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[Dedicated to the memory of my darling angel, Laurie Jean Miller]

Donations for GBS and CIDP research can be made to:

The Laurie Jean Miller Memorial Fund
c/o Guillain-Barre Syndrome Foundation International
P.O. Box 262
Wynnewood, PA 19096

(These pages are provided as a free service but donations would be very handy for our
letters, stamps, phone calls and transport costs to visit new patients. We don't ask
 for direct payments but get a commission of up to 10% from every item that's sold by
Amazon if you use the banners on our pages. That's not to say the odd donation wouldn't
 come in handy!!! The Amazon funds help a great deal. Thanks... Kezzi!)

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LATEST NEWS: We are presently updating these pages and giving them a neater look. I started this site over 20 years ago and it still looks like it!! Please be patient if you inadvertently find a temporary loss of a page... In the meantime join our chat forum if you haven't already. Click anywhere in this marquee.....

GBS and CIDP Links (updated) - Probably the largest single resource of links to useful worldwide organisations, information, etc...

Everything you ever wanted to know about GBS... almost! - GBS info based on the experiences of patients, carers and health professionals...

Alternative therapies - An overview of natural, non-medicinal healing...

GBS & CIDP Discussion - Sign up for UNMODERATED email discussion. Get it off your chest...!!

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Kezzi's Story - A personal account of my CIDP adventure... to be updated!

My Home Page - A little light relief... updated July, 2008

Links to Personal Home Pages (GBS related) - Where's yours...?

Our GBS Photo Album... - Send us your snap! (Sorry - mailgroup members only)

GBS and CIDP chatroom

COMING SOON - Travel tips and information for disabled travellers

Please note: I am constantly developing a site linking to the personal homepages of GBS (and variants) patients and, NEW, a photo page... it's nice to see who you can meet here!!

If you have a homepage and/or photo post the link/snap to me at the Westshape email address

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Comments... (always welcome, thanks!)

·   Just found your site. Thanks for the hard work and increasing knowledge about GBS/CIDP.

·   I decided to check out your Website, now that you have rejoined us. It is done very well!!!!

·   I do like your page very much, and love the music with it... Thank you for all the information.

·   A friend of mine liked your page and sent it to me on icq. I think it looks like you have put a lot of work into your page, how long have you spent on it?... Anyway, I would like to extend a personal invitation to join The Web's Top 50 Sites because your site is the exact type that we are looking for and I think it could easily be #1.  Anyway, I would just like you to know I think you have done a good job and hope you keep it up.

·   Wow, it looks great!

·   ... thanks for sharing your web site with us--I've been browsing for about an hour... Your web site is very user friendly.

·   Great page ! Just felt I had to let you know. Keep it up ! The page that is :-).

·   Enjoyed your story. I came across your website while surfing for info on GBS.

·   I like your page.... Could I copy your page as well as your links page to give my doctor so she could pass it along to other folks like us?

·   ... also, I checked out your web site and found it very interesting. Spent a lot of time reading and have more to do. Thank you for your efforts.

·   Your pages are splendid..... I have at last got around to looking at them..... They are definitely bookmarked!

·   Thanks for your wonderful site. I have found many resources of information for my physicians who seem to remain clueless.

·   I had a look at your homepage (what a cute kid!), and it has confirmed the impression we have formed of you through the group, although you are taller than we expected.

·   ... then I realized that I had never been to your web page and tried it... Anyway I wanted to tell you what a great job you did on that page ..

·   .... finally I visited your page and homepage: very good!, and thank you for the link.

·   ... your web site is great.

·   On your home page--------as a baby------what are you doing in a DRESS? Is there something you are not telling us about your Mum ?

·   Well written and extremely informative.

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