Welcome to the Science fiction and fantasy chat sub-culture
What is scifi & fantasy chat subculture?
On the eigth day, God created cyberspace.
The people who lived in cyberspace created places where they could discuss their own ideas and interests, thus science fiction & fantasy chat was born.
It is the joining of two similar paths, that of the scifi fan, from transformers to the more hardcore Asimov & clarke fans.
The other path (and more predominant) is the fantasy fan which ranges from anime (japanese cartoon art such as `Akira' and `Pokemon') to the more diehard D&D roleplaying fans.
Eventually the culture has evolved like any society does (for it is a society) and many groups were formed.
The scifi fans became factions such as the descepticons, the trekkies, etc...
The fantasy fans became Clans, Covens, Holy orders etc...
Come inside and learn about the people and tools for such a venture
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