this is not posible (Satana tells you that in your mind), join with me in love. It's the destiny you're waiting for a long, long time.
    Stay tuned weekly or monthly on this WEB page, soon i'll make more revealings!!! Details, secrets & mysteries from a man who's practising, not only theory from intelectual people with no real growing and understanding.


    All the best from Romania, the country (with heart shape) which is the spiritual heart of the world - as Sundar Singh (famous saint, follower of Christ), saint Serafim of Sarov, Nostradamus, saids in their profecies - where the Divine Grace is already arrived.
    Also from MISA - Movement For Spiritual Integration In Absolute - the most powerfull group (from spiritual point of view) of YOGA from our country & how many appreciate (even from India ashrams), one of the most powerfull from all the world. Some words about the flag and this people: the romanian flag is the symbhol of sunrise sky, which has on rising, at horizont, the tricolor: red, yellow and blue. This mean that this people has an ancestral coult of Sun and we are the descendents of geto-daks, egypteans and atlants. This could be weird but is true (this is also the opinion of many profound and nonmasonic history researchers). And for us, Sun symbholise the eternal shining of God!
    Many thanks to mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, the divine spiritual master who founded MISA & spread all over the country books of profound spirituality & spiritual master teachings.
    Thanks to OSHO (my spiritual master) for revealing again the immortal science of spirituality - Tantra and for biggest efforts to help the enlightment of all world! You made it, Osho! It's hapening now, dear master!
    Endless thanks & love for God who inspire us in every moment! Thank you DIVINE FATHER!!! Unfinishable love for you, father!!! I can feel your love, father!!!

    (1) Guide For A Happy Life (includes elements of Tantra)

    What you can do not repeat your behaviour (or these tendencies of the mind) forever and to be ever unhappy? First: reflect and reread this info from above until you illuminate really on these matters. Second: behave naturally (this mean you must make an effort to eliberate from the tendencies above), try to be conscient for observing the thoughts from your mind and try to act freely of these or any already made judgements about any or everything. Follow the way of intuition and start living 100% what you do. The meaning of this is that you must (must is not the correct word but I not know english so well - better will be - "naturally feel to" or "intuitive feel to") do what you do every day with maximum atention and conscience. Ex.: when you eat don't think at tralala or football, girls, boys, etc, try & gain succes in be there when you eating. This advice applies on absolute everything you are doing daily. Of help can be daily listening of meditation music like KITARO or STEVEN HALPERN or VANGELIS or ENYA - I prefer KITARO. Also on every day ending you must analyse if you're making progress. At human being the progress is seen after cca. 2 months, of course this may vary uppon your effort. If after a long period of time you do not feel progress, your mind will tell you to stop this nonsense. You must understand that your mind (when is uncontrolled) is against your hapiness and spiritual progress. You must continuing these daily efforts to grow because these efforts will be taken by subconscient and will be automatised in some procents. But you need to be conscient all the time. Spend more time in the nature (if no nature aproach - no escape from your boring life), the nature (God) will teach you all if you seat there, just be there with no talks, alone, with no thinkings. The harmony of nature will install in you and after a while (if acompanied with natural food - more cruel - also) and you will feel that you are born again. If you are succesfull try silently influence others to grow spiritualy. Do not be infatuate - this a tendency of your mind - and continue to behave naturally. If you feel after progressing a egotic need to tell others what good you are, better go in nature to achieve equilibrium.
    The principal idea or law of nature (Tantra says also) is to be in all actions equilibrate & conscient in the same time
    . Ask yourself before thinking or doing a action: is equilibrate (in the face of divine) or serves to the interests of divine harmony and really serves yourself this? Or your ego (ego is uncontrolled mind) try to impose to you this? Try to eliminate the impulsive animalic behaviours, and do not be so quick on decisions but be profound. This distinguish us from animals. Do not make excesses of any kind. If you are or becoming an equilibrate in what you do, you will feel harder & harder that hapiness begin to surround you.
    Another important thing: feel presence of extasy of God in everything - this include yourself. Maybe at the begining is only a imaginary effort but soon you will really feel an extasy that has never happend to you until now.
    If you feel that your job don't let you be like you wish to be, happy and innocent, change it! God will help you, but don't give upt and achieve your spiritual goals all the time!

    (2) Natural (Cruel) Alimentation - A Path To Divine

    The principal idea is that: man (his body) is maded by nature & in nature & not in enterprises (how we made drugs or artificial aliments) so we must feed it with natural food, fresh & as much as cruel can be. From this, results that with more cruel food we eated, more healthy we become or are.
    Pacients along the world proved that with cruel alimentation can be cured of every disease posible, including AIDS, cancer, etc. The big problem is to want to keep a accurate regim on a long period of time & to know the principles of natural alimentation. Maybe you believe that if you are very seek you can't cure. That is another problem, because the power of the mind can influence the body, pozitive or negative, depending on your choice & power of mind control. Look at the sky! It is so infinite & powerfull! You are one with the sky in reality & you have the same powers if God sees that you are pozitive. So understand this & use the benefic almost infinite power of your mind (through God will - & God always want you to be Ok). Like always, all depends on you, don't blame anyone else.
    For achieving & maintaining power health, 3 things: willpower directed pozitive, daily meditation & daily cruel alimentation. No disease can rezist to this! Remember: if you are on God side, you are unbeatable!
    OK! Let's start now with principles of natural alimentation (tantric principles):

  • a pure (cruel - not treated anyway) food will make us healthier & accelerate the spiritual progress (your thoughts are in the same proportion pure as your food is -> how you eat is how you think);
  • for feeding all the bodies (physic, etheric, astral, mental, cauzal, etc) the food must containe prana (bioenergy); so if is cruel & fresh it contains prana (the energy of life & God);
  • when you are about to eat, visualize that food & the act itself is consacrated to God (who lives in your body & everywhere);
  • masticate calmly, prolonged (don't run, don't be harry) so the food will be transformed in a paste (because you don't have teeeth in your stomach); the yogis advice us that you must masticate about 30 times before a swallow;
  • the stomach must be occupated in ponderate proportion after eating: one half aliments, one quarter liquides, & one quarter air (don't eat until you feel that will explode - be equilibrate);
  • prefer only two eatings a day (if you wish to be ponderate & to let body & stomach to take a rest (& eliminate used stuff);
  • don't consume aliments too warmly or too coldly;
  • don't eat absolute anything between eatings but liquids;
  • don't eat when your nervous or agitated (first calm & debarasate of outside agitation);
  • stand up from eating when you still remain a little (just a little) hungry;
  • the thoughts that you have when preparing aliments impregnate subtil them (so think pozitive, you can selfpoison if you emitt bad thinkings or self provocate bad stomachal senzations);
  • don't eat too much what you like & also don't eat what you don't like;
  • relax before seating on table;
  • variate food but no more then 5-6 aliments on one eating;
  • if you have to prepare food with help of fire, prefer boiling in steams & baking - evitate roasting in any oil, animal oil, it's bad for body;
  • prefer that 60-70% from total food to be cruelties;
  • eat the food you prepared the same day;
  • the food no to be reboiled or rewarmed;
  • prefer foods prepared simply not too complicate because digestive juices are put in difficulty by complicated preparates;
  • evitate on much posible conservated aliments or with chimicals (you're no machine or born in factory);
  • at night eat before sleeping with at least 2-3 hours (18:00-19:00 optimum); prefer something easy - not much;
  • don't eat one day on week (I recommand friday from evening until saturday moorning or in the day you're born); that if you really wish to eliminate used energies from body;
  • reduce & best is to eliminate consuming of meal; God concepted man as a vegetarian not carnivore; look at dentition or natural preference; what you prefer: a garden with vegetables & flowers or a abator with blood & meal; meal is artificially in fact, the animals are dopated with chimicals & when they die, eliminate in their meal toxines (because hard scaring) that will poison you treptate; if you want to develope love in you, what love can be when you eating like carnivore animals another animal?! You can look in animal eyes & say that you like or love him? You can't! You are just a pretender! So, transform in a divine touch on this earth with conscience of it! Can't be real evoluation on spiritual way when eating meal! Don't mask in front of yourself! You know the truth or you feel it!
  • don't drink anything before eating, one half of hour; if so the digestive juices will reduce the power to corectly combinate with aliments; ulcer can be a consequence of this; too much liquids (like doing most of the men is wrong); if you do as I advice you (in fact milennary yogis teachings) your stomach diseases could & will dissapear;
  • prefer pure water, untreated with chimicals, more fruit juices & water with argilla (clay) or silver filtered, also natural tea (with honey);
  • don't put honey in boiled tea (not good because honey loose most of it's qualities);wait for tea to be coulder;
  • replace in your alimentation sugar (not good because rafinated with chimicals) with honey;
  • also replace white bread (which provoke cancer as secret american university studies reveal - that's because excesive amidon remain unbalansed with magnesium from wheat crust) with black natural bread - try wheat cooked naturally by sun;
  • water which is treated chimically can be ameliorated by exposing to sun and/or to pyramid energies treatment or combined with argilla;
  • replace recristalized salt with brute salt;
  • use vegetables as natural condiments;
  • after eating is not good to stay orizontally for two hours; alterate brain faster then otherwise;
  • yogis recommand VAJRASANA as the best position when you eat; (look in a YOGA book);
  • the final advice: be ponderate, equilibrate in everything, including in the art of correct eating; results will come up faster; you will succeed; I can see this, because love for ethernal happiness & God & you & me is the power. All it's interconnected!

    Look for this book: Cruel Food - by Ernst Gunther (swiss author). Offers good details about cruel food. Try also yogis book (of recognized spiritual masters like Swami Shivananda, Osho, etc).
    A good advice (with love): if you looking for truth search first or only recognized spiritual masters books. Don't impregnate your mind with 1001 infos from 10000 sources - use intuition!

    (3) Daily Meditation - The Way Toward Pure Extasy & Absolute Freedom

    Spirituality is the only solution for all our problems. It is the final solution. It is what we expected from a very, very long times to happend to us. And meditation is the path to reborn us again (meditation is the ability to stay & to act totaly in present). Through daily meditation on serious bases we can reconnect to our inner world of purity & extasy. This world is not something far away, is right here, in our present. You can enter now. ENTER! All we must do is to entertain to remember our state before the falling & sinking in physical world & in matter. We all are in fact angels with unlimited will & power, but because the wrong use of those (sinking in matter) we loosed them temporaly. The technics of meditation are made only for to bring us on the state that we were before the seven existencial planes to exists - natural state of purity & extasy. More details about you & the relation with the universe & God in the chapter about "How is builded the universe & how it evolves". What are the rules to bring us again in our natural state before falling? The rules are:

  • to know & to understand (also to intuit, feel) where you are, what you are & why are you here (this in chapter mentioned above);
  • to understand clearly, to know and to practice the technics of meditation;
  • to understand the laws of your mind (chapter 1) & how they governate you;
  • the key to spiritual evolution is an equilibrate observation & analise of daily progress (if any, or why not if not) & of course daily practise (without daily practise nothing can be achieved - don't illusionate yourself).
    You can't progress on the spiritual way if you don't really understand what is all about & if you are not 100% for it. You must put you all energies for that; God wants you totally. Don't make illusions; if you are just curious, nothing will happend to you (or your spiritual progress). Now some of the principal technics of meditation:
  • the most important is this: what ever you do, do totally with your conscient participation (this mean, for example, when you drive a car don't think at food - don't think at anything; just drive 100% dizolved in that action - aplicate this at every of your actions, like eating, for instance);
  • you can use as a technic this: your favorite action (hobby) do it, but 100% (example: you like music the most - loose yourself in music - be one with music, be music itself; try without thoughts and thinkings - let the body & soul to integrate in music; try music like KITARO, VANGELIS, etc);
  • also the dance is one of the most powerfull meditation technics (let the body to move as it wants; don't impose your predefinite stile of dance);
  • a very quick technic is this: during the day visualize & feel everything like all that surrounds & you too are in a dream (this is really so, in fact); you are moving in dream, eating in dream, working in dream, all you do is just a dream, these must be your thoughts along the day; after somewhile you will be powerfull enough to enter conscient in your nightly dreams; the way to be 100% conscient will be be open; if you succeed in this first step, try to be conscient in time of profound sleeping; if you can enter conscient in the profound (profound sleep is the sleep without dreams) sleeping state, the way of spiritual eliberation is opened & very near;
  • another technic is to focalize on Ajna chakra (center of visualization & menthal command) which is between eyebrows, or just up a little (2 cm); continue this technic until you feel that you are universal, with no limits; you feel yourself as unlimited in all the aspects & in contact with all beeings from universe; then you will know what to do.
    There are hundreds of methods of meditation, I mentioned here some of the principal ones; if you are really interested contact me with your accurate description about your personality & better with a jpeg picture of you & I'll provide you with more details & methods for you personally.
    Anyway I recommand Osho spiritual master books and the 112 technics of meditation of his; they are really sources of spiritual knowledge; but take from all only what is fitting & make you happy or you feel that change you at a rafinate level of counsciesness and spirituality. Try to be more pure and innocent continuous.
    Don't forget: your ego (mind or personality or thoughts - as your master) must dissapear, not to grow! Observe yourself all the time (I mean observe your mind like an observer)!

    (4) Untold and occult informations about LAWS OF THE MIND (or how your mind controls yourself)

    Pay very much atention, because these informations, if you understand them and put into your daily practice can change you forever to better.
    First, reflect on this: if you're living your life in the conditions present around you and inside you, nobody can be made guilty of this; the only one responsible for your present is your person, or your constant identification with your mind and he's wishes. Not God, not neighbours, not your brother, not your parents, are guilty for anything; through delicate processes of reincarnation, karma and results of your past actions, you're today what your actions maded in the past. So, don't think ever that anyone else is guilty for your today state. If you believe something else, you're in ignorance and in total influence and manipulation of your uncontrolled mind and other forces of uncounsciesness.
    The human mind is concepted by God in the idea that man should have a instrument for thinking and make strategies for all situations of every day life in the material world. This was necessary for surviving. So he structured the human being on 3 principals levels (in fact are 7 but for quick understanding): spiritual body, mind body and material body. In the occult knowledge we know that flash body is a physic extension of mind for satisfying the various wishes and needs in the material world. God also make the mind to function uppon these laws or tendencies which are needed for surviving in all conditions, but depend on you how use these; your job is to have good sense & to progress for achieving transcedental or supramenthal state of equilibrium were all is beatitude and peace). These laws are:

  • the tendency of going in exterior as much as posible (to far distances);
  • the tendency to struggle for be no. 1 in competition (competition is wrong because develops higher ego & create violence; also every man is unique - can not be compared with other & one is good at something, one is good at other job - different born skills);
  • the tendency to create agitation from nothing;
  • the tendency to pass by any difficulties (greater is the difficulty, bigger is the effort to pass by);
  • the tendency to be in control of everything;
  • the tendency to be envious or jealous (which is opossite to love others);
  • the tendency to believe you're the best (the mind is the best);
  • the tendency to not believe what you can not control or you not understand;
  • the tendency to anihilate, to supress anyone who hobbles, brakes or contradicts you;
  • the tendency to want something else more & more even if you achieve everything at a moment; continuous wishes to fulfill (neverending nightmare is this, remember);
  • the tendency to be perfectionist and to not abandon the unfinished things & actions;
  • the tendency to payback even for unsignificant things - the revenge;
  • the tendency to talk is a second nature for mind (a kind of mental agitation);
  • the tendency to have to mesures in judgement people: one for you and for your family and close friends and another for unknown people (like in war, secret services or in police work - when you kill another you do not think that he is like you, is a men with his life, his hobbies, his wishes, his unfullfilings, etc); remember, we are all close brothers, we are making part from God all, don't ever forget;
  • the tendency to be recognized the best in everything, all the time;
  • the tendency to not listen to anyone & specially when someone talks contrary to your judgements;
  • the tendency to not recognize the true in any aspect; in specially if sounds different than your version or your prejudice;
  • the tendency to be scared by unknown things & aspects (in specially of religious & spiritual aspects like meditative abisal experiences);
  • the tendency to love only rational and controlled things & to be scared of all above rational (I must mention that in this infinite universe conducted by God only human logic is the only rational thing - we are surrounded of irational aspects but we ignore them - I mean the mind to this but you're complletely identificated with it);
  • and of course the tendency to ignore the absolute, the infinite and God;
  • the tendency to have everything, to be possesive not to be everything (I mean to be one with the God or infinite in all aspects);
  • one important tendency (you must reflect hardly on this) is to judge all & all the time on everyone, and to have rigid judgements (also unilateral because every human been is multilateral developed, ex.: you may not be good at mathematics but good in painting, or a girl can practise prostitution - so you say it's a hore - but she could be good on different things like cooking - then you say it's a good cook); so, you haven't the right and you must not judge others, because everyone is multilaterally developed; you cannot judge someone after only an aspect you see on it, remeber to judge is bad and make you agitate and nervous, not happy;
  • the tendency to blame others for it's mistakes - never recognize your own mistakes;
  • the tendency of living only on a known area with everything well known and calculated.
    These laws of the mind are even more, above are only the essential ones, try to watch how your mind thinks, and impose here your naturally behaviour, your born innocent behaviour - "only kids could enter in my kingdom" was saying someone, you know who, a reincarnation of an aspect of God.
    I think that if you are sincerely, you recognize yourself 100% or near in these tendencies. You know why? Because you identify yourself (pure essence or conscience of divine nature - unlimited) all the time with your mind and body extension, mind who is is nothing then a subtil instrument of action on builded universes or planes (7). The mind is the instrument to transcend herself and all existential (maded by God) universes or to drawn in the sea of ignorance & wrong behaviour who atracts bad karma & bad things later (of course also plenty of unhapiness). Will talk sometime about reincarnation and karma for everybody to understand the connections.
    I say again that I'm talking not only from reading books or else but also from my experience (from actual and past reincarnations). You also by reading this you put in contact with me & expand your level of understanding. I wish you to understand clearly & I'll make many analogies sometimes. Like now: up to me understanding means this analogy (example): for to know & understand what's an apple (if you know only intelectual informations about it is nothing even if you know more than anyone on this universe) you must taste it. There is no other way. So, experience it's the only & will be forever the only way to really understand you, you're relation with/between universe or/and surrounding environment. Enter now in present and feel God here! ENTER NOW!!

    (9) The Laws Of Mind Manipulation applied by Mondial Masonic Occult Govern and Solutions

    Later I introduce you in the world of real leaders of this world - the occult masonic govern. But you may also find a lot of information about this on WEB.
    Three fast proofs for those who don't see applied satanic masonery principles: accelerate violence in growing in the world and in massmedia (movies are 100% violence) - (1) & (2) 666 (beast number or masonery number) is everywhere: look at (for example) products serial - is 666 number but a little stylized (2 ggroups of numbers - 6 and 6 numbers long and 6 thiny lines among them). The third proof: the leaders of this world put all the money in weapons & distruction not in spiritual education (like here) or in developing poor countries, or for public health, love & better understanding. Examples are everywhere, open your eyes.
    The clearest example: the symbhol of Illuminatti (a mixture of evil extraterestrials, old masonic lojes and secret societies) on 1 dollar bill (the pyramid with 13 levels and the eye of occult knowledge above plus number 13 everywhere there). See for yourself the bill! These symbhols show also that they are the real leaders who conduct the monetary system and the whole world from ancient times!
    Before I present the laws I warn you that using these laws of mind manipulation with bad intentions or premeditation will attract bad karma & really bad things in your future. You can't play with this. God is perfect & soon or later you'll pay (even if you don't believe or ignore) if you are trying to manipulate using these infos.
    Try to see those subtil laws how are aplicated all over around you.
    But now about these laws of manipulation. These are:

  • the most important law is - repeat a information in mass-media (a lie or what they wants) until is entering in the subconscient of people; and after a while the majority of men will start to act like this information is their own thinks and even will die to protect their "own beliefs" - if you're really intelligent you'll realize that this is a kind of hipnose;
  • who screams loudest & prolongest is the most heared and seems to impress everybody which is not conscient enough (how does a kind of mass-media - let me tell you that masonic mass-media is 80-90% of all media from any country or from the whole world);
  • to keep you ever occupated (24 hours on a day) with hard work for gaining little money and to make your mental agitated, like a hunted animal; when you think you have enough money they make the prices higher and higher or invent some subtil substitutes (also mental agitation is their principal goal, because when you're agitated and too fast in actions you cannot see clearly what's happening around you and how are you manipulated, and also is a condition to stay away from God, which cannot be experienced untill you calm down completely your mind); substitutes can be for instance anything can make you waisting your life time, like too much PC games, crosswords, dizzy or false informations from WWW, porno stuff, drugs, history lies, etc; they manipulate you entirely and you even can see a thing;
  • to hide the truth about a matter, put another 1000 lies near him - for to make dizzy people & to desinformate them;
  • to never know the truth about anything (like history, science, etc) you will grow & you will know only what they wants - lies & again lies - aprox. 65% of what men thinks they know, is untrue (also unexperienced by them) & pure desinformation;
  • this law is in connection with the law above: through chaos at masonic order (meaning that occult govern will make always agitation, wars, panic, death & unclearly situations - for to people to be bussy, distracted & not see clearly what is really happening - until they will succes in installing their mondial masonic and fascist order - NEW WORLD ORDER like on 1 dollar bill stated);
  • not permitting exploring your own sex potential when your young, they (politicians, army leaders, masons) they direct & guide your refuled & reprimated energy to violence, agresivity (look, is growing everywhere) & demential competition (or they'll take you in the army to be their toy);
  • replacing true love or/and religion with unfinished discourses about love or/and religion they develope & mantain the some type of thinking at all men (they don't really permit love & real religion like tantra even if they say so);
  • trying to hide or make you ignore the books, also the authors of informations about true spirituality and what's the worse is the fact that they even kill the authentic spiritual masters (like Osho, who was killed in prison by CIA & masonic agents by slowly poisoning him); and when they cannot kill a person they poison her with full dezinformations to be seen by others like a bastard, or national/international swindler (and people - it's sad but true - react positive to these manipulations); watch yourself in similar cases;
  • they try to make you be unsure of you and what you know, they destroy your purity from when you are child and transform you in a product of market economy who want only career and money, in this way you will loose your life with things of little importance and you will loose the most important fact: to progress spiritually, that's we are here, not for eating, sleeping and dying (this is the roll of animals, not yours, wake up from the inconscience perpetual sleep of a life);
  • confusing people by aplying their bad planes on a side (preponderently) & aplying (imitate in fact) right laws (like antidrug fight, justice, etc) on the other side;
  • they love to manipulate the people in street masses; you must be aware of fact that in a crowd, you don't act as usual, but more like an animal; stay alert and observe what's happening; is widely known among man like me that in a crowd is forming mental currencies who inducts primitive, criminal and animalic behavoiur, so watch crefully; you must be conscient all the time; and never acclaim when someone tells you too or you watch others; is the first step into manipulation; acclaim only when you feel that is needed and if it is worthed, don't act like a parrot; we need strong individuals, but not violent kind;
  • aplying hegelian theory & tactic (this is like this: SUA has tho parties - they seems to be different & to fight one with the other but in fact they do this to fool the public - the reality is that both are controlled by mondial invisible govern) - this is applied of course on all the nations;
  • when a truth about them (satanic masonic forces) appears, they will redirect atention of the public by a bigger scandal or scandals;
  • divide all nations (in which they can - the poorest first) in small groups (see minorities exagerated rights - they told you the reverse of what actually happening - see CNN conducted by mason Ted Turner, etc) for to control them economically and to steal all their gold & goods (or underground resources);
  • promoting violence, sexual passions as the new religion of our era (you can see if you're not blind that all Hollywood films are full with dementia & violence, also on WEB is a lot of pornography, etc), promoting animalic behaviour - & all this ends in accumulating in your subconscient, so you will became like they wants you to be;
  • making satanical meetings in their masonic lojes with invocation of demonical entities of Satan for to provoke bad things or unfullfillings to a person, to a group or to a nation (how they are do with Romania and other countries like India, Tibet, etc).
    An interesting aspect is that the men who would not believe anything from here, are the first to fall into these manipulations. That's because who could observe these manipulations is awake & vigilent & the others who do not believe are not conscient & will not observe when & how are trapped in the middle of these subtil mind manipulations (and the result is a life in misery). Don't believe if your rich that you are fullfilled; in your interior you know you are not happy; no spirituality no ever hapiness. This will not change ever if you not grow spiritually. And your life will be lived in vane.

    I want to develope what I say at first law - the one with propaganda. Example: you are from nation "xxx" and politicians which divide all (divide and control) tells you that you belong to country "xxx" and you must protect your country, your flag and many foolish things (you'll see why is foolish). But a man from country "yyy" (which also is indoctrinated with same types of foolishness) take your country flag and spit on it or break it. What you'll do? Because your unconscient, you will certain (on specially if you are with others "xxx" citizens) kill or beat him very badly - think at football. But you don't realize that you kill a man because your having a big ego (big ignorance) and for a piece of insignificant cloth. So, believing that you belong only to a country, or only to a family, you are excluding the other people on this planet, people who are exactly the same us your friends or your family. So, we all must develope concient a better aproach with others. We are all brothers, good brothers and we all are parts of the same universal beeing: God. When we will truly realize that (& love will be the only law on this planet) we will no longer able to be maniplated. So, please, it's your duty (or your principal goal that God give it to you) try to evoluate on your spiritual way.
    Remember what a great spiritual master saids: "God is in you as much you are in him!"
    Another translation could be: God love you as much as you make time daily to love him! If you're maybe wondering why is so much distruction and death on this planet, here is the answer: the majority of world population (and you know if you're or not among them) do not want to know anything or they don't care about God at all!
    Be sincerely and recognize: from how many times on a day you are thinking at our creator, God? So, this is the answer of all misery from everywhere; the people don't care about all is in connection with God, and this because they are identified 100% with what's coming in their mind; the uncontrolled thoughts and mind as master of you is the source of all unhapiness!
    Don't forget: if you realize that all this above is true don't just stay & analyze, act now against these evil forces from inside or outside you & tell to others to act too! Reading, thinking and reflecting on these informations only does not help somebody! In fact, if you will not take any appropriate action after reading this, is clearly meaning that you continue to be totally mind manipulated!


  • anyway the sollution is not kill somebody, even if we talk about men who are responsible for killing directly or indirectly milions of men; so change this aggresive way of thinking; on of the quickest solution to be less aggresive is to abort eating meal forever;
  • we must conceive special laws for politicians for this transitorial period to a spiritual world and small terms for staying in leading state jobs, also big punishments for them because their actions could affect badly and really affect just now millions or bilions of people!
  • to put in leading jobs only men recognized that they have no ego - highly spiritual evoluated men;
  • to create organizations that represents better the population;
  • to establish a partnership with 50-50 power decisions with politicians; population must be equal partner with politicians, not their 100% slaves, like today; remeber they beat now on streets in the name of order and you have nothing to do for moment; but we must be united to succed - and also clever, not violent;

    Let me explain you a little: you are an individual person, but society is just a word to use to be manipulated, for example: a society have 1 million persons, and the leaders can always kill individuals saying it's for society health and good! They can kill you in this pretext, they can kill your family, your friends, they can kill almost everybody for the better and in the society name and the society still remains intactly (as a mental myth), all this for society, which is more important, they say - but society is just a word, but individuals are existencial persons not empty words without any support, you got my point of view?
    Also, today in the name of "mankind peace and democracy, human rights" and all these lies, are killed constantly millions of people everywhere! See case of Serbia, Iraq, Afganistan, Africa, Palestina, etc!
    Similar aspects even in the country I stay temporarely - Romania: romanians are here for thousands of years (it's proved by arheological discoveries and history) and the hungarians, a part of them, claims that an important part of our country is rightly belonging to them (Transilvania) and try force us to give it back! Yeah, but they came here in this part of Europe for 900 years, as nomads, huns (you know Ghingis-Han -> a great killer) and they even established their locations on teritories that belong to our people from begining. For instance , the river Tisa, was a border of our state, and now is in the middle of Hungaria. Now I understand why they cooperate so well with some mason leaders and bankers.
    I must repeat again: I'm not taking part to romanians, or I'm not against anybody, jew, hungarian, american or else, but the true is the true, even if it's not liked by many.

    (12) Aspects Of Mentality Of The Rich Men

    First: I love you, I'm not against anyone, even is rich or else, I'm only trying to help others to see clear what's happening with them, this from a love perspective & because God inspirated me (& others too). I'm not special or anything. What I love the most is to see everyone happy on this planet, that's all.
    Perhaps you are reading here because you consider yourself a rich man (so your mind makes differences between men - another mind manipulation over you). See chapter about it. There are interesting aspects of mentality of the rich men: These are:

  • rich men minds consider that are superior & above poor people and therefore they have rights of life & death on these;
  • they consider that are having anything which is wrong - because only money doesn't help much; if you loosing it you will realize that are like others and also money cannot substitute love or hapyness (maybe you lie yourself about this but inside you know the truth);
  • mind of these men is all the time worried about how to grow their quantity of money or how to not decrease it, or about their properties to not be stollen (what happyness this can be - looks more like hell - it is really);
  • mind of these men are very violent and egotistical;
  • because of their fortunes they cannot stay relaxated; they must always protect their material things and therefore, relaxation cannot happend; and relaxation is the first step to advance on spirituality and equilibrium;
  • they consider love and affection more like a disease than something naturally;
  • they exclude the rest of men who is not like them (another manipulation of mind);
  • they do not recognize even to themselves that are unhappy;
  • they have a curious way of thinking (satanic mind manipulation): "I am rich now, so not let others to be rich and make everything that others remain poor, that because I must appear in public like a god or like a person of which to be envous; more enviously men after me, more (sick or pseudo) hapiness I feel";
  • they don't realize that all they do is the game of their ego/Satana, who conduct them in hell or inferior planes after this life;
  • one more thing: they organize meetings were they give insignificant donations too a very small quantity of poors but they do this for the eyes of the world and for to lie themselves that they are men who cares for others; but God knows that their money are stollen from the majority on various ways & they don't really care.
    Here are many aspects untold but complete this with chapters about mind manipulation.
    I repeat again: I'm not against anything or anyone, rich or poor or else. I'm not against the money, I consider that everyone must be rich, prosperous but not only in money, but in spiritual growing, in love and positive thinkings. I want all for all! We can and we must achieve this important goal! Who thinks different, maybe should ask himself if it is mental and spiritual healthy. And probable nobody who is extreme rich is not healthy - because all is intercorelated - if you are mentally ill, this must repercute in your body and inverse (how can you be mentally healthy if you have the money of 1000 men and 1000 men are dying because they have nothing to eat, in exchange); recognize in front of yourself how you are really, and act for establishing divine order in body, mind & all over. See proper chapters for that!
    Analyze what you just seeing & be sincerely with yourself: this is the point to start positively: you are making what you can to be happy and for others to be happy? If you don't or if you make contrary, don't expect to be ever happy: instead you will go down and down until you conscientize what you are bad doing or until you will be punished by divine laws.
    Remember again: God is perfect and if you are bad intended for others or even for you, you will pay now or later; there are no doubts about it. Nobody, but nobody escapes from that. Don't close your eyes! You will be very sorry someday! And this someday could come few seconds later, don't forget! You were warned here and God knows that now!
    But God & I love you and because of that we expect that from now one you will change your bad habits with positive habits and later you will progress enough to live in present extasy.
    One more precization: because some rich fellows may think in this way: "this guy writes all this here because it's poor and is having hate for the ones who have money" - I must say that I am not to poor and I'm not so brain limitated for to do so. I just want that rich people to be more heart-oriented and generous and also to not forget: today you're rich, tomorrow, who knows? Be human, first. And one more: many seems to not understand that all their fortune is based by everyone else givings in a way or other, is not falled from sky, so share everything: money, love, hapiness! You'l grow fantastically in this way! This is the way to be real rich, by sharing everything with anyone, of corse in an equilibrate proportion. But equilibrate not meaning to give nothing and to expect all, remember!


  • As I suspected from many years and as was confirmed in the recently BBC WORLD television documentary about unjustified prolonged sanctions in Iraq and the dramatic population situation, the USA leaders, the army and NATO aliates bombarded at the time of Gulf War with radioactive munition not only large teritories in Iraq by also in Kuwait, proving in this way that their main and only preocupation is to destroy as many human lives as posible on long term bases in any country where can be posible (a main masonic protocol - to diminuate world population to 1-2 bilions to control better).
    I protest vehemently against these barbaries and I demand that United Nations to take imediate actions to punish the personalities involved through international trial against these criminals. This is very necesarry and must be done now, as long as we know also:
    - that the Gulf War was carefully planified in every posible detail; this is widely known due to the joined group of men from army, secret services, and from politic structure who put on judgement the govern of USA a few years ago (with many documents and proofs) for planing the Gulf War deliberately, as they observed from their jobs;
    - that the leaders of Gulf War (from army and politic structure) tested a wide arsenal of weapons of mass destruction on civilies and militaries of Iraq, including superbombs with defragmentation, radioactive munition, high power incendiary weapons, etc, and this all criminal acts come to the incredible result of 150,000-200,000 civiliens and militaries killed in this war directly;
    - that the same leaders deliberately bombarded facilities which were only for food supllies for population;
    - they ordered that oil pumping stations to be put on fire, and then pretend that Iraq did it, but iraqies were long ago banished from there; this was also a good reason to come after war with USA companies specializated in damping the fire; how cinical;
    - the main preocupation was to install again USA domination on oil field from that region because of economic reasons and to kill as many men is posible under various pretexts;
    - that Sadam Husein was installed by CIA in years 1960's and the leaders of war not intend do break down him from Iraq power and leadership; also was confirmed that aliated armies arrived and stopped in the last days of war near Bagdad which is very semnificative;
    - after 9 criminal years of rigurous sanctions against Iraq the only results was in killing 500,000 to 550,000 children because radiatation, cancer, malnutrition, etc, as UNICEF dates are available; so, in the name of sanctions and against human rights in Iraq, the killings continuous in silence and nobody seems to care about this brothers of us;
    All dates available here are from BBC World television documentary and from international massmedia sources .

  • We have also reports from massmedia and from national sources (from romanian massmedia) about a similar bombardment and tactics in Serbia (Yugoslavia). I'm refering at radioactive munition bombardment. Our country, Romania is situated near Serbia (south-west border). From this border region were coming after Serbia War intense acid rains and also joined by radioactive effects which conduct to the border forests partial destructions and strange diseases in the region, maybe some bombardments with antrax were also maded, in Romania has appeared many cases after war.
    I demand again proper and imediate action of United Nations and of the International Hagua Tribunal to punish adequately the criminals who are guilty of these fascist actions.

    I'm aware of the fact that this 2 major institutions maded to preserve HUMAN RIGHTS are on the hands of world masonic govern, but I hope not anyone is on Satan's hand, and that justice must reborn again someday on this planet. We must all contribute to that! Act now or prepare for a new FASCIST ORDER!

    SECRET SERVICES ARE WELCOMED HERE - God, you guys are really fast!

    Note for (in special) these people: people with bad, criminal behaviours or in service of evil, moneys, state or govern, army (soldiers) or army scientist, secret services or occult mondial masonic establishment or their devoted slaves, all with (sorry, but I must say) little understanding about yourself and about all this world!

    First of all please read this and do not be very nervous & don't ignore what it says here;an intelligent person will first read & then meditate & reflect about what is written here. A new level of conscience is born on this planet and we all must help it to spread & to grow on all the planet. A better future is waiting us if we make some conscient efforts to be in more harmony with nature & God. You must know that I love you too, I'm not against you, the only one who is against you is your bad behaviours or/and habit to work among wrong people or wrong places which, if not corrected, will take you (or even us all) on the road of degradation of all kinds and finnaly you will (eventually, depending on the facts that you maded) end in the hands of dark (hell if you like). Remember: God really exist (trust me at this moment, someday maybe you will experience him if you make spiritual progress) and the long hand of God will reach you and you will pay for the wrongs that you did in the past. Don't worry, divine justice is perfect, nobody escaped until now of it. Look at night at this universe how perfect is maded! It's a order, a cosmos not a chaos how is your mind now. So, correct yourself now. How? Ask yourself what you serve: money-satana or love-your hapiness-God? You (your conscience) know the answer! See, you know if you're wrong or not. Judgement day really coming, nobody knows when you will die - now or some years later. It's not so crucial how bad you mistaked in the past, you can & must correct now! Remember again: now you are informed, God knows that right now and exscuses later won't be! If you're employed in the forces of evil people (like most of the politicians, army leaders, bad intended mason leaders, bankers and money dealers), go away now from there! Is valable in special about you people from the armies, army scientists & secret services of everywhere, because of you serving there, many will continue to die on this planet. You really like to be a marionet (a toy manipulated by politicians) in the hands of who knows who - a toy who dies when others wants? You are mad, sick or what? God has no excuse for idiot people - you have a brain from God, use it to passs to good side. Think at this: what will be if your body cells refuses to make all the complicated process in your body to mantain life? What if these cells refuse to be on the God side to do their job & says "from now on we make what we want; we want to destruct this body; we are on the viruses side". You now what will happend? You'll die instantly. So think again & live the places from where death can be produced. By staying there you serve perfectly to the planes of Satan and obstruct the divine plane for us all. And, conscient or no, you are guilty, because you are ignoring the results & wrong directions of your work. In other words - you close your eyes, but the punishment will come, now or later. And your bad choice affect us all because we live together and all it's intercorelated. Like a giant organism - that's really so. Think how badly will be rewarded all who are in decisive leading functions if they are taking evil decisions. They are very responsable in the face of God and they will pay for their goods & bads. Sabotage these death places through your non-participation and this in the eyes of God will mean that you are for life. God will take care of you. And don't think that army is neccesary. It is not, only your mind thinking must be corrected. If you not believe me look in the past: armies & the men who were in them have maded the biggest distructions always and continuous on this Earth. And also don't come with: I make good money in army or else. If you continuing to choose money (ignoring what you just read), means that you don't realise that your money are doomed, full of blood and you will end bad someday, remember this (you will be doomed also). People like you delaying the entrancy of God on this planet, and if you do not correct now you will be very, very, very sorry soon! Paytime will come and nobody, really nobody can't avoid this! Feel that is begining to happend! The last time, I warn you, you cannot serve Satana and God at the same time! Who lie himself about this is the slave of Satana! In this case, God will forget you when you will need him! Don't bother to derange him! He is not hearing you if you do not act now for turning in the right direction. I must inform you that I see in the astral world many men who worked for army, weapons (death) fabrication,money dealers, corrupted politicians and in their past life have only money as God. You don't want to know at what terible pains and nightmares they were into (because their wrong choice in past life). They suffering so much also because through their past leading influence conducted many people to poorness, hunger and death.
    I want to point on one more thing: rich nations who ignore God, true and justice, steal and even coming to bomb the poor nations (see Iraq, Serbia, etc), someday will switch rolls - absolutely true. Please, if your an american, fight against your politicians who interfere on other countries business (if you don't, you all are participating at wrong actions and payday will come for all in collective). A giant meteor or eartquake can always come, for instance. Think & reflect that in this world exists some men who are seeing the future and have a perfect vision & understanding about what is happening with them, with others & with the infinite universe. Don't ignore them. Better try to live in harmony each other. I can odd that this will happend with most: after reading all above, your mind will tell you that all this here are foolish nonsense, better to ignore (but you can not, once the truth is known - how Christ saids - the truth eliberate you from ignorance) and stay comodly like you stayed before without improving nothing for the triumph of good and God in yourself and on this planet. I can feel that payday is coming for these against God, so change direction still when you can!
    I love you anyway but I'm sorry for you if you do not correct yourself now!
    You must know also that even if you was doing wrong stuff in you past, you can be recaptured for God, but you must make big efforts for that! Don't think if your guilty of something, God cannot help you from now one; yes, he can but you must pay for your bad facts with more efforts to help others to switch also the bad direction and to go on God way! Nobody is guilty for anything for ever! But is also true that you cannot cheat God by thinking: "I can do everything now, bad or else and later I will pass on God side"; this cannot be posible, understand you cannot cheat God, God knows every moment what your real thoughts and intentions! God cannot be cheated, only you can be cheated by your mind and this is always happening on this planet until now! So, correct yourself from now one!
    And remember this: GOD IS PERFECT! If you don't see like this, your vision, behaviours and knowledges are bad, not God is bad or wrong! You must be corrected, not God! When you will be spiritualized enough, you will see clearly that this is the truth and the right path!

    Don't forget! For people like you in special I wrote the chapter (4) - how your mind controls yourself!

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    Maybe my english is not so good, but I hope you will understand the essence.

    AUTHOR NOTICE: If nothing will happend and you will not improve your way of living after you read all this webpage and subpages, this mean, sorry to tell you, that you will remain a slave in continuous, a slave of exterior and interior impulses and forces, of low astral entities, and your future life will remain unsatisfactory, unhappy and you will not feel God's power and beatitude inside you, power which guides me to tell you so. You must know that God loves you directly and through me also. I love you brother, and please, please try to understand what's happening with you! I aworn you again: later regrets (will be, I'll tell you) won't help you! I love you and finally hope that God will shine in your life too! Don't let God and all like me to cry in vane for you! Give me your hand, now, brother! ENTER NOW in the world of God, Osho and meditation! Beatitude is all over, it's waiting for you, brotherrr!!! I really love you!!!