Bob Kennedy
"The Bobbit"

a/k/a: Scorpibra, Gnome with No Name, Ramu the Deep, Shade the Giant-Killer, et cetera ad nauseum
Dungeons and Dragons, Science Fiction, Barbara Eden crush ...
Man on the Moon, protest marches, Watergate can't be hushed!
A nation mourns as Kennedy dies, our Viet Cong enemies ...
Ah, do you remember these?

Eisenhower's hatchet man elected to the top,
Bridge Over Troubled Water, Grapette soda pop,
Country music came to town, the Beverly Hillbillies,
Ah, do you remember these?

TRS-80 driven by tape, those 8-tracks were the best,
78s, 45s, 33s, the Mensa IQ test,
First "true love", first broken heart, first look at color TVs,
Ah, do you remember these?

When looking back down Memory Lane, it's surprising what you find,
The strangest sights, the little things that shaped your heart and mind,
The odds and ends that moved your life in the direction that you chose,
You'll find you do remember those.
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Linda and Bob Kennedy - basic information and family album
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Beliefs of the Bobbit,
In my own words
(for what that's worth ...)
(With apologies to the Statler Brothers ...)
Beliefs of the Bobbit,
As stated by Lazarus Long
Time Enough for Love
by Robert A. Heinlein
Things that shaped our lives ...
The Philosophy of Polyamory
Areas of Knowledge:
The Credit Reporting Industry ...
Dungeons and Dragons ...