Welcome to Franz's Home Page!
Hi there! My name is Franz Yanagawa, a graduate of St. Mary's College of Maryland in Psychology. Right now, I'm a neurophysiology and premed student at University of Maryland College Park. Basically my goal is to get into medical school as soon as possible so that I can be on the road to helping people.

...Oh, you're still reading? Does that mean you want to know more about me!? Awesome, I'm flattered! Well, I have another series of webpages at
www.reocities.com/mulder431/Heart-of-Lion.html if you're really interested in the details. For the short version though, here's who I am:

1) Just a silly and simple-minded Christian guy who wants to be a doctor so he can help the afflicted.

2) A sometimes-deep thinker, writer, and poet who loves to share his work.

3) A seemingly narrow-minded and cold person at first, but one who is eager to understand the world from another's point of view.

That's really about it. If you want to know more, please feel free to check out my Heart of Lion website. Happy surfing!
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