Regular reading:

The Realm of Atland (Th)
Bruno the Bandit (M-F)
Chivalry and Knavery (Su, W)
Courting Disaster (F)
College Roomies from Hell!!! (M - F)
Ctrl-Alt-Delete (M, W, F)
The Devil's .... (Daily)
Dilbert (Daily)
Doonesbury (Daily)
Dork Tower (Irregular)
Dumnestor's Heroes (M, W, F, sometimes Sa)
Dungeons & Dorks (M, W, F)
Evil Inc. (M-Sa)
Extralife! (M, W, F)
Flaky Pastry (F)
Fragile Gravity (M, W, F)
Freefall (M, W, F)
Full Frontal Nerdity (2-3x/week)
Fun in Jammies (Tu,F)
Geebas on Parade (M, W, F)
Geeks Next Door (M, W, F)
General Protection Fault (M, W, F)
Girl Genius (M, W, F)
Girls with Slingshots (M-F)
Gunnerkrigg Court (M,W,F)
Kevin & Kell (Daily)
Knowledge Is Power (M,W,F)
Larry Leadhead (W, F)
Least I Could Do (Daily)
Looking for Group
Narbonic (Director's cut) (Daily)
9 Chickweed Lane
Nodwick (Daily?)
Non Sequitur (Daily)
Nukees (M, W, F)
Partially Clips (Th)
Player vs. Player (M-F)
Poisoned Minds (M,T,Th,F)
Punch and Pie (M,W,F)
Questionable Content (M-F)
Sabrina Online (end of month)
Schlock Mercenary (Daily)
Shoe (Daily)
Shortpacked (M, W, F)
Sluggy Freelance (Daily)
Skin Horse (M-Sa)
Something Positive
Sorcery 101 (M, W, F)
Striptease (Tu, Th)
The Whiteboard (roughly M, W, F)
Ubersoft Help Desk (Irregular)
User Friendly- The Daily Static (Daily)
Wapsi Square (M-F)
Weregeek (M, W, F)
Whats New with Phil and Dixie (Su)
XKCD (uncertain)

Infrequent updates, or on hiatus:

Buck Godot, Zap-Gun for Hire (Tu, Th, Sa)
Goblin Hollow (Irregular)
Absurd Notions (Irregular)
Angst Technology (M, W, F)
BoomerExpress (M, W, F)
Clan of the Cats (M, W, F)
El Goonish Shive (variable)
Faans (M-F)
Fastrack (Daily)
Funnyfarm (Daily)
Gaming Guardians (Irregular M - F)
It's Walky! (Daily)
LCD- The News Chicks (Irregular)
Melonpool (Hiatus)
Nerdgasm (Irregular)
RPG World (M, W, F?)
Safe Haven (M-Sa)
Scandal Sheet (M, W, F)
Shaw Island (Irregular)
Sorry, We're Open (Th)
Spellshocked (1st & 15th)
Turnsignals On A Landraider (M, Th)
Weak-End Warriors (Tu)
Zortic (M, W, F)